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100% The Young Artisan / Chapter 2: To be...

To be... - The Young Artisan - Chapter 2 by Dragoman8dragon full book limited free

Chapter 2: To be...

I "awoke" once more in the void this time however I could sense something was different. I could hear someone talking. Hmm...Interesting. oh? a presence is coming this way? No. It's already here. "Oh who might you be? Ah! I see so she finally decided to repay my favor huh? Well whatever I guess we should get started then huh." A voice perhaps I could speak to this voice. "No need to speak lad I can hear you just fine. Now then, Let us begin shall we. I am the ruling god in this world. My name is Fermion. and I'm here to give you a wish!" Hmm... a wish huh? well that's interesting seeing as I kept all of my memories I suppose there isn't much I could wish for except maybe... Hey can you give me a way to train my body into something powerful by this worlds standards? "I can but why would you need such a thing? Do you perhaps plan to fight? r be a powerful king?" god no. I just plan to be a blacksmith of the highest order. As such I need a powerful body and mind. "Then I might have an idea... What about a soul book?" The fuck is that? Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"A soul book is much like a soul weapon except instead of a blade it is a book with infinite pages. In this world you would have gotten your own soul form anyway. Books however are exceedingly rare. Also you shall have two witch is even more rare as your first one is already formed. A blacksmiths hammer and anvil. Your just full of surprises." Wait... wouldn't I have three then? "No. the anvil and hammer are one piece. Much like a bow and quiver. Anyway inside the book there will be three sections. Ore's and materials, Lava body arts, and designs. The first two will be complete upon you receiving the book the third though is for you to fill in as you see fit." Hmm...interesting. Lava body arts hmm? Is it for combat? "Yes and no. Lava body art is focused on giving a man a dragons skin. Increasing your elemental resistance. But that only starts at the third stage. For the first two it only gives a slight boost in strength, stamina and mental fortitude. It's one of the strongest body arts there is. However it is a hellish one to follow at first. and as such no one really makes it into the first circle or they would have realized their strength endurance and fortitude increased by around 20%. of your base starting point."

I see so I need to have a strong body before I practice this art to see the full effects? "Yes that's right. Your people have their own way of strengthening their bodies yes? Just do that until you barley improve. So right around... 18 should be when you can use this art. Anyway there are 3 main gods. Me the god of creation. My wife Dramula or destruction. and our twin children a shape shifter pair." What is she...He? God/Goddess of? "Oh that? Curiosity and neutrality. The art of knowing what you want and are. Of self really. They represent being both what you want to be and what you need to be. Two sides to the same coin really. Karma and Luck. Luck is my son Karma is my daughter." Ah I see. That makes sense I suppose. "Now I must be going. Have a good time of this whole new life thing Pray to any of us if ya need to good day!" Well that was...Interesting to say the least.

Now i don't know how long it's been sense I was conceived but Recently I started to feel warmth and I could hear more like my own heart beat. Which is fine, I've been meditating to train my mind while also learning anything and everything I can from This book. Ah! Right my could book came moments after he left. It's cover is simple leather with no golden embroidery or design. It's plain and extremely comfortable to hold the pages do not stick together and it appears to have very little weight. When I asked about this he said that's because of me. I Didn't want something pretty I wanted something practical, So that what it became. So did the Hammer an anvil, Plan looking yet strong as can be.

Ever sense I'd gotten the book I'd been reading it. Learning all about the world and it's ores and how to forge them, where to find them...You get my drift. I also learned that this world is a world of magic and partial cultivation. While you cant become an immortal like in those stories I've read you can become extremely powerful. And magic beast exists on this world as well as demi humans. Which I find interesting as I'm sure that all of the different races have their own forging methods so I'm quite curios to learn them. Ah! the book doesn't contain those thing's that interesting... Bastard probably left them out so i would have to learn them on my own. Bah! doesn't matter. Back to the book...Dragons, Hell hounds, Demons, Devils(Yea there is a difference), wyverns, sea serpents, and even sky serpents as they call them. We know them as Chinese dragons. Now there are many things I could explain but who would I be explaining them to? My fucking self, Nah I'm good. Ah! also I've picked up on this worlds language and it seems my mother and father have decided to name me, Fern Magnis. Quite the interesting name they've gone and given me don't you think so? Well that doesn't really matter is that Its getting really close to my time of birth. This will be quite interesting. I wonder will I be handsome? will I be ugly? Royal, or Peasant? Ruler, or Ruled?

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