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100% The villainess must die / Chapter 3: III : No more sacrifices

III : No more sacrifices - The villainess must die - Chapter 3 by seighnt full book limited free

Chapter 3: III : No more sacrifices

"Guards! This child is making me feel uncomfortable, take her away!" My eyes widened when I saw some low-ranked guardsmen trying to capture me. Why am I doing this again? What good would it be if I helped them? I don't even know them..

I bit one of the guard's hand and ran away. What am I doing? What's the plot of my story again? I remember that they will be captured by the orphanage again but what will happen next? I tried to look around only to hear a child crying loudly. I turned and saw Talia getting taken away by someone.

Oh shit, now I remember this was where the plot will take its wrong turn!



No, I can't let them get taken, I remember now, why I shouldn't escape.

- Bennett heard Talia's cries as she tried to escape the guards. She was not able to turn back because if she did, she would try to save them again. "I'm sorry everyone, I'm not going back again, not in that orphanage.. I'm so sorry," her eyes started to blur but she stopped her tracks when she heard a gunshot. Turning, only to peek, she saw Allie on the floor, blood pooling over his body. "ALLIEZAR!" she shouted and was about to go back but the guards already captured her. She never saw him again nor ever knew why he was shot. That day onwards, she was captured and sent to prison for a week.

She got sent back to the orphanage but no one dared talk to her, instead, all of them looked at her with anger.

"Shit, shit, no!" I looked over to where the guards were and tried to think of something that would stop them. "Something to throw.." as soon as my eyes spotted apples in a wooden tray, I quickly grabbed it and threw it on the ground, making it roll as I grabbed some to throw at them while I ran. "HEY! MY APPLES!"

"Sorry!" I yelled before raising the tray I was holding then hitting the lady who was trying to get Talia. "Who dares?!" She almost threw Talia on the ground but Cel was able to get her right away. "Don't touch them!" I yelled before eyeing the gun she was hiding. "Oh well if it isn't the eldest! I missed you my dear!"

"Don't touch her," Allie went in front of me while holding a sharp piece of the broken wooden tray I used earlier. "Who might this lad be? Your lover? Oh come on sweetie, who would love someone as ugly as you, someone who's thin and dumb like you? Dream on!" I clenched my teeth and pulled Allie to me. "You're describing yourself," smiling before yelling.

"Gun! She has an illegal gun on hand!" I started to cry, while holding Allie tightly. The guards were on time when I started yelling like a maniac. "Guards, I was only trying to ask someone earlier *sniff* to help- u-us! S-she was *sniff* trying to kill us!" Allie was staring at me while I was continuing to act naturally, "You could've told us instead of making us chase you."

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"That kid is lying! I'm a noble! The owner of the Saintess' Orphanage! They escaped after harming our people, these kids are a bunch of brats!" Lies, a f#!&$ng shit. "Boss, that kid's actions earlier states that this woman is telling the truth, that kid is a brat who has no manners" one of the guards stated. I started laughing while eyeing all of them, straight in the eyes, a child they had described is now mirroring them, an action they wouldn't have thought I could do.

"Oh, you got me there," I stopped crying while pacing my left leg back and forth, repeatedly. A villainess won't be a villain if she doesn't act like one.

I pushed Allie off of me causing him to fall. "Allie!" the twins shouted. I raised my hands up as they captured me. "A kid getting sent to prison because of a lie that's worth execution, oh? will I die?" I smiled and acted crazy, kicked Cel on the face before smirking.


"That kid who's sleeping is sick," I pulled my tongue out at them before laughing again. "That kid sure is interesting" was the only thing I heard before they put me inside a carriage. With that I fell, unconscious. If I die, will I go back to my home? Why is this happening?


"You are?" a guy, who's wearing a badge that signifies dukedom asked her, as if he was interested in what she is, or what she was. "Are you getting me out of this orphanage?" the guy laughed. "You really are interesting, do you want to get out? Isn't it shitty here?"

