94.44% The World Of Ascathia / Chapter 13: "The Sorcerer Lord and a silver haired beauty."

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Chapter 13: "The Sorcerer Lord and a silver haired beauty."

Chapter 01, Part 12 (last part) "The Sorcerer Lord and a silver haired beauty."

A few minutes have passed since Aksul used the skill "ultimate slash" and completely eliminated all the undead and necromancer, suddenly a magic gate appears in front of them and a fearful aura starts to appear.

Aksul and Corrupti hide in a house behind him, it will give them a bit of minutes to prepare themselves against the boss.

Why are they hiding? Aksul doesn't have a weapon now to protect himself, he could rely on Corrupti but she can't handle all the boss by herself for alot of time.

And from here starts the powerful battle between The Corruption Dragon Emperor and The Sorcerer Lord.


[Location: C Ranked Dungeon]

[Time: 10:56AM]

[Undead Giant eliminated! XP received: 900 XP, money received: 60 silver coins, items received: 1 item received.]

Aksul: [Why is it so late? Nevermind.]

Suddenly a magic gate opens in front of them.

They have a good distance between them and the gate.

An evil and fearful aura starts to rise and come closer.

Aksul: "Tsk, that nasty aura is coming, and I don't have a weapon."

Aksul: "Oi Rupti! Let's hide in one of the houses behind us."

Aksul and Corrupti run to a random house behind them on the left.

Aksul sits in the dark corner with Corrupti.

Aksul: "We are fine for a few minutes thanks to your masks that suppress our auras."

Corrupti: "Yeah."

Aksul: [Oi Liza, can't you search for a good longsword in the inventory?]

Liza: [Searching...]

Liza: [Search complete, most of the swords you have are common and uncommon, still there is a fusion function.]

Liza: [Are you interested?]

Aksul: [Tell me what does it do quickly.]

Liza: [Yes, Fusion function allows you to fuse items together to create a one better, though it sometimes require side-materials such as tier crystals and equipment materials.]

Aksul: [I see, then it must have a percentage of success and failure right?]

Liza: [Indeed.]

Aksul: [should I use it or not?...]

Aksul: [I don't have time, quickly Liza, use it to make me a good sword.]

Liza: [Since you don't have side-materials the percentage of succeeding is lower than 50%, are you sure you want to continue?]

Aksul: [Hmm... Just do it we don't have enough time.]

Liza: [Fusing swords.... 80% complete.]

Liza: [Fusing sword...]

Liza: [Fusion failed due to the less amount of side-materials.]

Aksul: "Fuck!"

Corrupti: "Hurry up, the boss is almost here."

Aksul: "I don't have a weapon, damn it, I don't think I can fight him with my strength only."

Aksul opens his stats tab to check his stats.

Stats: [

Intelligence: 33

Strength/Physical Abilities: 57

Defense/Durability: 43

Magic power: inf-/null.

Agility: 52

Stealth: 11

Sense: 25




You have 44 stats points left. ]

Aksul: [Wait what? My strength and defense was upgraded? How is that possible, I didn't even spend a single stat point.]

Liza: [During your fight with the undead and when you used the ultimate slash, you gained experience and strength too.]

Liza: [Its basically like doing push-ups, you don't have to spend points but you will get more strength points.]

Aksul: [Even intelligence and Agility too?]

Liza: [Indeed.]

Aksul: [Wait... Liza, did I unlock the shop?]

Liza: [Indeed you did.]

And he appears...

The Sorcerer Lord, one of the strongest magic monsters in all of the dungeons, he's the size of 20x humans, he wears a dark robe and on his shoulders skulls like the elder Skeleton had but way bigger and it had a blue fire lit inside of them, he uses a Legendary tier weapon and its magic staff.

He has two demon like horns on his head and his back doesn't have skulls. He belongs to the ogres race, but he's different from the ogres Celestial Thearch created.

[The Sorcerer Lord - Level 100 - HP: 1750]

The Sorcerer Lord: "You filthy humans hiding somewhere like innocent people after massacring my servants."

The Sorcerer Lord: "I will show you the power of the Sorcerer Lord!"

Hits the ground with his staff causing the ground to shatter but luckily the ground below them was made from not normal stone, it was made from a magic stone which is way more durable than the normal stone.

Corrupti: "Oi Aksul what are going to do? We can't beat him with our normal powers, this guy is level 100."

Aksul: "I have an idea but it's going to take a little bit of time, can you go and distract him until I finish?"

Aksul: "Enhance your armour with your magic, so that will boost your speed and defense. I will be done within few minutes."

Corrupti: "Alright but please come as soon as you can."

Aksul: "Don't worry, I will."

Corrupti leaves the house and stands in front of the sorcerer lord.

Sorcerer Lord: "Huh? You dare to stand in my presence and not paying respect?"

Corrupti: "Shut up you garbage looking giant."

Sorcerer Lord: "I will make you regret living.. Where's the other one? My servants reported there was 4 humans, 2 in the back spying and 2 fighting."

Corrupti: "Huh, why I would tell you that you garbage looking shit."

Sorcerer Lord holds his staff and points at Corrupti and the staff starts to glow.

Sorcerer Lord: "Regret your actions in the abyss you bitch."

Huge fireballs were shot at Corrupti but it was an easy task for her.

Corrupti first dodges the coming on the left by going to the right very fast.

Then the next one coming on the right, Corrupt dodges her by flipping over it and landing successfully on the ground.

She dodges the last one by doing a horizontal slide below it easily.

Sorcerer Lord: "Ho ho? I guess you aren't that bad, but can you dodge those guys?"

Sorcerer Lord points at the ground and summons 2 giants.

Sorcerer Lord points his staff at Corrupti and says: "Kill her."

