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33.33% The Young Alpha / Chapter 6: Overbearing Beta Part 2

Overbearing Beta Part 2 - The Young Alpha - Chapter 6 by Lioness_Keya full book limited free

Chapter 6: Overbearing Beta Part 2

Beta Shawn POV


She's been disobeying me since we met and now she's going to pay for it. I feel my wolf, Kongol, taking over, he's really taking a liking to her. He couldn't keep his hands off her in the Mall or the Ball! Maybe because she looks sooo much like our late mate, our Naeomi. It's been five whole years since the rogue attack that took our mate from us happened. I felt like dying, a part of me did die. And all of me would've died if I hadn't promised, Naeomi, that I would raise our daughter up to be a strong warrior and smart, independent she-wolf and to keep her safe. 



I wasn't always the doting father that I am today. When she died I was outraged and in total denial, disbelief and despair. I killed 30 rogues by my lonesome, during my berserked bloodlust after I seen the light leave Naeomis' tear streaked eyes. After I knew all of the rogues were dead, Kongol ran and ran and ran, he ran for days with no real direction. And I was too in distress to stop him, the pain was still too raw. We ended up at the Cedar Falls Packhouse in Texas. I was finally able to shift back, Kongol had totally exhausted himself. He was grieving, we both were. I put on some clothes from the wardrobe that was near the front door and mindlinked the Beta here. 


"Beta James, it's Beta Shawn are you near?" He replied immediately, "Yes! Thank the Goddess you're alive, we had no idea what happened! Do you want me to call Alpha DeAndre or..?" he says. "No, I'll do it, thanks." I hang up and go to the Beta Quarters here and phone Alpha DeAndre. After a ring he picks up, "Hello!?" He sounds stressed. "Alpha it's me, I'm... I'm sorry I ran like that, Kongol was in distress and he just fucking ran! I couldn't stop him, I wasn't in my right mind after.." I sniffled, I couldn't say it. I couldn't even say that my Naeomi was gone! I felt tears rolling down my face and I didn't stop them, I didn't want to. 

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I hear Alpha DeAndre sigh deeply on the other end, she was his cousin after all. "I understand Shawn, look we have her.. body here in the infirmary and Toya has Shawnae. But do you know when you'll be.. back?" He asks concern in his tone. I shook my head, my voice breaking, "No..! I just.. I..!" I bawled, "My Nae!" the floodgates opened and didn't close for 30 minutes! Kongol had his time and now it was my turn. And Alpha was on the phone with me the whole time.


I suddenly heard my babygirl crying in the background asking for her mother and I ask that she be put on the phone. "Da.. daddy? Where's m.. ommy?" I take some deep breaths and try to be strong for her, it was one of the hardest things I've ever had to say in my life. "Sweetie, your mommy is with the Moon Goddess now, but she will always and forever be with us okay?" "Okay, Daddy, are you coming home?" she sniffled, she's so strong, just like her mom. "Yes sweetie next week, I have some business to do here in Texas okay?" "Okay, Daddy, love you.." she starts, "To the Moon and back!" I finish. 


I returned a week later, planned and attended the funeral and drank my weight in alcohol every damn day for two whole years. I neglected my daughter and my Beta duties. I was a mess without my mate. It was my daughter who pulled me out of the funk I was in, saying, "Daddy, I don't know who you are anymore!" She said shaking her head with angry, hurt tears in her eyes. "But Mommy came to me in a dream last night and she was sad, sad for you. That you are not keeping your promise to her, to keep me safe!" I perked up at her words hearing about my mate's promise. And came over and kneeled down in front of her resting my hands on her shoulders, "What else did she say Nae?" Her little green eyes widened with love and hope. "She said that you need to move on and be happy again even if it's not with her. That you deserve someone to enjoy your life with. And that she loves you always and forever, that she will love you.." she waited, "To the Moon and back." I finished. I hugged my daughter and made a promise to her to be a better father and try to find her a good mother. 


