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50% Time Traveling World Reshaper / Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Leonides Prescott

Chapter 2: Leonides Prescott - Time Traveling World Reshaper - Chapter 2 by SeamlessBlade full book limited free

Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Leonides Prescott

Luminous light shone as I was reborn in this place called 'Earth'. It felt like I would have to do a big adjustment to this world but that's the fun part about the unknown peaceful world. I need plans that would lead me to smoothly achieving my plans and my main advantage would be my previous memories of the other world. Along with strength, intelligence and wisdom, I have the absolute advantage.

As I woke up, I could hear a crying baby or more specifically me crying as I taste my first breath of this very new world and strangely enough I could only see black and white with my eyes. Is there something wrong with my eyes? My head hurts as well with having many thoughts maybe I should sleep often because that's what a child always does. So I slept, ate and did things that a baby should do for almost three weeks and I can see colors now. That's strange. I thought that my eyesight was impaired or something. What I could say about my parents is that they're pretty normal I guess and their love was warm. I've never felt anything like this back in my other world. This warmth... I feel like crying every time when I feel it but Mom is really scary when she shouts and scolds father even though she is beautiful with her black hair and brown eyes. Father is rather clumsy for someone with a beard and a huge stature though.

Now that I think about it, It is kind of rare that both of them belonged to the army and fell in love with each other although it is quite common for comrades to get quite close after experiencing life and death battles but for a peaceful world like this is just quite rare for it to happen. Maybe it isn't so peaceful at all. Dad was half French and English while Mom was English they both met as a special force in SAS dunno what that means but Mom was superior to Dad at that time and now they're retired. Mom's name was Hannah Mayfield and Dad's name was Adam Prescott.

Looks like I'm in for military discipline when I grow up but I don't think I would comply to that because honorable or not I did everything to survive in a world full of chaos and honor doesn't mean shit when your life is in danger.

As I grow up I started to show great intelligence and wisdom that cannot be found in the child. Speaking at the age of 1, understanding basic things at 5, graduating early at elementary at 7 and high school at 11. I was offered a rather good college called Harvard University. One of the most excellent universities and the hardest to get in.

This is rather normal because I had the advantage of my previous memories and my second blessing 'talent in science' but I didn't just study I also strengthened myself since 5. As I reminisce, In my past life I had 3 masters. One was what you would call a monk in this world and he was called Daoist Tenside. I was his disciple during the war when he came across me lying on the ground. He took me in and taught me the teachings of a Daoist and the balance of strength and how to use it in a single point. We sparred, we fasted, we meditated but until there was a group of robbers that killed him. I still remember that day when I was beaten up. He appeared like pure flowing water. That was a state a monk would achieve during a combat but there is only much one can do in front of many people until they pulled out their guns. They were killed for my sake and from then on I deviated from the path of being a Daoist.

I decided to be a lone wolf during the war and doing everything I can to survive and remembering my training from my master since then I used knives as my main weapon. Remembering the technique of focusing power in a single point, I used it in my flying knives art. For starters, my technique could past through 1 tree which was 4-5 inches thick. Then I trained. I trained. I trained. I trained so hard that I couldn't even lift my fingers and hands. I blamed myself for being weak. So weak that I cursed myself because of me my master was dead. After training, I could use my technique for 100 times and its penetration was 3 times stronger. I was satisfied so I decided to roam and adventure places while gaining experience.

Shortly after 5 months while I was on my adventure I met my second master. That was when I was eating the rabbits that I just hunted and he appears and says "Can I have some, young man?". I fell deep into my thoughts and eventually saying yes. He sits down and thanks me. As I observe him eat he is just... rather so hungry that he might even eat the bones and on top of that he sounds annoying when he chews. He is kinda burly so maybe he's a heavy eater.

After we finished eating he stands up and says "I'm Olvik. Do you want to be my disciple?"

"I'm Leonides and on what basis?" I said. I'm curious as to why I'm being asked to be his disciple.

