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Chapter 12 - Befriending the Weakest Kid in Class - The Unsurpassed Maiden - Chapter 12 by yourghostwriter full book limited free

Chapter 12: Chapter 12 - Befriending the Weakest Kid in Class

Mi Young didn't know what got into her for her to openly barge inside the classroom where an ongoing class is taking place. All she could think about is to get inside the classroom as fast as possible because she somehow saw Park Min Jin coming out from another classroom. It's not like she doesn't like the other girl, she just knew that if the Anemo user would see her together with Jeon Shi Yun, a one-sided battle would occur, and she's not interested to deal with such drama.

So now, she's standing in front of the Pyro class while everyone looks at them in shock.

"E-Excuse me? Who are you and why are you here?" The professor asked while he eyed the two newcomers.

"I am Jeo—"

"I'm so sorry professor, we're first years and we got caught up with something so we were late to join the class!" Mi Young says while cutting Jeon Shi Yun off. She looks at the professor to see his expression and she sees him eyeing them angrily.

"Well, whoever you are, you should have not barged into my class like that!" The professor shouted as he pointed at Mi Young.

"Sir, my name is—"

"Don't worry professor; we won't do it the next time." Mi Young once again says, entirely cutting Jeon Shi Yun and blocking his view from the professor.

"Whatever. Find your seats and focus on the class!" The man instructs. He waves a dismissing hand at them before he begins to explain his lesson once more.

Mi Young and Shi Yun bowed at him before they scurried off to sit at the back part of the classroom .

While on their way to find their seats, Shi Yun angrily whispered at Mi Young, "Next time, let me talk."

After that, he storms off to walk towards the nearest empty seat and sits there, not even sparing Mi Young another glance. The girl just stood there, quite shocked because of the boy's actions. Mi Yuong couldn't believe how ungrateful this guy is. She was just helping him and now he's mad at her?

"Newcomer! What are you still standing there for?! Sit down!" The teacher shouts when he notices Mi Young was still standing in the middle of the classroom which is giving him a headache.

After a couple of seconds Mi Young just shrugs her shoulders before she proceeds to sit at the farthest seat in class. The girl dismisses the thought of Jeon Shi Yun from her head and just assumes that all Pyro Mages like him and the teacher are hot headed people.

After two hours of talking, the teacher finally puts down his instruction manual as he stands in front of his class.

"I have asked you guys before to cultivate the Fire Ball technique, right?" The teacher asks as he eyes his students one by one. Every single one of his students nodded eagerly at his question. "It's time for all of you to show your improvements to me tomorrow. I have given you two months to prepare and cultivate this technique, and I will see to it that anyone who fails to show me a move will get a failing grade!"

Just as he was about to dismiss the class, a certain familiar voice rings in his ear. "Sir! How about the two of us? We haven't practiced this technique yet."

The professor squints his eyes at the girl. The more this girl spoke, the more irritating she was for him. He especially dislikes students like this one. However, even if he doesn't like the girl, the other kid is still quite a decent student so he points at Lee Jong In, the weakest student in his class, "Teach the girl the Fire Ball Technique."

He pointed at another student, Oh Shi Xun and instructed him to teach the other kid.

Mi Young protests, "Why do we have different tutors?"

The professor is now getting more annoyed so he turns towards the girl before saying, "It's either you cultivate with him or not! Stop being nosy and learn or I will fail you right this instant!"

This seemed to shut the girl up because she slumped back to her chair while giving him an uncertain nod, "Okay professor."

"Good." He says while adjusting his robe. He then starts packing his materials and dismisses the class.

The moment he left the door, all the Pyro students started talking with each other.

"Who is this girl?"

"I don't know who she is but she will definitely fail the class tomorrow knowing that Jong In is the one who will tutor her."

"She's going to fail anyway cause the Fire Ball technique is hard to learn."

'I knew it. That professor is really scheming against me. How rude.' Mi Young thinks as she eyes the door where the professor left.

She was about to ask Jeon Shi Yun something when a flock of girls crowded the other party. She instantly went back to her seat. Again, she tries to stir herself away from any drama. She can just ask Shi Yun later after class.

When Mi Young walked back to her seat she remembered her own tutor and she abruptly stood up once more and walked towards where he was sitting. The boy looks up to her before sighing.