I tried attending the 'mateless' Balls every year, near and far seeking for a chance to find my second chance mate. But I always came up empty. I've tried dating sites, night clubs, bars, underground fighting events, amusement parks, everything but as always nothing. I've only ever been with my mate and never dated so I didn't really know where to start. Of course I had females throw themselves at me. But I never liked the easy type I have to have total control, complete obedience, like with my Nae. She knew what I wanted before I knew I wanted it. That's how I wanted, no needed my new mate to be. 


During my two year wallow in my self pity stint, I got demoted from being Beta by Alpha DeAndre. "You need to get better financially, physically, mentally and emotionally before I can trust you to be my second in command again." I had to prove myself to regain my title back. So I did and became a better man and father because of it. I trained harder, found a job and was there every moment that my daughter and my pack needed me to be. 


Then one day I'm driving and see this beautiful lady walking out of the school that resembles my Nae! I had to talk to her, so I pulled up along side her and asked her out, said said, Yes and you know the rest. I smelled her and touched her but it wasn't the same as with Naeomi. And she was stubborn, absentminded, disobedient and talked way too comfortably to other men in my presence and in my opinion. She needed to be punished and punished she will be.



She looks terrified as she sees me coming to her, I pick her up, closing Shawnae's door and walk down stairs to my room. "Please, please Beta Shawn please don't do this! I don't want this, I don't want to do this!" She pleads continually. I stop right outside my bedroom door, looking at her ominously, "So, am I to just let you talk freely to other men in my presence? Let you get away with not respecting my title and just do Nothing while you deliberately disobey me!?" 


She looks completely shocked at all my accusations of her. Tears ruining her makeup, lipstick smudged all over her face, hair a mess and the look of the pure innocence that she is. She really looked at a lost for words, "I honestly had no idea I offended and disobeyed you, Beta Shawn truly I didn't! Please forgive me and allow me to go home pleeease!?" She begged me, sounding sooo much like Naeomi did when we first met. My cocks too swollen to let you leave without giving me some type of satisfaction babe. But I have to teach her, just like I taught my Naeomi.


We entered my room, it seems like only yesterday when I held my Nae just like this. Bridal style crossing the threshold in our future. I had so many freaky fantasies I wanted to try out and after having Nae, I know what I like. "Beta Shawn please there's only one thing I've wanted to do since as long as I could remember and that was to stay a virgin until I'm married. Please, please don't take that away from me please..!" She sobs uncontrollably and without care. I understand now why she begs and because she isn't our second chance mate, Kongol respects her wishes. I on the other hand will do everything else but that. I won't touch her pussy, but that ass is MINE! I have to show her that she is Mine and she Will obey me without question! 


She's shocked as I rip her dress off and throw her on the bed, take my clothes off and climb on the bed between her legs ripping off her bra. "It's been five years Abijah since I've eaten and I am famished!" I rub up her legs, caressing and massaging her calves and thighs, I can smell her arousal. Her scent is of rosemary, lilacs and a hint of something spicy. I've been dreaming of tasting her since she said Yes! My cock is as hard as a rock, in due time, it's all in due time. 


I take off her earrings and necklace and place them on my end table. Held her hands in mine and put them above her head, holding them in one of mine. I love how it pushes up her tits. I look her in her eyes and tease her hardened nipple with my tongue. She moans, hmmm, it'll be better if she moans my name though. So she knows who she belongs to. I smirk, "What. Is. My. Name. Abijah?" I licked her with every word. She shivers, "B..Beta Sh..awn!?"


