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100% THESE FEELINGS(Kim Taehyung FF) / Chapter 57: Epilogue

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Chapter 57: Epilogue


I woke up and as I opened my eyes Taehyung was not beside me.

Y/N : "Where did he go?"

I heard some noises coming from downstairs.

I got up went to the bathroom, did my morning routine and went downstairs.

I saw Taehyung but his back was facing me so he couldn't see me so I went towards him and wrapped my arms around his waist.

Taehyung : "Hey, Good Morning sweetie!"

Y/N : "Good morning!"

He turns around and gave me a peck on my lips.

I smiled.

Y/N : "What are you doing?"

Taehyung : "I woke up early so I thought why not make breakfast."

Y/N : "Awww that's so sweet of you."

I hugged him.

Taehyung : "Okay so let's eat first, You remember Irene and Yoongi are going to leave Sojin here today."

Y/N : "Oh yes! they are going to visit someone."

Taehyung : "Let's eat before they come, we are already late it's 11:00 am."

Y/N : "Oh Okay"

We had breakfast and were almost done doing dishes when the door bell rang.

Taehyung : "Oh it must be them, I'll open the door."

Y/N : "Okay"

I removed the gloves and came out from kitchen.

Irene : "Hey Y/N!!"

Y/N : "Hi, Hey Yoongi! How are you guys?"

Yoongi : "We are good, Sojin say hi"

Sojin : "Hello!"

Y/N : "Hi Sojina!"

Taehyung : "Hey buddy!!"

Sojin looked at Taehyung and gave him a big smile.

Sojin : "Uncle Tae!!"

Taehyung picked Sojin up in his arms.

Sojin : "Uncle Let's play sword fighting!"

Taehyung : "Okay let's go!!"

Irene : "Sojina Don't be too naughty."

Sojin : "Yes mom!"

Taehyung and Sojin went outside.

Irene : "Thank you so much Y/N and I am sorry for disturbing you guys like this all the time but Sojin loves to play with Taehyung. He says Taehyung is his favourite Uncle and he is the only one who can handle this naughty kid after us."

Y/N : "No need to apologise, It's Saturday we both are free from work and I love to see Sojin and Taehyung play together. You guys know Taehyung loves being with kids and Sojin is a lovely child."

Yoongi : "Thank you Y/N and say thanks to Taehyung too, We will be leaving now. See ya!"

Y/N : "Bye! Take care."

Irene : "Bye! We will be back before 6pm."

I nodded my head and waved at them. They left and I went into the kitchen to finish washing remaining dishes.


Now Taehyung and Sojin were playing video games while sitting on the sofa and I was just scrolling through my phone sitting with them.

Y/N : "Oh! I have to make Lunch. Sojin what do you want to eat?"

I didn't get any answer coz both of them were super engrossed in the game.

Y/N : "Sojin?? Taehyung???"

Again no answer so I just unplugged the TV.

Taehyung and Sojin : "Nooooooo....."

Y/N : "I was asking for lunch."

Sojin : "But I was winning."

Taehyung : "No I was winning"

Sojin : "No I was."

Y/N : "Oh god! stop fighting.....Taehyung are you a child?"

Sojin chuckled.

Y/N : "Now tell me what do you guys want to eat?"

Taehyung : "Let's go outside for Lunch."

Y/N : "Outside?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Sojin : "Yayyyy!!! outside"

Taehyung : "Ya let's go!"

Y/N : "Okay then let's go."

We went out in a restaurant.

We had our Lunch and were waiting for the bill.

Y/N : "Sojin you have something on your face here let me clean it for you."

I picked up a tissue and cleaned it.

Taehyung : "I have something on my face too."

I took the tissue and gave it to him.

Y/N : "Then clean it."

Taehyung made a pout and Sojin and I laughed.

Waiter : "Excuse me! Today we are clicking family pictures of our customers for free. Do you all want to click a family's picture?"

Taehyung : "Actually we -"

Sojin : "Yes! let's click a picture together. I have pictures with mom and dad but I don't have any pictures with you guys. I want one."

Taehyung and I looked at each other and smiled.

Y/N : "Okay then let's take a picture."

Waiter : "Okay please smile!"

We all smiled. He took the picture.

Then we decided to go to the park for sometime.

Taehyung really loves being around children and I am sure he will be a really good dad but we never actually had a conversation about having a child. I don't know if we are ready for that but watching him with Sojin, I sometimes feel as if Sojin is our own child.

Then after all that we finally reached home and Sojin fell asleep as soon as we came home. He must be tired.

Taehyung : "I'll go and put Sojin in bed. It's cold here he can't sleep on the sofa."

Y/N : "Okay then I'll make us some coffee."

He nodded and went upstairs.

I heard the door bell ringing. I went and opened the door.

Y/N : "Hey! you guys are back."

Irene : "ohh it was so tiring."

Y/N : "Come inside, I will make coffee for you guys."

Yoongi : "Thank you Y/N.....Where is Taehyung and Sojin?"