"Hi! Can you show—'

"Later, after class." Was the boy's only answer. After that, he went back to ignoring everyone else in the room.

Mi Young stood there for a couple of seconds before someone from the class shouted at her, "There's no point in talking to him! Jong In is a loser and he knows that that's why he doesn't talk to anyone. If I were you I would just cultivate on my own cause Jong In can never help you with his low mana accumulation."

"I wonder why he was chosen by the Pyro element. He can't even produce smoke." Another one says which made the whole classroom laugh.

Mi Young looks at the lumpy boy once more and sees that he still has his head hanging low but she can also see his clenched fist right under the table. She sighs before stepping away from him and goes back to sit on her chair. She decided to deal with him later.


"Hey you!" Mi Young shouts as she runs after the lumpy kid from her class.

When she finally reaches him, she stops from her tracks and goes to stand in front of the boy, entirely blocking his path. The boy just sighs as he finally meets eyes with her, "What do you want?"

Mi Young gave him a confused look, "I thought you said we're going to practice after class?"

This seemed to shock the boy because his face was filled with a confused and surprised expression. "You heard our classmates, right?"

Mi Young nodded at him.

"Then why are you still talking to me?" The boy asked once more.

This confuses Mi Young. "Because you're my tutor! Who else would I ask to tutor me? Even though I don't like the professor, he still asked you to teach me so you better stick with me."

"I'm the weakest in class! I can't even make my own fire." Jong In protests. He was trying to tell the girl his point but she seems to not get it. "How can I even teach you if I can't even teach myself?"

Mi Young ponders for a minute and Jong In thinks that he has finally convinced the girl to leave him alone. He was about to walk off but the girl stopped him with her hands.

"Teach me the technique. I promise we will both improve."

"I told you—"

"Show me the technique." Mi Young says in a grave voice that resonates all throughout the boy's body which entirely stops him from resisting. All he could do was nod his head. "Good."

They stayed like that for a few seconds before Jong In coughed awkwardly, "W-Where should we practice?"

"I don't know, I'm new here." Mi Young nods her head at the boy, "How about you? Do you know a place where we can practice? It should be secluded."

"I do."

"Let's go then!" Mi Young says as she grins at the boy, feeling happy that she could finally start learning her first ever technique ever since enrolling in the academy.

Jong In's questioning eyes follow Mi Young's figure as the girl starts walking towards where the boy points before. Jong In still couldn't fathom why the girl was so insistent in learning with him after knowing that he was a weakling. He pushes the thought away as he savors the feeling of being able to walk with someone for the first time ever. He knew that after seeing his weak cultivation, Mi Young would eventually stir away from him just like the others.

When they finally arrive at the place Jong In was talking about after almost an hour of aimlessly walking around the campus, Mi Young is in awe of what was displayed in front of her.

"We're here." Jong In timidly says. He gives the girl a side glance to see her reaction and his world momentarily stops upon seeing her expression.

The girl is staring widely at the view in front of her, the view of the entire academy reflecting in her gleaming eyes. She has a charming smile plastered on her features and Jong In notices for the first time that the girl is indeed beautiful. She has a small face that's pretty pleasant to look at. Her lips are small and kissable. She has a cute button nose that Jong In wants to pinch badly. And her eyes, it's breathtakingly beautiful, with purple outlines forming around her crystal blue pupils.

Mi Young seemed to notice Jong In staring at her because she cocks her head to the side and asks if everything is okay.

Jong In quickly averted his eyes away from the girl as he tried to hide his red face. He gives her a thumbs up before walking towards the big tree behind them. He puts down his bag and fishes out the manual where the Fire Ball technique was written.

Mi Young chirped behind him, "Is that it?"

Jong In just nodded at her as he handed her the manual.

He watches as the girl happily flips to every page, seemingly satisfied just by looking at each word written inside the book.

A moment later, she momentarily stops flipping as she points something inside the book.

"Is this it?" Jong In took a peak at what she was pointing at. When he sees the Fire Ball technique, he just gives her a small nod. Mi Young gives him another dashing grin that sends electricity all throughout his body before she says, "Time to cultivate then! Let's prove everyone that we are not weaklings." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Jong In gulps upon seeing the aggression in her eyes. He doesn't know if he wants to run away or cower in fear for his future.

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