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3.2% The Wish of the Dragon / Chapter 3: Chapter 2

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Chapter 3: Chapter 2

Issei is confused when she doesn't respond after his outburst and her face seems out of focus, 'Weird... why she doesn't say anything after all that. Is she angry? No by the looks of it she's not angry, tsk if only Ddraig is awake I can't use boosted gear if he's not awake'

If by chance she decided to attack him now he won't even last 10 seconds considering he still hasn't gain perfect control on his new body and he knows nothing of his new power so far besides breathing fire as a dragon does, if he can access boosted gear he could last longer but he knows that doesn't matter if she decided to end him then even boosted gear won't help him get out of that ending, 'Heh, if it comes to it then so be it... at least I know true freedom albeit its short-lived'.

When he's thinking all that he heard her talk once more.

LD - I see... Say... Ise, don't you find me beautiful? I'm not bragging but there are millions of men out there who wanted to make me theirs, don't you feel the same? Don't you want to make me yours either?

Even though she doesn't like it when other men look lustfully at her she still feels irritated that the boy who she took a liking for doesn't react much when seeing her beauty, and once again her trains of thought stopped when he said the words she never expected.

If it's the old him he might be confused why she asked that question but after his transformation, he knows fully well what she meant.

Issei - You are indeed very beautiful... you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen but that doesn't make me wanted to claim you as mine. And you make it sound like every man is the same, I would never force a woman against her will and make her mine when there's no love involved, because I know forced love would never last. And I want the women I love would love me back for who I am not what I am...

'Perhaps Rias and the others only indulge me because I'm Ddraig's host... perhaps they never love me in the first place... heh, not that it matters anymore and its not Ddraig fault even if that is true' He still feel afraid towards the word love, he's afraid what he experienced once would happen again but he knows better now. That not everything is what it seems... when he thought Rias love would last forever just like his love for her but apparently that's just his one-sided wishful thinking now he knows what's behind their facade after they have no more use of him.

Unbeknownst to him, Rias and the others do love him but because they are afraid of what could happen between them because of the lack of experience in a relationship they have done something selfish and stupid that can never be forgiven... They should have asked him or ask someone who is more experienced like their parents or brother and sister, alas they went the wrong way because of their pride.

They still loved Ise but they also loved their current BF as well. That's why they treated him like that before. They felt conflicted and every time they saw him they felt even more, that's why they evaded him and ignored him.

They had to put their feelings at ease and think clearly, something that they hadn't been capable of. Not yet.

They wanted to be with him but they also didn't want to end their relationships with their new BF just like that. The clash of feelings made them feel guilty, that's why they evaded him, scorned him, and ignored him. All the girls felt the same but they knew something needed to be done.

Since they were going to live for ten thousand years. They wanted to gain experience in a relationship. Rias and Akeno wanted to try approaching to other types of boys and gain experience. Since they would spend their eternity with Issei, they had time. And compensate for all damage done, if it was done, at another time. But they didn't expect that their interest would turn into something more.

After spending time talking with him and knowing more about him they slowly forgot about Issei. After some time passed he asked if they believed in the supernaturals, seeing where the question was going they said yes and after a long talk, they told him they were 'Devils'.

Since he knew about the supernaturals he wasn't surprised, and instead, he continued treating them like normal girls that weren't related to the supernaturals at all. Something they really felt thankful for. They wanted to be treated like normal girls not related to the supernatural, and since Ichiji was the closest man that wasn't as much related to the supernatural as the rest of the men they knew.

They spent their time talking about idle topics, going out as friends, among others. The fact that he didn't stare at them in any perverted way, really made them feel at ease (unknown to the girls he just hides it better than Ise).

Being always stared at and looked like that is really tiring, they liked the expression and reaction they provoked on Issei but after some time, it gets exhausting.

Time went by and they started to forget about Issei replacing him with him, which was their role model of an ideal man when they were kids. Tall, good looking and confident, the dreams of any young girl.

The reason they tried to get closer to their said senpai was because they didn't understand the male mind. After all, they didn't have many male acquaintances at their age. So they started to get involved more with the males in their University and soon they met him with the excuse that maybe in the future, they will able to understand Issei better. Since understanding him would be a key piece for them to get even closer to Issei.

The other girls asked them why they did this.

When they heard their answers they were surprised, in their minds this was a good idea. But they started to fall in love with the guys they chose to understand. They even dismissed Issei, forgetting everything he did for them. Even being cruel so that he didn't stop their plans, they wanted it to be a surprise. Once their 'relationships' were over they will get even closer to Issei and cross the line.

