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80% the voyage of love (BL) / Chapter 8: Friends

Friends - the voyage of love (BL) - Chapter 8 by Avalon0moon full book limited free

Chapter 8: Friends

'"After Wang took the mask of Jun a deep silence took all carriage. All youngsters were having red cheeks and red ears.

- So thats why he is wearing a mask ... he is so beautiful that even our ice prince Kay is affected.

- Waahhhh he is more beautiful than me and i was selected as the most beautiful girl in the kingdom....

- I still think you are beautiful ,Xiu fey...

- Look ....a symbol it appears on his forehead....

- It is a light azure lotus....."

- I think he is breaking trough .... but i never seen that symbol before.

-Kay ,your family are the protectors of history, could you pinpoint the origin of the symbol?

- Im well versed in historic symbols but the only recorded symbol that could match this one was about 70 thousands years ago and that wasnt so complex. His symbol is more complex because it has more petals to the lotus and you could see how thin the lines are.

- So what it means?

-If you could let me explain, you will find out Wang.

-(ー_ー)!! I wanted to ask in what category is.

-No one knows because it was only once and this simbol he appeared from thin air and marked that era with his presence because he was a top mage that he ascended .If im not mistaken he was the one that established the first connection with a beast in this realm . Thanks to him the mages had a means to protect themselves.

- Amazing , i never heard you Kay to speak so much...

- Xiu fey, please dont mock me.....i chose sometimes to be silent because Wang's neurons are so few and i am afraid he will lose them.

- Hey (◞‸◟)

- He is right (^ω^).

- You too Rong? My friends are bullies....

- So he has potential. Does he travels to Glory City to enter the Glory Academy?

- We dont know. After all until today we didnt met before.

-If he does want to join the Academy i think we should form a group together. That could be great, imagine us in top students and all in the same group, after all us genius we should stick together.

- Wang your dream is nice but you cant join because you are dumb.

- Ha ha ha i think we are alike Kay...

- Boys ....stop...

- Xiu fey please ....i think we should stick together and you know very well . Others see us as someone to worship because we are from rich familys or because our power but when someone better appear , they betray us.

- I know better about fake people. But you forgot that Jun is a stranger as well...a cute stranger.

-Xiu fey is right. We know nothing about him .

- I think you are wrong ....all of you. I think that Jun is innocent and i think he doesn't have a hidden agenda . I was the one to make the first move when I stopped the carriage and i think he is like us because he hide his face under a awful mask so others dont take advantage of his beauty.

- You words are not wrong. I think we should try and see .

- Do you think he will wake up until we arrive at Glory city?

- If not i will pay for a room and he will sleep with me. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

-Wang.....that was naughty. Dont tell me you have fallen in love...

- Xiu fey, you are the only girl i fallen...

- So you say...

The carriage arrives at Glory city when its already dark outside but Jun is still sleeping even though Xiu fey put the mask back on or when Wang carry him to the inn in princess style.

Jun slept through the night and the sun is up in the sky when he wakes up.

( Jun pov )

I wake up and the first thing i see is Wang's face close .


-whooo...calm down..... you scared me Jun.

-What .....where

-In a inn. The others have gone to get some food and they will be back soon.

Looking around i see my mask next to me and i realise that he is looking at me.

- Its alright. We were surprised at beginning but we understand why you chose to wear the mask. Don't worry your secret is safe with us.

- Thank you.

-I got good news. I took a look at your aura when you were sleeping and congrats because you are now at level 3.

- Level 3? Of what.... a mage or a practitioner?

- I dont know.....your body at beginning of the scanning showed a mage attribute but....

- But?

-I didn't told others this but .....i saw that your soul force has attributes similar with a practitioner as well, its small but still there.

-Why didn't you told others this, i thought you are friends and you share everything.

- Because it is your choice to make if you want to tell others about it, and because i never heard about this before. You told us that you are a orphan, now that we are in the Glory city, what is your plan?

- I dont have a plan yet.....except i need money?

-Good. Will you consider to take the test of admission in Glory Academy? There you will learn to use your soul force and to become a mage.

- Its a school for mages?

-Yes and practitioners are trained there as well. There we will have a master that will guide us through and we will learn pill recipes.

- Is it a fee to be paid?

- Yes and i will pay for you. You will only have to take the tests.

- Whats the catch....? No one is helping a stranger for nothing in return.

- You will be in our group... the thing is that in the academy everyone stays in groups of your choice and if you have a incomplete group the Academy will designate someone to complete the group. We will need to live together and we will make missions together, sleep and we will eat together.

- And how do i fit?

- I want to become a mage in this realm but i dont want to live with someone who i don't know and that could betray me in a second and i trust you are the man i am looking for.

- A big goal..i dont know how i will fit there... .i will think about it.?

- You have until in the afternoon.

- soon?

- Not my fault you slept so much.

- I was tired.(blushing) you cant make such a quick decision, what if i dont agree?

-I warn you, what i want, i usually get it.It doesn't matter your answer, i could force you.....

- What do you mean .?.... God dont tell me you ...... i warn you, i am taken....(blushing madly)

-I understand..... ...what do you mean you are taken?


- Ohhhhh you are awake... we have brought you food.

- Im starving .Thanks for the meal Xiu fey. I will repay you as soon as i make some money.

Xiu fey is looking at me and Wang trying to figure out of our conversation before they arrived.

- Wang did you tell him?

- Yes and he agrees.

- I dweet nott( munching on noodles)

- Yes you did.

I am rolling out my eyes and i just decide to go with the flow. I am curious about what could i learn in the Academy and i could explore the world.

A new adventure begins.....and this time i have with me my new friends.

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