It's been too damn long since I've enjoyed a woman, so I'm savoring her. I suck her whole right breast in my mouth, swirling my tongue on her nipple, playing with it. Her moans are amazing but she's still disobeying me. I release her tit, "That sounded like a question Abijah, Not an Answer! We have alllll night baby. Now what's my name?" She looked like she was having a brain fart. And I was growing impatient, I lift up her leg and rest it on my arm and spank her hard three times on her ass. She cried harder turning her head, hiccups and says,




"Good and who do you belong to Abijah?" Her teary eyes widened, she looked so good,


"I don't like to repeat myself" I spanked her again, hard, "Abijah!" She looked like she was almost defeated. But she grits her teeth, not saying anything, looking defiant suddenly. It pissed me off, okay two can play that game. I kissed down her abdomen to her clit and without warning sucked it like I was trying to suck the life from her. She shuddered and thrashed and squeezed her little brown legs around my face. I let go of her hands to play with her tits and she started pummeling me with her tiny fists! Screaming, "I'm Not Yours! And I Never Will Be!" Over and over again. I chuckled, such disrespect, such defiance. Okay you asked for it. I made her unwillingly cum 3 times with my tongue, still not saying my name! 

I grab her hair pulling her towards me, "You have such a disrespectful mouth Abijah, why don't we clean it up hmm?" She looks confused until I drag her face in front of my cock. Her eyes bulged as she realized what she was about to do. She tried pulling away from me but she has no power at all. Strong willed but a weak human body, she'll break soon, just like my Naeomi did. "Suck my dick, and suck it good!" She closes her eyes and tightens her mouth shut, denying me access! I slapped her ass hard until she opened up for me. I think it was around 30 hits! She cried and mumbled her lips quivering but eventually she caved.

"Now open wide, and if you bite me, I'll tie you up, get my belt and whip the skin off you, do I make myself perfectly fucking clear, Abijah?" She has that almost defeated look in her eyes, but nods. "Good girl, now suck it like it's the best tasting dick in the world and use your tongue too. Kiss it first, show it some respect!" With tears steaming endlessly down her face she kisses it, then starts sucking me off. I'm imagining Naeomi and how good she was. Abijah is actually pretty damn good for a virgin. After awhile I bust one, "Good, now swallow it all!" She does and I throw her back against my bed, which is soaked with her juices, sweat and tears now. I'll have to buy a new mattress soon.

And when I knew she couldn't move, I got up and retrieved my oil from my end table rubbing it on my dick and dripping it in her ass. "I'll show you who you belong to baby! I have alllll night!" She looked terrified but still defiant.. for now anyhow. I grabbed some pillows placing them under her juicy ass and roughly pulled her towards me, guiding my cock where it needed to go. Her eyes looked like they were going to pop out of her head! "No please, pleeaassee..-" her raspy voice was cut short as the head of my dick invaded her asshole. She was so tight I nearly came before I was all the way in! I slowly pushed more and more of myself inside her as she held her breath, her lips quivering, tears streaming down her face staining my sheets.


She trembled violently her head shaking from side to side and screamed at the top of her lungs, as I started rapidly ramming into her relentlessly once all of me was inside of her. My hands on her hip and around her neck, she's fucking PERFECT! "Who do you belong to Abijah!?" I roar, I'm so close now I just need her to say it! Grrrrr she doesn't so I lift up her leg about to spank her and she bellows, "I'M YOURS BETA SHAWN! I'M YOURS! ALL YOURS!" Hearing her say that she was mine, I came inside her. I shook uncontrollably, I grunted and groaned, FUCK! It was better than I expected, better than with.. Naeomi, holy shit I didn't think that was possible! I think.. I'm in love.


"I love you, Abijah!" I breath out wrapping my arms around her and I go to sleep, dreaming about how I finally found someone to take my mind off of my mate..


Abijah POV 


I had to say that I belong to him so he would stop, but I will NEVER BE HIS! My entire body was in pain, it hurt everywhere! It hurt to move, it hurt to breath, it even hurt to blink! My throat felt like a desert and I'm not even gonna talk about my backside. I wish I could disconnect it from the rest of my body if it's gonna cause me this much pain! And its sooo damn hot! Wait.. what did he just say? He loves me.. is this what he calls love?! I need to break it off with him quick, fast and in a hurry! I can't live through another nightmare like this! He wrapped his arms around me, while he is still.. inside of me. I'm pass exhausted, I don't even know when I went to sleep..


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