Both of the giants start running towards her and Corrupti starts running to them.

The first giant tries to hit Corrupti with his hand, he slams the ground with his hand, Corrupti dodges it by going to the right of it and she gets up on his hand cuts its.

The first giant's hand fall off to the ground.

Then Corrupti jumps on his shoulders and stabs him in a vital spot in the neck.

The first giant dies and falls to the ground.

The second giant gets scared and starts bashing at Corrupti with his full speed.

Corrupti dodges it by jumping higher than him and charges her speed, she lands to the ground and once the giant looked at her, she have disappeared.

She appears in front of his face and she turns 360 degrees and slits his neck open.

The second giant falls to the ground leaving Corrupti with a victory on both of the giants.

Corrupti: "Huff.. Huff is that all you got?"

The Sorcerer Lord: "You bitch! You leave me no choice."

The Sorcerer Lord points his staff at Corrupti, it starts to glow with the colour blue.

And then he swings his staff horizontally releasing a massive blue fire ball.

He called that fire "Inferno".

Corrupti: [Tsk, I can't dodge this one, I have to use my real power.]

And in literally seconds, Aksul appears in front of Corrupti and swings his hand horizontally creating a huge amount of wind that blows away the inferno fire ball.

The Sorcerer Lord: "What? He dispersed my inferno fire ball with just a swing of his hand?"

The wave of air fades away.

Aksul: "It looks like you guys are having fun eh."

Corrupti: "How did you do that?"

Aksul: "I will tell you later, for now (turns around and faces sorcerer lord) I have to deal with this guy."

Aksul moves his left foot and in matter of seconds he disappears and he shatters the ground below him.

Corrupti: "He disappeared?!"

Sorcerer Lord in a shocked way: [No, I didn't see him do the teleportation magic, that's only his pure spe-]

Aksul appears in front of his face and punches him so hard that The Sorcerer Lord hits the city wall and shatters it.

Sorcerer Lord: "GWHAH!"

[The Sorcerer Lord - Level 100 - HP: 837]

Corrupti: "No way... He dealt almost 1000 damage in just a single punch?"

Liza: [Master Aksul strength, Durability, sense and Agility have been upgraded by 200 points.]

Corrupti: [How?!? How did he do that?]

Liza: [After you left the house and started fighting, master Aksul bought 800 stat points by using the shop provided in my system and upgraded his stats.]

Corrupti: [I see but how much did he spent?]

Liza: [a single stat point costs 10 silver coins, so he spent 8000 silver coins, the remaining silver coins he haves is 11,947 silver coins.]

Corrupti: [He spent alot but now he's really strong.]

Aksul talking to sorcerer lord: "What's the problem? Is that all you got?"

Sorcerer Lord falls to the ground in pain.

Sorcerer lord: (coughs blood) "You... Impossible, I, The Sorcerer Lord shall not be defeated by someone like you!"

Sorcerer Lord: "I'm gonna use my trump card and we will see who's gonna cry and begs for mercy."

Sorcerer Lord holds his staff up in the air and says: "SUPREMACY MAGIC: METEOR SHOT!"

And... A meteor appears in the sky with the same exact size of the city.

Aksul looks at the ground to check if the two strangers are still here.

Fortunately they ran to forest.

Aksul goes with ultra speed and picks up Corrupti, he then jumps so high they the whole city's ground is fully shattered.

Both of them are now higher than the meteor.

Aksul: "he's planning to kill us with him, still it won't affect him since he's going to be resurrected thanks to the dungeon system."

Corrupti: "O-o-kay."

Aksul: "What's the problem?"

Corrupti: "Nob-b-body ever held me like that."

Aksul was carrying her the Princess carry style.

Aksul: "I guess I'm lucky to take the first time eh, wait here for a second, I will finish this quickly."

Corrupti uses levitation magic to levitate.

Aksul disappears and appears below the meteor by few meters.

Aksul holds the grabs the meteor and says: "Here, you can have your pet rock back!"

And he throws it back at the Sorcerer Lord.

Sorcerer Lord: "No... No.... NOOOOO!"

The meteor hits the ground and kills the Sorcerer Lord with its explosion.

(Aksul's UI)

[Sorcerer Lord Defeated! XP Received: 12000 XP, Money received: 50 gold coins, items received: 9 items received.]

[Dungeon have been cleared, cleaning terrain space...]

The terrain below Aksul that have been destroyed by the meteor is turning to a normal empty grass land.

[Terrain re-generated successfully.]

Aksul goes to Corrupti and he carries her to the ground.

Corrupti: "Its done huh."

Aksul: "Yeah."

[Dungeon rewards have been sent to your inventory.]

Aksul grins at Corrupti and says: "Let's go home!"

They both start walking and chatting peacefully after a tough battle.


[Location: The gates of the region of Corruption.]

[Time: 1:07 PM]

Aksul is currently chatting with Corrupti and they are almost inside of the tower of corruption Region when suddenly Aksul sees something with the silver colour behind a tree.

Aksul: "Hey Rupti, look there (points)."

Corrupti: "Huh what's that."

Aksul: "Let's go check it out."

Both of them run towards the silver thing.

Aksul looks at it.

Aksul: "It's a blanket?"

Corrupti: "No you dumbass there's someone below it."

Aksul removes the blanket off the person's face below it.

They see a silver haired girl which looks like the same age as Aksul.

Aksul: "It's a girl.. WAIT DON'T TELL ME?!?"




To be continued.

NothTard NothTard

Thank you for reading, this is the end for chapter 01, I'm going to take a little break for three days, I'm going to read a novel that will help me alot with my writing skills.

The first part in chapter 02 will be released at my bday which is 30th, July.

Thank you for understanding.

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