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32.43% Time Space User System / Chapter 23: Transcender Ninth Rank, E Ability

Transcender Ninth Rank, E Ability - Time Space User System - Chapter 23 by Billy_Castellanos full book limited free

Chapter 23: Transcender Ninth Rank, E Ability

Once he got teleported, his sight blackened for a moment before it returned shortly. In front of him stood a massive wall with many complexions that Luke became dizzy by just looking at it.

Above the wall exist a high-tech cannon that seems ready to strike at any moment. Suddenly, those dreadful cannons turned their muzzles toward Luke's figure. Luke's body immediately went frigid under those terrifying muzzles. Luke didn't dare to move his body slightest in case the cannon shot a laser or any awful ammunition like a nuclear.

One of the boys who escorted Luke raised his badge and called out, "The boy was under my supervision and already signed a blood track contract."

The cannon didn't move for a while before gradually turned their muzzles into its initial position.

"Let's go." The boy spoke out, and Luke nodded his head blankly. His mind was still muddled by the fact such another world seems to exist on Lark Special Academy. For the outside world, the Lark Special Academy air area was a restricted area. Any planes, drones, and birds that fly above the Lark Special Academy air area would be shot down.

That's why the inner side of the Academy remained secret for a long time. No one ever took a photo of it, and if there exists a photo of it, the person would probably get hunted down by Lark Special Academy personnel.

Passing by the wall, Luke immediately greeted by the sight of a giant fountain where many young people around his age simply sat beside it while enjoying the scenery.

"New student, Amon?" From the fountain direction, a man with a slightly muscular build asked.

"Yes, I'm on the way to bringing him into the test room." The blonde boy who previously raised his badge against the cannon replied.

The blonde boy who escorted Luke didn't say anything again and immediately led Luke to a one-floor building with a silvery wall. The building got a cyber vibe that excited Luke a bit. The building only had one door, and as he entered, Luke felt his body being scanned. That feeling only lasted for a moment before instantly gone.

Upon entering it, Luke sees a spacious huge desk with a woman sitting behind it completely unaware of Luke's group presence. Only after the blonde guy in which Luke assumed named Amon tapped his finger on the desk that the woman finally retract her gaze from the computer she's been working on.

"Hello, how may I help you?" The woman quickly stood up and greeted Luke.

Before Luke greeted her back, Amon replied, "Take us to the test room."

The woman glanced upon Luke's figure after hearing that, "Oh, so you're a new student, huh? That's why I find your face quite unfamiliar."

'Are you wanted to say that you already memorize every student's face?' Luke complained and rolled his eyes inwardly.

"Yes, I already memorize every student's face." The woman suddenly spoke out of nowhere, causing Luke momentarily stunned and coughed in embarrassment.

'Did this girl can read my mind?' Luke sneaks a peek at the girl's face, tries to confirm his suspicion.

"Yes, I can read your mind!" The girl spoke out again, which make Luke flabbergasted.

Luke immediately lowered his head in embarrassment and tried not to look at the girl again in case she read his mind again.

"Her superpower is not mind reading, so you can rest assured," Amon whispered from the side.

'Then how the hell she could know what's on my mind?' Luke thought silently.

Amon didn't explain to him since the girl already left her desk spot and now standing on the right corridor, "Let's go."

Luke silently followed the girl while the two boys respectively walk-on Luke's the right and left side.

Luke's corner of mouth couldn't help twitched upon realizing what's the boys intend. He helplessly said, "Why are you all so cautious about me. I'm not going to lost or go wreck this place." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Amon smiled at Luke and responded with a sigh, "That's the protocol is. If we were caught not doing our work properly, we would get severely punished, and our credit points would be cut off."

"Credit points? What is that?" Luke asked with a confused tone.

"You'd know about it later," Amon responded with a vague answer.

Luke wanted to pester Amon more regarding that matter but stopped when he heard the lady before him speaking, "We've arrived."

Luke looked at the metallic-door in front of him. Above, it was a metallic plate written, "Lark Special Ability Test Room."

The girl placed her insignia above the identification system, and immediately the metal door opened up, showing a pure white room with only a few things present.

"Go inside, I'll not coming along with you," Amon responded after being stared by Luke.

"Hehe, I thought you were going to follow me inside the room." Luke laughed teasingly before entering the room.

Upon entering the room, the metal door immediately closed tightly. The sound from the outside quickly dissipated, replaced by complete silence. If it weren't for Lark Special Academy's great reputation, Luke probably would think that he got kidnapped and trapped here.

Luke began wandering the room aimlessly after not receiving any command. In the room, he found many kinds of weapons like a sword, bow, gun, .. ee what is this? A water gun?

In the end, he took a few gun ammunition and quietly waiting for a command.

In front of him, presents three small white tables with a black ball thing that Luke finds unfamiliar.

Suddenly, the three balls emitted a light that shone throughout the room. The light slowly dimmed, and three elder figures appeared in the form of a hologram.

Their appearance was quite blurry, and it makes Luke harder to describe their features.

Swiftly, Luke rose up from his sitting position and bowed respectfully, "Luke Lewis greeting three seniors."

The three seniors didn't reply nor reprimand him. So, Luke is awkwardly rooted in his bowed position. He didn't know whether his bow was accepted or not. So he didn't dare to stand up, but it wasn't good either if he were to remain at the current position.

Finally, after what seems an eternity, one of the elder figures decided to speak, "Stand up."

Luke quickly stood up from his current position and straightened his back properly.

The two elderly figure who hasn't said anything from the start whispered to each other.

"He's too obedient. I don't like him."

"Hmph! what do you like then? I reckon that once upon you also encountered new students who were quite rebellious. You also said back then that you didn't like him."

"My taste now was different from the past. Now, I simply found it annoying when seeing someone that submissive."

"Stop two of you! I'm present here to watch this new student's ability, not the way you argued with each other. Guess time still can't change people's habits, huh. Even though both of you already old enough, you still bickering with each other like in the past." The elderly figure who previously spoke to Luke scolded another two elderly figures.

He then turned to Luke, "You may begin performing your ability."

Luke nodded his head and began focusing his gaze on the neatly placed bullets before him. After collecting his thought, Luke chanted slowly, "Control."

Immediately, the bullet starts shaking furiously before floated in the air as if something holding onto them.

The bullet floated in the air and started maneuvering in the air leisurely. With his current FP, he could control many bullets with a duration of more or less ten seconds.

The reason Luke choose a bullet was that this what's he capable of presently. If his "Control" rank were higher, he would definitely choose a sword to make his performance cooler.

After performing for around 8 seconds, the bullets start falling down from the air one by one. Luke's forehead is already covered in sweat. Those movement of him were not easy to do with.

The three elders were quite surprised during witnessing Luke's ability. But soon their gaze went disappointed after realizing Luke began sweating profusely.

'It seems this is his limit,' The three elder thought in unison disappointedly.

"Your ability should be called telekinesis, right?" The elder who was wiser than the two elders commented.

"Yes," Luke nodded his head affirmatively. He wasn't lying though, since skill "Control" can be considered as telekinesis. What Luke didn't explain was, this skill of his was only one among many skills he would have later on.

"It's quite great and had a lot of potentials, but it's nowhere great for now. Your telekinesis could only move a small object for now. Therefore, we sadly could only give you a Transcender rank 9 badges with E ability power." The same badge as Amon had suddenly appeared in the elder's palm. He then threw it over Luke, and Luke accepted it whole-heartedly.

He inspected the badge thoroughly and noticed there is a figure of the number nine below the lightning symbol. While on the top of the lightning symbol is exist one letter, that is a letter of "E"

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