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The Vampire's Love: You Are My Destiny The Vampire's Love: You Are My Destiny original

The Vampire's Love: You Are My Destiny

Author: Lizabelle88

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The sleepy town of Hallowpass was situated on the outskirt of Westborough City. It has a population of more than 10,000, consisting of merchants, farmers, fishermen, coal miners, gypsies, and a lot more that can't be seen with a human eye.

The last mansion on Garnet Street was noticeably dark tonight. The lamp post on the gate was off.

Laura and her sister Sofia just arrived home from attending a birthday party together with their friends. The gate was opened by the newly hired guard. The previous guard resigned last week due to health-related problem.

"Why the light is off, Finley?" Laura asked the guard, frowning.

"The light just died today, Miss. It needs to be replaced. I already informed Madam about it," Finley replied.

Laura and her sister moved to the huge lawn, passing gardens of blooming flowers and mystic fountains.

Before reaching the entrance of the house, they halted on their tracks. The girls' eyes widened in shock and horror...there are about hundreds of scary-looking men blocking the entrance of the house. They're all wearing black cloaks fitted with hoods covering half of their faces.

Petrified, Sofia clutched her sister's arms tightly, her body shaking. "Sis, who are these dark men? What are they doing in our house?" she asked in horror.

Laura took a deep breath, trying to calm her tense nerves. She had seen this scene a hundred times in her dreams, and now it's finally happening! It's rare for her dreams to come true. She closed her eyes for a moment gathering enough courage to investigate what's going on inside the house.

She feared the safety of her parents. "You go to the swing and wait for me there," she whispered. "No matter what not enter the house! If you see a commotion or hear something alarming, don't hesitate to run towards the shade, hide in the shelter, and locked yourself there! Do you understand, sister?" she whispered.

Sofia nodded her head and slowly walked towards the shade where the rusted iron swing was located. She sat on the swing, looking fearfully at her sister.

Laura took a step forward, moving towards the door. The hooded cape men were not blocking her path though, instead, they opened the door for her, bowing their heads while she walked past them on her way to the entrance.

She entered the door with trembling knees...what she saw inside the living room made her fearful for the lives of her parents.

The scene she saw inside was a complete disaster...!

It looks like a powerful hurricane has just visited their living room. Her favorite couch and all the furniture were broken into pieces. The center table was torn in half and the windows were shattered.

What's going on!?

She was careful not to step into broken pieces of furniture and figurines scattered everywhere. The only thing that was not destroyed, was the chandelier still hanging brightly in the ceiling.

She glanced at the top of the stairs trying to find her parents. They're probably up there on the second floor. She fought the urge to call her parents, fearing that she will alert the intruders inside the house.

'Dear God, please protect my parents!' she prayed fervently in her mind. By the look of things in the living room, it seemed the visitors weren't here to share tea with her parents.

They're here for something else...

She forced her trembling knees to move forward. She needs to find out what happened to her parents!

She was about to step into the stairs when she suddenly sense something... a feeling of awareness that there's someone looking at her and when she raised her head...there... at the top of the stairs are two people in black hooded cape looking at her. Her eyes widened in alarm, she was tongue-tied as paralyzing fear gripped her senses.

"Isn't she beautiful, darling?" the guy asked his companion.

"Yes, darling," the woman's voice answered. "She has white ivory skin to die for. Her face is beautiful like that of a goddess. I like her long wavy black hair cascading behind her back and...oh my... she got a slender waist! She's what I always envisioned her to be, a perfect wife for our son!"

"Indeed! Our son only deserved the best!" the guy said.

Laura's brows furrowed in confusion. Huh? Who are they? And what are they talking about? She was hesitating to continue climbing the stairs now after seeing the strangers at the top of the stairs.

The guy in the black cloak looked at the hesitant girl. "Common dear," he beckoned her. "Do you want to see your parents?" he asked.

"Yes! Where are my parents? Did you kill them!?" Laura shouted at him. If he will answer yes, then she will flee from the house in the speed of light, grabbed her sister, and run for their lives.

"Your parents are okay. We don't need to kill them as long you come with us," the woman answered calmly.

"I need to see them first! If you didn't harm my parents, I will obey your command!" she responded.

"Good! By all means, go to your parents now! They're sitting on the couch on the balcony waiting for you," the guy said.

Laura was feeling relieved and climbs the stairs in a hurry.

The mysterious couple disappeared instantly from her vision the moment she arrived on the top of the stairs.