Yet because of their selfishness and egoism. They truly didn't know how much Issei was suffering. Because of their lack of trust in themselves into getting closer to him and their inexperience in relationships. They made certain choices that unknowingly affected Issei in a bad way.

Because they were lost in their heads, they started to compare Issei with them. Seeing his faults like a living being and soon after they started to bad mouth him behind his back. Scorning him, Insulting him, Ignoring him. Those words were spoken without thinking yet they "believed" it was the truth.

Although, recently they had been having some trouble with their new BFs after some time passed since they last saw Issei.

Ichiji was focusing on his work completely, not wasting a single minute with both Rias and Akeno, and when he had free time he spent it with his 'friends'. Since they were a really insisting women, sometimes he snapped at them to stop bothering him. Creating a friction between them.

The same happens to the other girls' new BF, Yonji completely focused on sports.

He played tennis and practiced his 'swordsmanship'. He was rather close to Kiyome Abe. That alongside him only focusing on his tennis and sword practice made him tight on time. So he set aside Xenovia temporarily and only focused on his 'Sports'. For Xenovia, it seemed that she was replaced by the new advisor of the tennis club, Kiyome Abe. So sometimes arguments started.

Niji and Irina were good enough. She was really energetic which something he liked but. Sometimes he just felt tired and just ignored her, causing her to be mad. But because of her energetic self, she was sometimes even bubblier than before and just make him tired a lot more. The woman just had too much energy sometimes.

Sanji was always in the middle of the fights between Koneko and Ravel. Making him feel awkward.

Sometimes he felt as if he was treated as a toy, but he hoped it was his imagination. Since he trained with them he wasn't as bad as the others but. Sometimes arguments started in their training and escalated into fights. Making him feel tired out and annoyed.

Goji and Asia were the second 'better' ones. But because Goji was a man of few words and Asia was timid, sometimes they wouldn't speak for hours. Making Asia tear eyed thinking she was boring and he didn't like it when she was with him.

Something he didn't like about her was that she always cried for something either its big or small stuff, she was kind but she didn't have the courage for anything at least in his eyes. Like a small animal waiting to be protected. And this just makes him more annoyed at her inside his head and was thinking to dump her.

But all of the guys changed their attitude and treat them much better when they knew they are devils and stuff like that because they are afraid of what will happen to them(BF squad) when they knew their perspective thoughts and 'secrets' they kept from them(girl squad). Now the ORC started training them for the upcoming world-class rating game. And when they realize what lies behind their facade it will be too late to make the man who truly loved them from the bottom of his heart to love them back... far too late... and there's no medicine for regrets in this world.

-Back to Issei and LD-

LD mind went blank when he said the words which exactly the same from what she wished for... When she snapped out of it she saw the look of melancholy and the look of betrayal from his face and then something tells her that the boy in front of her might have experienced the same thing as she has... the betrayal of loves. Then she does something that makes Issei mind blank himself...

She approached him then kissed him, kiss filled with passion and love with no tongue just lips meet lips. And Issei's eyes went wide from the close contact and he doesn't even move a single muscle from the kiss, and after seems an eternity he snaps out of it and pushed her back and asked her loudly.

Issei - What are you doing!?

But LD doesn't respond and just feel lost and sad that the kiss they share has been broken then she close their distance and capture his lips once more but this time she holds his head in place by entangling her arms to his neck and hold him like a vice grip and started kissing him with gusto now with tongues involved and with loud smacking sound that would make anyone saw them now would blush with shame, LD face blushed like never before in her entire life and her eyes are clouded with love, passion, and lust because she finally found the man she's been looking for her entire life. While Issei face is red himself but he's trying to push her off from his body but to no avail, because the difference between their power, so when he thought he would pass out from the lack of air she stopped the kiss with a loud *POP* with a string of saliva between their tongue and both of them pant heavily after their kissing session. Then LD licks her lips sensually tasting the lingering aftertaste and asked Issei while her face still clouded with passion.

LD - Nee~ Ise, would you be mine? I could give you all the power I could offer and grant anything you wished for.

Issei reaction at first was shame... shame because this woman in front of her just dominated him even though he's the man here and he's supposed to be THE Dragon of Dominance, but after she asked him that she reminded him of his old Master, the master who he once loved but now feel nothing but disgust and hatred for.

But when he's gonna snap at her because of his anger there's a sound that brings him back from snapping at the woman in front of him.

