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83.33% The World Inside a Game / Chapter 5: Chapter 5: Tutorial! Knowledge and more slimes

Chapter 5: Tutorial! Knowledge and more slimes - The World Inside a Game - Chapter 5 by Lightnovel_kun full book limited free

Chapter 5: Chapter 5: Tutorial! Knowledge and more slimes

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"Just watch me, Apho" Pixi says while smirking.

She raises her left hand and points all her fingers, like she's grabbing unto something, to the slimes. Her right hand is having a unique peace-gesture on her right eye. She's suddenly saying something. It's like she's enchanting a magic spell. I focus my sense of hearing on her to hear what she's saying.

"---Scan!!" she shouts. That's the only part I heard on her incantation. I almost got disappointed about myself but then, I notice something on her right eye. It has a small magic circle in front of it, bigger than her eyes but it is still small in my perspective. Slowly, the magic spell from her right eye is channeling to her left hand.

To begin with, I'm having doubt if it's magic but now, I'm sure that it is MAGIC after all. It's such an amazing sight to see magic with my own eyes since this is a virtual world. It hits very different compare to 2d and 3d animation.

About her magic, it's certainly about scanning something since the last word she says is 'Scan'. I look at the slimes and I'm noticing something again. Something is glowing inside of the slimes and base on my experience, it might be their 'core'. It's probably a weakness or special loot of the slimes but I will just let Pixi explains it to me.

She finishes her magic quickly then flies down towards me. She stares at me with sparkling eyes and smirking smile, as if she did something very amazing. Not gonna lie, it's quite surprising since it's my first time seeing magic virtually but I've played a lot of games.

"How's that?! Hehe, I have more things I can teach you but for now, try figuring it out for yourself. Like I said, experience is better than explanation." She says then flies to her usual spot on my shoulder.

"Okay" I casually say to her then prepare my sword. I run towards the slimes and focus on the glowing thing on their core. I slash one of the slimes and I just one hit kill it. Apparently, hitting those glowing spots increases my damage. It will be a great technique to pinpoint the glowing spots of every enemy. And top of that, Pixi has the magic spell to do it.

The other slimes notice me after I killed one of them. They simultaneously attack me and one of them hits me on the legs. Ouch!

wait a minute... pain... pain?! Why do I feel pain on this game?! I suppose I can feel and control my whole body normally but to feel this sensation? Ahh what a pain in the ass, I guess technology hits its climax on this game. I wonder how painful it is when I die.

After the slime hits me, there's a screen pops out in from of me. There's a green bar and blue bar on it. I just take a glimpse on it then focus again on attacking.

One slime on the left, on the right, and on front of me. I prepare my stance and wait for them to attack. They're just bouncing there, menacingly. No just kidding, their cute faces are making them not so scary.

The first one to attack is on the left. I charge towards it and stab its core. It dies immediately then the other two starts jumping towards me. I turn around and slash its core in the meantime.

"Level increase. You're now level 2" Another screen pops out with a catchy ringtone. It's like zwooom or fwoosh. I don't know I'm not that great on explaining sounds. But neat, I finally leveled up. I got distracted by it and I nearly forgot that I still have one slime to kill. It suddenly appears above me!

Out of instincts, I slash it but I didn't hit its core so the moment it flew away, I jump and stab it midair, causing it to die. I pick up the slime balls and now I have 6 out of 20.

Pixi flies to the screen where my health bar and mana bar is. "Your health decreases, it quite painful, doesn't?" She asks me with a sarcastic voice.

"Not really, I'm just surprise." I say to her then after confirming that there's no enemies nearby, I put my sword back to my sheath on my waist.

"Good thing to know because you just lost like 1 or 2 percent of your health that time. But since you've leveled up, your health and mana bar will replenish and your stats will increase by a bit. I think you already know what those numbers beside your health and mana are." She explains to me.

My HP now is 115. If I remember correctly, my previous HP is 110. On calculations, it increases by 5. It's probably the same for my MP which becomes 55 now.

After that, the screen just disappears. "Oh and also, when time passes and your HP and MP is full, it will automatically close" She says to me then before she flies to my shoulder, I ask her something.

"What are the glowing spots earlier on the slimes?"

"Ohh yes, I forgot about that." She says to me.

"Okay, remember our previous tutorial about stats?" She continues and I nod after she asks me.

"Accuracy and Knowledge is what we didn't tackle since as what I said that time, 'Experience is better than explanation'. You already experience it so check your stats." She says to me then flies over the menu icon on my right.

