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28.57% The way of Cooking in Another world / Chapter 2: 001 Amnesia..?

001 Amnesia..? - The way of Cooking in Another world - Chapter 2 by IlovesmutBL69 full book limited free

Chapter 2: 001 Amnesia..?


A small and barely audible grunt came out of the sleeping boy, his eyelashes quivered and slowly opened, if others can see these they might get mesmerized, the eyes was a beautiful phoenix with golden, pink and blue touch jewel like irises, it looks pure, clear and ignorant, making one want to just look without getting bored for a lifetime, unique and gorgeous

The boy slowly sat down, feeling the touch of the ticklish grass as curiousity and confused expression was clear in his eyes, cute and silly..

He was confused.. the boy doesn't know what is going on, he feels comfortable yet something feels off

He don't know who he was, where he was and what happened to him, but since he was innately gentle, naive and clever he unconsciously look around to know his situation even if he was utterly clueless

Confused and lost, he walked.. no actually, he can't remember anything so he was like a mature newborn baby, that's why he crawled and went to the water source, he only went there because it looks fun and new as he heard the calming sound of waves that seems interesting

The boy who have no concept of looks didn't even took a look at himself and just made a tentative poke on the water causing a small ripple, he was shocked but then did it again and again then again... he was having fun.. until his stomach rumbled..


The boy was startled, he don't know where it came from causing a small frown on his temple, looking adorably cute

He sat on the grass and pouts at the itchy feeling below, he tried to move but it only make things worse as two small tight holes was rubbed


What's that? although curious he felt that he shouldn't do that again and so he followed his feelings and sat down obediently, especially since it was so strong-- Rrrw~

That sound! With shining eyes he rapidly look around but was unable to find the source and he also felt uncomfortable below and like what mentioned before, he was like a newborn baby so he was now easily aggrieved, he felt like he should know where it came from but he don't know where, all those simple thoughts were already complicated for him most of all when his body don't feel good

With red rimmed eyes, a sniff, he was about to cry when a sound distracted him


[Upgrade and Confirmation complete.. Available features... 20 and can be Upgrade.. Welcome, The first user of System 001.. Gift and Resources are in the storage function, This A.I wish Host a happy experience~!]

The boy was once again confused and was really going to cry and when tears was about to fall a soothing and cheerful voice calmed him.. although he can't really understand..

[Hello, My name is Marie, I am above, little one don't need to fine me, Marie will always be with Host, don't cry, okay?] The system soothes her Host, she was happy she can raise her Host into a person with morals and follow the law since he have no memories unlike what those colleagues of her that have to get along first before they can have a good relationship.. plus this new Host of her s so cute and beautiful.. hehe

"Marie..?" A childish yet gentle and sweet voice came out of the boy, excited that boy laughed gently and called the name many times like a child saying his first word, and the system was proud of this achievement~

Marie laughed at his host's antics, and materialized himself into a fluff ball as big as an adult's head and floated around his host

[Host should say your 'Status' OK? ]

The boy was shocked when a fluff ball appeared between his small hands but was happy when he heard the familiar voice and copied the ball

"Un, Status!" As the magic words were said a blue hologram appeared in front of the boy, though the boy doesn't really understand the words

{ ??? / ??? / 10 / January 1

None = 100/100 // MAX/MAX

Str: 10

Agi: 10

Dex: 10+10

Def: 10

Vit: 10

Int: 10+10

Wis: 5


Charm: MAX/MAX



(Passive) My sweet baby~ >S<

= The owner will have 40% chance to be pampered and liked by parents and will have a 35% possibility to be protected by the masses when innocent

(Passive) Smooth, pretty, I'm so good! >A<

= A simple and easy going lifestyle, a silky smooth skin, fluffy feeling, clean impurities and kill invisible germs that even blood and soil can be edible when touched by the owner with a double sensitivity when touched! The owner will feel the effects without causing suspicions as the owner glow everyday, 20+ charm

(Passive) Look at me and be mine >S<

= Extra glow and bright eyes, the owner will have eyes that will suit the owner better as it became purer and brighter in a slow pace with additional clearer and longer eyesight with a possibility of 30% of hypnotic ability, 10+ Dexterity and 10+ Charm

(Passive) Tight, soft, it's gooood >S<

= A tight hole that will suck and clench tightly with additional pleasure that will send the other in a heavenly pleasure as the ass and vagina will secrete sweet juices base on the partner's preference during the deed, 10+ charm

(Passive) Work hard and upgrade me!! >SS<

= Psh, afraid of over indulgence to things? Hehe, this skill will make the owner not so addicted no matter how much addicting it was and also convert the needs into EXP's, 10+ Int

(Passive) Sweet, fruity and addictive, it's Love >SS<

= The owner will have a calming aura around him that can cause one to feel comfortable and not succumb to Evil thoughts no matter what, a sweet and soft, plump lips that can heal someone in full recovery but first, give a kiss~ 10+ Charm

(Active) 8 races >SSS<

= A natural ability that transforms the owner into the said race (Human, Beastman, Elf, Dwarves, Mermaids, Demons, Angels, and Dragons) with their own abilities and heredit memories

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Gods Blessings > A child born from the Gods and a soul that came from another world with the blessings equal to their powers

A natural charmer > A perk that came even before birth

Fate's Changer > Have 40% chance for the ability to change one's fate happen base on the owner and giving them a small luck that can make then avoid death for the second time



The God's Chosen

The Cutest

---------------------- }

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