Laura ran into the balcony. At last! She saw her frightened parents there. Thank God, they're alive! They huddled together on the sofa. Two men in cape were guarding her parents.

There was blood trickling on her father's forehead, evidenced that he was trying to fight and resist the intruders who invaded his home. Thankfully, her mother has not hurt, but she's sobbing silently beside him. Laura feels at ease a bit.

"Mother, Father!" She was about to rush to her parent's side, but the men in cape blocked her path.

"Stay where you are, my lady!" one of the black men commanded in a hard voice.

Suddenly, the couple in black capes materialized in front of Laura, blocking her way.

"Laura dear, now that you see your parents in good condition. It's now time for you to come with us... as you promised," the woman said.

"Please have mercy on us! Don't take our daughter away!" Simon cried, begging the strangers for mercy.

The guy in the black cape went to Laura's father, grabbed him in the arm, and hurled him back into the floor angrily.

A loud thud echoed around the balcony as the old man's body hits the floor.

"No! Please, don't hurt my Father!" Laura screamed as she saw her father crumbled helplessly on the floor, face down.

"Oh my god! Please don't hurt my husband!" Rosa shouted and rushed to her husband's side, embracing him tightly, trying to shield his body from another blow.

Laura was throwing daggers at the strangers. She had a hard time understanding how these people can hurt a frail man so easily. "Why you're hurting my father!? What wrong has my father has done to you people!?" she shouted furiously to all of them.

The mysterious woman looked at Laura. " should ask your parents why? I bet they haven't told you anything about us yet. You know why? Your father made a deal with us a long time ago when you were still a baby," the woman said in a gentle manner.

Laura's brows furrowed in confusion. "Huh? What deal?"

The guy in the black cape went to her father's side and kicked him hard on the legs.

Simon groaned in pain.

Rosa dropped to the floor facing the black couple on bended knees. "Please, let me explain everything to my daughter. Give us enough time, please? I begged you," she said as fat tears rolled down her face.

"Shut up! We will tell your daughter the truth. You broke our trust when you fled the village. We should have burned you guys a long time ago!" the guy in a black cape said harshly. Suddenly, blue flames appeared in his hands.

Laura's eyes widened in fright. She rushed to her parent's side, shielding them from the flame. "Wait...! You guys told me that you won't harm my parents as long I'm willing to go with you! I don't care where you will take me, just leave my parents alone! Just give me another ten days to spend time with my family. That's all I need," she begged and went down on bended knees in front of the intruders.

The mysterious couple was silent for a moment. The woman whispered something on her husband's ears, then looked at Laura.

"Well, since our daughter-in-law begged pitifully, then I will grant her request," she said. She addressed Laura. "Make no mistake dear, do not try to escape, or else we won't be merciful to your parents next time!" warned the woman.

"Thank you!" Laura bowed her head in front of the couple, showing them her respect.

The guy in the black cape motioned his men to leave the balcony.

The intruders along with the mysterious couple disappeared silently into the darkness of the night.

Laura leaped to her feet and helped her father settle back on the sofa.

"W-where is your sister!?" asked Simon.

"Oh, no! My sister!" Laura's eyes widened.

"Where is Sofia? Why she's not with you?" Rosa asked apprehensively.

"I left her in the swing. I'll go there and bring her back!" she said and bolted towards the direction of the stairs. The moment her feet touched the ground, she rushed towards the open door barely avoiding the scattered mess on the floor.

Thank God! The men guarding the front door were gone! Breathing in relief, she sprinted into the garden where the swing was located. When she arrived there, the swing was empty! Her heart turned cold.

"Oh my God! Where is my sister? She must be hiding in the shelter!" she said in panic.

Laura proceed to the shade and grabbed the cover of the shelter, it was empty! She can't see her sister below. "Where is she?" she asked loudly as paralyzing fear gripped her body.

Her gaze sweeps the garden frantically, looking for Sofia.

"Sister!" Sofia's voice echoed behind her.

She spun around to locate her sister's voice.

There she is!

Sofia was flanked by the men in a black cape.

Suddenly, the mysterious woman materialized in front of Laura. "To make sure that you won't do something stupid while we're away, we will hold your sister hostage!"

"No, please don't take my sister away!" she protested and begged.

But her begging ended in vain because the mysterious people along with her sister disappeared from her vision instantly.

"Sister! Where are you!" she sweeps her gaze around the area.

They vanished magically into thin air, leaving no trace behind them.

With a heavy step, she went back to the house to inform her parents that her sister was taken away by the same people who invaded their home.

Lizabelle88 Lizabelle88

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