I tap it and slide my hand to the right on the screen to access Character. I look at my stats and it has my previous stat plus the increase stat after I level up. My HP and MP increases by 5. My Power by 2 and for some reason, I have additional 10. It must be from my sword, so I have 30 for Power. Speed… doesn't have any increase at all. Same does on my Luck.

"Explanation time! Accuracy is about how accurate you can hit those what-you-called 'glowing spots'. They are actually the Weakness spot of the enemy. Hit, slash, destroy, etc, It's too troublesome to say them one by one" She says to me while having a lazy face at the end.

"Then, Knowledge is about knowing the enemy and its weakness. Every enemy has its name and level and knowing about it is a great tactic to every player" She says to me. It's weird that the slime earlier has no name indicated as what typical RPG is but this game's uniqueness makes it even better.

"As what you see earlier, I have a magic that can pinpoint the weakness of the enemy. That's my magic, ENEMY SCAN. It's a big benefit to know the weakness of the enemy because hitting those deals huuuge amount of damage." She continues as she flies around while explaining. To think about it, hitting those weakness spot is like dealing a 100 percent chance of critical damage.

"Do you get it all now?" she asks while staring at me. I simply nod and close my menu.

"Oh I forgot to mention, go to menu again and click Friends" she says to me. After hearing the word 'friends', I feel kind of disgusted.

"Don't look at me like you're disgusted! Just do it" oh, my thoughts are leaking. I follow what she says and the screen of friends appears. Of course I have none for now but I plan to befriend someone, it's Yulia.

She flies behind me and says, "Don't look! Give me a second"

After a few seconds, there's a 'Friend request' pops out at the center of the screen. I read the name and… It's from Pixi. Another weird feature that came to my mind, Pixi is a NPC but she sent me a friend request?? Now I start to doubt something

She returns back and she looks very happy. "Hey! Accept it already. I will explain the benefits of having friends" She says to me.

I click accept and now I have 1 friend. "Now what?" I ask to her.

She flies to my shoulder then says, "Let's hunt some slimes!"

I nod and adventure around. After a few seconds, I see some group of slimes far ahead. Not gonna lie, but with this flat and rocky terrain, it's so easy to spot some enemies. As I walk towards the slimes, they suddenly have a name and level. Mostly they are level 1 but two of them are level 2. I also notice that I can already spot where their core is! I slowly stop then look at Pixi.

She giggles, "I can share my Knowledge to you when we are near to each other. But that's all what 'friends' do. Now let's complete your side quest!" She exclaims which makes me fired up and charge towards the slimes.

I one by one slash the level 1 slimes since they're easier to kill. I didn't notice that one of the level 2 slimes jumps behind me. I can feel the tickling pain at my back and It's bothering me having blind spots behind me. I slash a slime while turning around but I didn't hit its core. It flies away a bit and the health bar on its top decrease by about 80 percent. I check my health and it only decreases by 3, nothing much to think about.

The full health one charges at me. I dodge to the left and after it lands in front of me, I took the opportunity to stab its core. As expected, I defeated it in one hit. The last one seems just bouncing on its same spot so I decide to walk towards it and stab it. I loot every slime balls and now I have 14 out of 20. I'm slowly getting used on how to put items to my inventory.

I still need six more slime balls so I return back to my old spot earlier and luckily, there are six slimes there. I walk nearby and determine that four of them are level 2 and the rest is level 1. I focus on what to do and challenge myself to not take any damage. I rush towards and slash one level 2 slime to its core.

"Level increase, you're now level 3" ahhh the catchy ringtone from earlier. I didn't bother looking at it and I bet I leveled up again.

The killed slime earlier alerts the other slimes so they charge at me. I back-step and slash them one by one. Even if I focus, I often miss to hit their weaknesses. My power increase from level upping but it still doesn't one-hit kill the level 2 slimes. I slice them one more time and they are all slaughtered now. I really didn't take any damage.

I loot the slime balls and after picking the 20th one, the side quest screen shows up. My quest updates to "Bring them to Hefesto".

"Finally! We're done killing. How does it feel, Apho?" Pixi suddenly says while flying in front of me. I put my sword back to its scabbard. It just feels so comfortable when I have my sword on my waist.

I don't even feel tired after all that running and swinging my sword. "Feels nice for the first time moving a lot" I answer to her question. I actually almost forgot that I am playing on virtual world and not actually real world.

"Well it's because your MP aka your Stamina keep replenishing after you level up. We are actually done with basic fighting tutorial so let's head back to the kingdom" She says to me. I just nod then she flies to her usual spot.

Killing is actually more fun in action.

-To Be Continued

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