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The Wizard World The Wizard World

The Wizard World

Author: Get Lost

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Chapter 1: Reincarnation

Translator: _Leo_ Editor: DarkGem, VirtualFrappe

There were no white clouds that could be seen in the endless sky, making it seem like a borderless blue gem.

Several black-colored birds flew across the sky; a large forest underneath them looked verdant and thriving. There were many twisted small paths between the trees. A carriage with golden straws was moving forwards in a slow pace, and you could even hear the rhythmic echoes of the hooves stomping on the ground.

There was a teenager lying over the golden straws on the carriage. Judging by his appearance, he was about thirteen- or fourteen-years old. The teenager had short brown hair, and he had an average-looking appearance.

The teenager’s eyes were closed as though he was sleeping. The coachman at the front was driving carefully with his old horse. It seemed that the coachman was trying not to interrupt the teenager’s dream as he tried to steer the carriage skillfully.


With a loud noise, the wheels of the carriage toppled over a sharp stone on the road. The whole carriage stopped after the collision.

Ye Song was woken up by the commotion. He opened his eyes slowly, and his scrunched face was of a yellow hue just like wax.

"Where am I?" The teenager asked; his voice was very faint and it sounded weak.

He inhaled once; he could smell the fragrance of lush green grass. The teenager looked at his surroundings in confusion.

"I apologize for disrupting your sweet dream, Second Young Master Angele. The carriage collided on a stone." The coachman turned back and apologized after he saw Ye Song was woken up by the accident. He took out his tools and started to check if the wheels were damaged by the stone.

The coachman was past his prime, yet he still looked strong and full of vigor in his grey linen outfit.

"Second Young Master Angele?" Ye Song was confused; he looked around, thinking the coachman was talking to someone else, but he was the only one there.

"That’s me?" He pointed his finger towards his nose.

"Yes, Second Young Master." The coachman nodded while checking the wheels.

"You just fell off the horse and got hurt pretty badly. You need more rest. I was the only one left in the city, and I could not find a decent carriage for you. I am sorry you have to lie on this." The middle-aged man smiled at Ye; his skin looked well-tanned by the sun.

It seemed like Ye Song realized something as his facial expression changed.

"No way…" Ye whispered to himself and looked at his body.

The hunting suit he was wearing fitted him very well, and he also had a red belt around his waist. There was a black leather whip tied to his belt.

His body was weak, and his palm white. He could also feel the pain coming from his knees and the back of his head.

Suddenly, bunch of memories flashed in Ye Song’s mind after a strong pain hit his head. Ye Song fell straight down to the straws as he lost his consciousness; he could hear the coachman yelling in panic.

Ye Song finally woke up slowly after some time passed. His brain was filled with memories from someone else’s. The second son of some random countryside noble family was named Angele Rio, and apparently the guy was just an average noble child from the family.

Angele was riding on his horse with his gang during his free time before falling off it. Ye Song took over his body at that moment. Ye Song also gained some of Angele’s memories, and he had a basic understanding of the current situation.

The world was identical to the Medieval Europe he knew. Right now, he was in a country called the Rudin Empire. It was a huge country, and Rio Family was actually a relatively rich noble family at the countryside, but it still cannot be compared to those in the inner parts of the country.

Rio Family’s territory was at the edge of a large forest in the Yala Province. According to Angele’s memory, the only thing Ye Song knew was that his father Baron Rio’s territory included three knights’ lands and five towns. There were about five thousand people living there, and it would take some time to go from one side to the other with a horse, which is about an hour. It was a huge territory.

Angele Rio was the second son of Baron Rio, and his standing was the highest among the younger generation in the Rio Family. The eldest son left the family and joined the army; if he does not come back, it is very likely that Angele would be the one to take over the family after.

"A child from a noble family… I can’t believe I reincarnated…" Ye Song scratched his head, and realized he was lying down on a small bed. His clothes had been changed to a white robe, and was covered by a thin layer of white blanket.

The bedroom was bright and spacious. There were two high chairs, one bed, and a writing desk painted white in the room. The window facing the bed was opened, and Ye Song could hear some noise coming from the streets.

The wind brought the aroma of pancakes into the room. Ye Song felt really hungry after getting a whiff of such redolence in.

"Is anyone here?" Ye Song knew this was the family’s only house in the town according to Angele’s memory.

The door was opened with a squeaky sound. A middle-aged man in a red noble suit with a serious face walked in quickly. He was holding a small silver bowl and there was an appetizing smell of meat coming from it.

"Angele, do you feel better?" The man walked to the bed while knitting his eyebrows. He put the small bowl on the bedside cabinet, and touched Ye Song’s forehead with his large palm.

"Not hot anymore. Drink the meat soup, you are way too weak right now." The man said.

Ye Song quickly found out who the man was through Angele’s memory.

Karl Rio, the current leader in the Rio Family and the baron of the territory. Though he was just a great father in the memories of Angele.

