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Read The Vampire Lord & His Observer (Taeyong x Ten) - Chapter 8 online

Chapter 8: Chapter 8

"Taeyong!" Ten grabbed Taeyong's hand in both of his own, "Yuta just promised to help train me if I want," Ten said excitedly.

Taeyong chuckled, "I take it you enjoyed the class then?"

Ten's eyes glowed, "I learned so much! It's rare I get to spar with someone who can keep up with me," he said with a pout

Taeyong brushed his thumb across the jutting lower lip absentmindedly

Ten stiffened slightly but didn't refuse the affectionate gesture. He hesitated before asking, "he also told me you'd probably practice with me if I asked...will you?" The last words carried an imploring tone and Taeyong was unable to resist his puppy-like eyes but felt like messing with the cute boy a bit.

Taeyong smirked, "Are you sure? I won't go easy on you," he teased.

Ten broke into a grin, "So you will!" In his excitement, he impulsively reached out to hug the vampire but paused uncertainly Just before his arms reached him. Taeyong's arm snaked around the sword shaman's firm waist tugging him so that Ten fell against his chest.

Ten inhaled that heady scent that was uniquely Taeyong's. This is nice he thought sluggishly as he nestled comfortably in Taeyong's grasp. Taeyong's? A distant voice of confusion echoed in the back of his mind but his head felt like it was full of bees and he couldn't quiet the buzzing enough to hear it. He shook his head jerkily and the noise faded slightly.

His head muddled he squinted up into a pair of amused eyes

Ten suddenly thought of their surroundings; blushing at the thought of an audience witnessing his moment of weakness. He turned around worriedly but was startled to see the familiar furnishings of Taeyong's suite.

Taeyong laughed at the adorable perplexed wrinkle in Ten's brow. He poked it playfully, "Vampire Tennie remember?"

Ten flushed even redder at the pet name, "I don't— you can't—" he stumbled over his words as he futilely attempted to extricate himself from Taeyong's grasp.

Taeyong leaned forward, "Hmmm? I can't?" he purred huskily his face less than a foot from Ten's own, "Is something wrong Tennie?"

Ten shivered at the vampire's close proximity, trying not to stare at Taeyong's perfect lips hovering so close to his own.

Taeyong bit his lower lip absentmindedly as he examined Ten's face searchingly and was shocked to hear Ten let out a small sound of distress.

Ten grabbed a fistful of Taeyong's shirt looking up at him with a desperate expression.

"Tennie? Are you all right?" He asked worriedly

Am I alright? Ten wondered to himself I don't understand why he's affecting me this way.

Ten tried to gather himself, "Taeyong" he began, "I—" but before he could finish he was interrupted by a crashing sound and a muffled yelp from one of the suite rooms. He whirled, Nero appearing in hand as he automatically fell into a ready stance. Taeyong's unnatural speed carried him to the door. A halo of red flared around him, and the door fell open revealing a purple haired girl staring mournfully at the porcelain shards of what used to be a lamp.

Taeyong frowned slightly as he looked at the lamp remains, "That was an antique."

The girl looked up at him with watery eyes, "I'm sorry"

"Where's Jaehyun?"

By this time Ten had reached the door and peered around Taeyong to see the little girl's tearful expression and felt a tug on his heartstrings. Ten felt the urge to step forward and wrap his arms around the girl and protect her from Taeyong's scolding. Wait...these aren't my thoughts he realized then she... his eyes widened as he turned to Taeyong, "An empath?"

Taeyong's frown deepened, "Luna stop projecting on him"

The girl, Luna, pouted but Ten felt the intruding feelings pull away untangling his thoughts. He took a step closer to Taeyong, grabbing his arm as if to protect him from the girl. Taeyong smiled at Ten's unconscious concern for him.

"Luna stop testing my mental wards and answer my question please."

Luna flushed, ducking her purple head guiltily at having been caught, "he said he was looking for my mentor," she said sullenly, "I don't want another mentor though— I want you!"

The sword shaman's elegant fingers tightened around Taeyong's soft pale wrist, "What do you mean?" he questioned sharply.

Luna glared at Ten, "who are you?" She asked rudely.

"The Vampire Lord's observer," he replied shortly, "now what's this about taking Taeyong? I really can't allow that."

Taeyong's head swiveled back and forth between Ten and Luna who were both glaring fiercely at each-other, wondering if he was missing something from their exchange.

Right at that moment the door, which had fallen shut, slammed open once again and an angry looking woman in a doctor's coat strode inside and seized Luna by the scruff of her shirt collar like a kitten. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Chaerin?" Taeyong asked looking positively bewildered.

Chaerin's only response was a quiet hmph and with a flick of her icy blonde hair over her shoulder, the vampire dragged a still mewling Luna out of the room.

Ten watched the girl be dragged away before turning to Taeyong, "Explain" he demanded

Taeyong, "I'm afraid I can't"

Ten's expression darkened, "You can't" he repeated flatly, "ok."

"Where are you going?" Taeyong asked Ten's retreating back.

"To sleep."

"Oh- ok" he replied disappointedly, "Do you—"

but the door to Ten's room had already clicked shut.

Taeyong sighed, he had a feeling he had just made a grave mistake...

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