"Duke! Mind your words," a lady who's arm was clinged onto him slapped him with her fan. "I'm the Duke of Zelxarites, this is my duchess, what's your name?" he smiled, it was warm and welcoming. "I'm Bennett," she fidgeted. "Well, Bennett, welcome to the family"


"Bennett! Clean this!" the duchess grabbed her hair and threw her to the floor, making her bang herself against the bucket and mop. The water spilled all over the floor and into her ragged dress. The warmth that she felt when she met the couple at the orphanage was just a mask to hide their excoriated personalities. Which made sense because they were a part of a dukedom, larger name that befits a hundred commoners' families. They were brutal, more harmful than the orphanage that still lets them eat three times a day. While she was locked up in a small room, either having only one meal a day or worse, none.


"How dare you! A mere orphan, your only role here is to become the crown princess! You have no other use! Now get dressed there!" a slap across the face echoed on the noise-emptied room. "You embarrassed me earlier!" The duke took his gloves to the trash and threw the vase he saw at the child, making her bleed. The maids were giving her scoffs and pitied eyes. No one cared for her other than herself. Must she get abused to the point that she might die at a young age?


"No more!" a whipped lashed across the poor child's legs, causing her to bleed, her little arms shielding herself from being more harmed. "Next time, learn your place! Nanny, discipline her!" the nanny grabbed a chair, putting the sobbing child on top of it, standing. "Shut up!" the nanny yelled before whipping the child's legs repeatedly, the day didn't only end with her loud sobs but also the loud noise of a child wanting to die through the marks that made her painted in red, everyday. She bit her lips hard, 'til she tasted iron as blood became visible in it as well. The night went on as she passes out, body falling, slamming itself on the floor as the Nanny didn't catch her, she even spat at the unconscious child who just fell from a chair to the floor.


"You will poison Duke Maximyst as I told you, I need to be the strongest duke, whether it's wealth, strength or fame, understood?" he grabbed her face harshly. "Yes master" the teenager grabbed the lunch box. She was attempting to poison herself before she did to the duke. A simple solution to end her tragedy. Only to find out that she was tricked, the Duke Maximyst wanted her dead as soon as he found out that she was the one who'll kill him.


"Brother, no, please stop!" she cried as clothes were taken off of her, her dignity and rights to fight back was long gone. "Shut up! I know you like it" a twenty years old bastard, kissing a sixteen on the neck, robbing her divinity. It was the last thing she has before she dies of execution, yet it was also taken away from her. A villain in the name became a slave in vain. A witch who was bewitched by others, irony.


I woke up breathing heavily, face full of terror, eyebrows furrowed while I held onto my ragged shirt. It was Bennett's memories. I never wrote those, "so why was it in her memories?"

Confused as I find myself inside a prison, rubbish and dark. I continued to recall the things that I dreamt of as I bit my nails. A habit of mine.

- I never wanted to inflict harm after she gets adopted, the only thing I wrote is that the duke's family's horrible.

I didn't even write about her stay in the dukedom, only the being candidate of the queen was her important role, other than being the villain who'll sabotage everyone, of course, including Octavia Maximyst, the female lead of my story.

Was this the reason why she was so angry? I continued to bite my nails as I hug my knees closer to my chest. Right, this is not a dream.

"Hey brat, someone paid for you, now get out, be thankful" a guard opened the cell before grabbing me and pushing me forward. "Don't touch me!" I pulled my arms back. "Bitch!" with that I felt a loud slap across my face. It burns.

"Walk!" an imbecile trying to act tough. Eyeing him from head to toe is enough to recognize his worth, more-like a slave looking for someone lower than them. Disgusting.

Spitting on his face before running away was what I did. Serves you right.

"You brat!" I ran out of that shabby place only to meet a pair of arms. "Sire, she's trying to escape," I looked up and saw a guy looking at someone else. I quickly pushed away and looked at who he was talking to. "If she escapes, let her," a badge that signifies dukedom, but it's not Zelxarites, who is he? He has a dark awra, an awra that has an intent to kill, bloodlust. I stood tall and smirked though I was frightened.

"What? You'll kill me too?"

I still can't seem to get a hold of the new surroundings, the different vibes, only leaving me with the urge to kill myself to be able to go back. That's my main goal for now. Death.

"As the Duke of Maximyst, I would gladly do so, Bennett."

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