Y/N : "Oh Taehyung went upstairs to put Sojin in bed he fell asleep. We went outside to have lunch then went to the playground so he became tired."

Irene : "He must've irritated you guys a lot."

Y/N : "No not at all, We had so much fun."

Yoongi : "Oh here comes Taehyung."

I saw Taehyung coming down the stairs but suddenly my vision started blurring and everything started spinning around then everything blacked out.





I woke up and saw a Doctor sitting beside me and as I turned to my left I saw Irene there.

Irene : "How are you feeling now?"

Y/N : "I am okay just a bit headache."

Irene : "Doc is everything okay?"

Doctor smiled looking at me.

Doc : "Everything is good. Both Baby and the Mother are absolutely fine."

Wha...What??? I looked at Irene and her mouth was opened in surprise.

Y/N : "What baby?"

Doc : "You don't know you are pregnant?"

Y/N : "What? No I don't I...I...."

Doc : "Okay then congratulations!!"

Irene : "Oh My God! Oh My God! Thank you so much Doctor, Thank You!!"

Doc : "Your welcome now I am leaving."

The Doctor left.

Irene : "Congratulations!! Y/N you are going to have a baby. OMG! I am so happy for you."

She hugged me.

Y/N : "Thanks but.....I feel weird."

Irene : "Weird? why? do you feel sick or something? Should I call the doctor?"

Y/N : "No not that it's just...*sigh*...I mean I feel nervous, scared, excited and happy all at the same time. I don't know if we are ready for this."

Irene held my hand and sat beside me.

Irene : "I am confident that you guys will be great parents. You know what Sojin told me last night?"

I shook my head.

Irene : "He said 'Mom! Sometimes it feels as if Uncle Tae and Y/N noona are my 2nd parents. They are just like you guys or better.' "

We both chuckled.

Irene : "I have seen you guys with Sojin and trust me you guys take care of him as your own child. I am sure you guys will be amazing parents. Don't worry everything will be fine and you always have me and Yoongi."

Y/N : "Thank you so much Irene! it means a lot."

Irene patted my head.

Irene : "Okay now I am going downstairs to tell this to Taehyung. I am sure he'll be very happy."

I nodded my head.

*Taehyung's POV*

Taehyung : "What if the food in that restaurant was bad? Should I sue them?"

Yoongi : "Taehyung calm down. You and Sojin ate that food too but you guys are okay."

Taehyung : "Then...."

I saw the doctor coming down.

Taehyung : "Doc how is she? What happened?"

She smiled.

Doc : "Don't worry everything is good."

Taehyung : "Then why did she fainted?"

Doc : "Are you her husband?"

Taehyung : "Yes I am."

Doc : "I think you should ask her this yourself."

The doctor left.

I looked at Yoongi and saw him smiling.

Taehyung : "Why didn't she tell me? Should I sue her too?"

Yoongi : "Shut up! and go to Y/N."

I was going to go upstairs when I saw Irene.

Taehyung : "Irene how is she? what happened?"

She smiled and looked at Yoongi then me.

Irene : "Congratulations! You are going to be a Dad soon!"

Taehyung : "Wh.....What?? A Da...Dad?"

Irene : "Yes Y/N is pregnant."

Yoongi : "Congratulations! bro!!"

I couldn't believe what I heard just now.

Yoongi : "Now go!"

Taehyung : "Huh? oh yes!"

*Irene POV*

Taehyung almost ran upstairs.

Yoongi was going to follow him.

Irene : "Where are going?"

Yoongi : "To congratulate Y/N and Taehyung together."

Irene : "No let them be alone for sometime."

*Y/N's POV*

I was sitting on the bed with one hand on my belly.

Y/N : "Hey there!"

Suddenly I heard the door slamming open revealing Taehyung.

I didn't know what to say so I just smiled. I suddenly felt emotional and tears started forming in my eyes.

Taehyung came near and sat beside me.

Taehyung : "Are you feeling okay?"

I nodded my head.

I can see tears in his eyes too.

Taehyung : "I am....I am really very happy. Thank you so much!"

He hugged me and hugged him back.

Y/N : " I am really happy too. I hope everything will be good."

Taehyung : "Of course everything will be great! We will make everything everything great."

I nodded my head and Taehyung kissed me.

Taehyung : "What do you want our kid to be Human or Vampire?"

Y/N : "I really never thought about it before but now that it is happening I think we should let our baby decide what he or she wants to be."

Taehyung : "You are right. I don't care whatever it is, I just want to be with you both forever and ever."

Y/N : "Me too....I Love You."

Taehyung : "I Love you even more."

We both chuckled.

Taehyung again hugged me.

It feels as if we are going to start a new life, we have faced lots of ups and downs in our life till now but I hope our future is just filled with Love, Happiness and joy. I just want to have a peaceful life ahead with my family and friends.






Amy_02 Amy_02

Hello Everyone!!

I hope you all are doing great!

Here is the Epilogue I hope you all like it.

Love you all <3 <3 :)

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