[Partner... She's not Rias Gremory. and be careful if you anger her she might kill you instantly without you even realizing it, you yourself told her not to treat all man as the same so don't treat her the same as the other woman who has hurt you] Ddraig voice snaps him back from all the anger he feels, 'Sorry about that Ddraig, guess I'm still out of it and so you're awake already huh' he took a deep breath and speak with his partner inside his mind. [Ah its fine partner I know you needed time to fully get over your past but never forget I'm always here for you partner and yeah I have been awake ever since we got teleported to her domain, but I'm waiting what she has to say and I must say you are still the ladies man like you always are huh partner? I swear you keep attracting strong beings to yourself... 1st Ophis now Lady Death herself... jeez I don't know how you are still alive after all this time with that 'Unique' trait of yours] Ddraig told him.

'Sigh same here partner, same here' Issei couldn't help but grumbled himself inside his mind. Then he looks at the woman in front of her and told her.

Issei - Sorry but I won't be anyone possession after I just earned my freedom.

LD - But why?! I can give you anything you wished for and all I ask is for you is to stay beside me and I won't restrict your freedom in any way!

She couldn't help become puzzled and afraid why won't he accept her offer, afraid he would leave her after she finally found the man she has been looking for this entire time so she couldn't help become desperate and asked him to be hers and doesn't realize what she does is making her more resemble the woman Issei come to hate and disgusted for.

Ddraig - [Sorry about my partner here, Milady. But he has been through a lot just recently]

Ddraig voice ringed from Issei's left hand with a flash of green light.

LD - Oh, is that the Sekiryuutei? Can you tell me the details of what you said just now?

Ddraig - [Sorry, but that's not my place to say milady. Only my partner can tell you that on his own and all I can say he experienced what you experienced yourself a long time ago]

Then LD remembered her past experience now that she snaps out of her sudden outburst and realize that Issei must have been betrayed by his loved ones as well just as she is, so she apologizes to him.

LD - I apologize for my sudden outburst, but can you tell me what happened to you, Ise? Now I know its not my business to know but know that I experienced betrayal from my supposed to be beloved myself and I'm telling you this by hoping you can share with me about your experience and if you don't want to share it now then it's fine, I won't force you but know that I will wait for when you are ready to tell me yourself and I can tell from your eyes... the eyes of the heartbreak and betrayed deep inside your eyes...

Issei doesn't know what to say after all that and all of his fears and insecure flashed once more inside his heart but that feeling stopped when the woman in front of him cupped his face with her hands softly and the look she gave him from her eyes, its nothing but the gentleness of love, passion and trust for him and him alone.

And he feels his eyes tearing up and his throat dry just from the look she gave her then his tears started falling from his eyes but the woman in front of her never change the way she looks at him like it would never change for eternity then he started bawling his eyes out because he knows deep inside he's still heartbroken from the betrayal he felt and he needed someone to pent his feelings but never admit it because his newfound pride after he became a dragon, something that Ddraig himself knows but not knowing what to do since he only exists inside his body and can't give the warmth he needed for after all this time sometimes he regrets that he can't support his partner fully in body and mind. But now, at last, he found that someone who can do what he can't do.

LD hugged Issei and put his head on her cold bosom, even though its cold but its warm for Issei

LD - There, there let it all out... let it all out.

She cooed the boy on her bosom, with gentleness like a mother and warmness of a long lost lover.

After a while, Issei has fallen asleep on her bosom and she made a bed under them and lay him atop her breast and keep stroking his hair softly with a touch filled with gentleness and love.

LD - What a poor child... so young yet he already experienced any people shouldn't have experienced...

Ddraig - [Indeed... there's no one should have experienced what you both experienced, milady...]

LD - Hmh, now I want to ask you something Sekiryuutei... Don't worry I won't ask what happen to this child since I trust he will tell me sooner or later and I respect his wish for that, what I want to ask you are... Why you pretend to be a man? from your voice alone it's obvious... But if I recall correctly when we met when you're still a hatchling you are supposed to be a girl now care to tell me, Hmm~?

Ddraig - [...]

Leixein Leixein

Oof took me a while to find the right words to write damn,DUN DUN DUN! bet u didn't saw that coming don't worry i know exactly the perfect model for Ddraig female form (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖) Anyone can guess whose model i would use as female Ddraig? No prize for the right guess but do tell me your guess anyway eh~? with that said PEACE OUT GIRLS SCOUT!

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