"I think I told you before," Baron Karl lowered his voice, "stay away from those punks from the city, even if you are classmates in the knight’s courses. Don’t even play with them." The baron said.

"It is all my fault, father." Ye Song said with a faint voice, and he lowered his head. It was not out of Ye Song’s intention to do this. It was more like a reflex from the body’s original owner.

"You were lucky you didn’t break any bone after falling off from a horse that went berserk." The baron said, and he seemed to have relaxed a bit. He saw his son lowering his own head and could feel his son’s sadness.

"Your elder brother left the family and joined the army, I am not even sure if he will come back. You are the hope of Rio family. I can’t imagine what will happen if you get hurt again…" The baron sighed, and stopped talking.

Ye Song knew the baron’s personality from Angele’s memory. He was a strong baron when facing others; he was also cold-blooded and strict. Many people in the family had been ordered to be executed due to some small mistakes they committed. The baron also took many beautiful women into the family from his territory, and he has had many kids.

More importantly, he made a series of plans last year, and he used his army to take over a large land. His territory size now became twice the original.

Outsiders often gossiped about how cruel and strong the baron was. They gossiped about his insidiousness and his cold-blooded heart. However, the baron was treating Angele very well because he loved Angele’s mother so much before she passed away. He held special feelings for her. Thus, Angele’s standing was the highest among his brothers and sisters. The baron would try to give Angele whatever he wanted.

"Remember, Angele. No matter what, as the future leader of the Rio Family, you should think twice before doing anything." Baron Karl advised Ye Song with a deep voice.

"I will, father." Ye Song nodded seriously.

"Well, not Catherine though, that other girl you wanted before. I have sent her to your room. You can play with her, but you are still very young, if I find out you are addicted to this…" The baron stopped for a second, and Ye Song could see the coldness from his eyes, "you know what’s going to happen."

"I understand." Ye Song nodded quickly; he felt scared for a second. Though the baron loved him so much, this time he had done something unacceptable.

"Alright, get some rest after you finish the soup. I still have some things that I have to deal with. Old Wade will send someone to bring you back to the castle. I have to leave now." The baron said as left right away.

Before the door of the bedroom was closed, Ye Song took a peek at the fully armored knight outside. He knew the knight; the best warrior the baron had, Knight Audis. Knight Audis loved to stomp on the enemy’s heads and smash them into pulp like watermelons. People in the territory called him "Devil Knight".

The door of the bedroom was forcefully closed. Ye Song could hear the baron and the knight whispering while walking in the yard. The sounds of whispering disappeared after they went farther. Ye Song looked at the meat soup on his bedside cabinet. He knew the soup was special when he saw the baron bringing it in. If it was just some ordinary soup, it would’ve been brought by someone else.

The meat inside the soup was from a fish called Round Snapper. The legend said, "A wizard turned the children that became lost into this kind of fish", Angele had it even before when he was hurt. Ye Song took the silver bowl and looked at its inside. A finger-long silver fish was floating in the milky soup, and the head of the fish looked exactly like a human’s face.

"Fish with a child’s face…" Ye Song talked to himself, and he felt nauseated after looking at the pained expression of the face.

"It is not the world I used to know anymore…" Ye Song thought.

Ye Song sat on the bed, and it took him a long time to decide to drink the soup. He held his breath and drank all the soup in one go with the exception of the head of the fish. He took it apart and left it in the bowl; it was way too horrifying for him to eat.

He lied down on the bed for a while after finishing the soup. He decided to organize the memories in his brain. The teenager named Angele was loved by his father. Though he had trouble making decisions and his personality was submissive, he was good at finding ways to entertain himself. He was actually much better than others when it came to playing.

The baron would get him anything he wanted such as gears, pets, money, and even people. It made Angele fearless, and this made him have the desire to take anything he found charming. In other words, he was just a rich playboy.

As a Baron-level territory, the size of the land was about a county-level city at where Ye Song came from. Though the population was much smaller, the baron was the god in the territory and he could do anything he wanted. Angele shared a part of the baron’s rights.

In this chaotic age, the Rudin Empire was not stable at all. Nobility had always been the symbol of wealth and power. However, no matter how strong Baron Karl was, his beloved son, Angele, still did something unacceptable. Angele found an attractive noble girl in his knight course class, and the girl was named Catherine Candia. She was the most beloved child of Viscount Candia, and Viscount Candia was of a status higher than Baron Karl.

Angele tried to show off his riding skills and decided to accept the challenge against another male classmate of his. Angele’s saddle had been modified by his competitor before the race. As a result, Angele disappeared from this world permanently when he fell off the horse.

"It was just for a girl…" Ye Song felt speechless when he was scrounging the memories in his mind. "This world makes me speechless. A fourteen-year-old teenager would actually fight against others just for a girl…"

_Leo_ _Leo_

First, I would like to thank everyone who spends their time reading this book. Second, I just want to say that this is not a WMW copy. TWW finished two years before WMW started.

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