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100% The way of Cooking in Another world / Chapter 7: One: Soba (Japanese)

One: Soba (Japanese) - The way of Cooking in Another world - Chapter 7 by IlovesmutBL69 full book limited free

Chapter 7: One: Soba (Japanese)

Narari Fourn looked at his current situation and fell into dilemma

"What to do? How did I even got here in the first place? Wuwuwu, I'm also hungry.. haist, why did they even do this to me without proper preparation, Hmp, meany people," His cute face pouts

He was just on his way too the sweet forest, but was sucked in a black hole then was treated harshly....

So.. so... ugh...

Tsk, tsk, just because that Ikemen was handsome doesn't mean he will pass this out! Im a petty person, hmp, when my Senpai ate some of my favorite chocolate I punched his stomach!

(Reality: He punched the stomach but it didn't cause harm since he was pretty forgiving that he got guilty of such small problem he forgot giving pressure)

What happened is what as follows:

One, he was giddily walking to his destination, the forest, when he suddenly was sucked by a black hole

Two, He found himself in some kind of circle that have Chinese in craved inside with a pretty middle school student and surrounded by some white clothes people and some American with knights costume in a large church

Three, The ikemen kind of knight, like a high-ranking soldier suddenly got enraged at him, "Hmm? This person is not the saint and have ***** trash skill! ****, Transfer in another place far away from here! *****", my ears unconsciously sensor the bad words

Four, He find himself in a large mountain at the middle of some sea ocean..

Five, He is hungry... growlll

Narari surprisingly isn't that worried, after all, he seems to have a surprisingly calm mind after experiencing many things in an hour, knowing the fact he can't return back, base from the knight

He sighed and chattered to himself, the island is pretty quite after all..

"It's really a good thing I was about to come to the forest, hehehe, if not, I really might have to trouble myself to get a proper utensils, lucky~" He chuckled joyfully, his hands looked back at the big backpack on his back that have all the basic things he need

"Lalala~ Burger, fries, tomato sauce, fried in a rice crumbs with some eggs, it's a chicken fillet for you, pam-pam-pam!"

He took out a mini spring form pan, a lighter, thin noodles, condiments, then the medium box full of minced garlic and onion

Narari went around and found some stones and sticks to create a bon fire, it's lunch time after all

He put little onions and garlic, soy sauce, pepper, vinegar, vegetable oil and chopped one piece of bread, mixing it well for a bit, although there is only a really small amount, it's already really flavored well

He added the thin noodles and soaked it for 20 minutes inside..

"Mnm.. the smell is making me salivate, huhu,"

While it was soaking, he opened two wrapped hard biscuits, added some sugar, squeezed two lemons and then little apple honey juic

He served them in a portable plate, added some kimchi and, ta-dah!

Homemade Soba with Fruity Biscuit Dessert, hmm, this is indeed a delicacy with his scarce supplies

The soba taste good with the well proportioned sauce of the taste and is deeply soaked well, it wasn't way too salty nor too sour.. well, maybe if there is more vegetables it would have been better, the kimchi is also well-paired

Garlic and other condiments also complimented each of the ingredients it really created a good sauce, maybe he should do this if he is very busy..

Thin noodles easily absorbed the sauce and is addictive to eat, like an unconscious action that it wasn't enough, one can't help but eat more.. really delicious

The dessert was also good, after a tasty noodles one need a refreshments, the plain crumbled crackers and sticky apple flavored honey is really fantastic and fresh, although it was really simple it's still a yummy pair, well it would have been good if this turn into juice, unfortunately he lack water..


Narari smiled gleefully, anyways, even if he can no longer return, it's not like he will miss anyone back there.. this life where no one know him is also good since he can start a new life!

Well.. first, how do I get out of this mountain without getting hungry..

Now that he is full, maybe there is some kind of status in this world?

"Hehe, it's worth a try, not like someone will hear me, right?"

"Statusss!!" He shut his gorgeous eyes and was excited, jumping up and down while dancing a weird dance, he even did a ballet! 💃 👈like this, FYI, my body is physically strechtable and flexible ~ v < ♥

"Yahoooo~! it really worked! Those manga's are really useful!"

In front of him was a system.. panel?

Name: Nanari Fourn

Age: 20

Level: 1

Occupation: -------- >

Strength: 10

Agility: 11 Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Dexterity: 15

Defence: 11

Vitality: 12

Intelligence: 10

Wisdom: 5

Luck: 5

Charm: 20




Dimension >Hidden<

All was well and done.. I'm kinda OK? so my strength is actually this.. low? Sadddd

Then, what's this about my skill? 'Dimension' ?

Let's see.. this.. is not a trash skill!

[Dimension: Imagination is the will]

Wahhhhh, plus the Imagination skill! hehe, in basically OP!!!

Hmp, what trash, I'm basically a top!

What he didn't know is that imagination really is a trash skill that only allows one to imagine without doing anything with the level up as an Illusionist.. well if they did work hard to level it up, but if they didn't bother it really can be said to be 'trash' skill..

Plus, even with this low level, Imagination, they can create new things by imagining and gathering data, it's basically a cheat skill for all smart people

Well, when all said and done, the skill, itself, is a rare find..

Narari didn't think too much about that since that isn't really his business, but now, he knows where he will sleep for the night!

Hahahaha... kukuku.. cough, cough

A..... mini van!!! Like one of those manga he once read, it was a very good mini van! like a mini-house outside but is actually way too spacious inside!

Now, the only problem is my Dinner... which I can easily make if not for the fact I wanna do it myself, he can't make his skills rusty after all..

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