"On the basis that you treated me well plus you survived pretty well until now," he said

I pulled out my knives and said: "hmmph do you really have what it takes?"

He laughs and says " atta boy. This will be your first lesson"

I sneered and said "Don't blame me if I kill you"

"It would be 20 years earlier for you to say that my 'disciple' " he said while grinning.

"Hmmph, you really think I'm your disciple now huh. Let's cut chitchat" I said Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

I'm quite annoyed by this guy I'll just kill him. Besides, killing is normal in this era of war. I've had my fair share of kills when I was on my journey. People who intended to rob me, kill me, eat me. This is after all survival.

I threw out my knife using the technique unto his head. I think this is fast enough to just kill him, after all, I focused all my power on a single point and threw out at an unbelievable speed.

"Oh, interesting," he said then he dodges by just leaning.

I could tell that right from the bat that this guy isn't normal after all normal humans don't have that kind of reaction speed but I didn't give up. I threw 2 more knives to his left and right and dashed in front of him using the technique while holding a dagger to stab him. He casually slapped my hand then threw out 2 to 3 punches at my face. He then holds out my arm and pulls it while kicking my legs so that I would fall. He then secures my hand unto my back and puts his weight on my back. It is very clear that the gap in the amount of skill and experience was shown. I was overwhelmed and once again I felt that I was powerless.

"So do I have the skills and right to teach you now?" he said while laughing.

He then lets go of me. I stayed quiet sulking about my defeat. I was 20 years old but I was still sulking.

"Come on, kid. It's natural that you lost and that's your first lesson" he said.

"Teaching me won't benefit you and what's the lesson in that?" I said

"Of course it benefits me because you'll have to bring me food now," he said

"WHAT!?" I said

"Of course my lessons ain't free, kid. Oh, and the lesson that I was talking about was that there would be others stronger than you always, kid. You must be a pretty conceited kid because you have that technique of yours" he said while lying on the ground.

"Teach me. I want to be better, stronger, faster and endure more." I said with conviction

He grins and says "It won't easy, kid but I'll make sure I'll instill it into your body"

We then go up unto a hill with a small house situated where he is living his life casually and in that place hellish training started and yes it is fucking hell like why the fuck would he say 500 push ups 500 sit-ups 50km running right of the bat? Then he soon spars with me but it would look more like a beating. After beating me up I would rest for like 30 minutes and do 250 pull-ups. Seriously this guy has few loose screws in his head to give this kind of training and mind you that he didn't allow me to use my technique or he'll beat me to a pulp.

Of course, the payment for all of that was his meals and after doing that for 5 days he gave me a break for 2 days. I rested casually for 1 day and used my technique while throwing the knife at a wall then the wall got destroyed in a small area. So this is the results of my training. I also noticed in my sparrings with him is that he would exploit all of my weaknesses. I should be thankful by hunting a wild boar and finding seasonings for dinner. I then proceeded to hunt and took it back to the hill and cooked it with the seasonings I could find.

While cooking it I could see the grin on his face. Hmmpph he better grateful for this shit. Then after it was cooked we then chomped at it like it was the best thing during the war because we couldn't afford this type of luxury when war raged.

"Stinking kid I didn't have this kind of food for a long time. Hmmp I was right to make you my food provider" Olvik said.

"Old man can't you just be thankful like for once. You ungrateful bastard I'll beat your ass next sparring." I said.

"Alright, then I'll give you special training tomorrow along with that special technique of yours."

We then slept and with our stomachs full and special training started first thing in the morning but before that, I did more pushups and situps while he put a block of square stones on to increase the difficulty. This old man really knows how to get in my nerves. After that, I rested for an hour and we got into a dark cave. A very peculiar one because after we got to the end of the cave was a big circular inside. He then puts the fire out.

"The heck is wrong with you? Why are you putting out the fire?" I said in an angry tone

"Training starts now kid. We'll throw stones at each other now but you'll be using your technique. Be sure to aim good, kid." he said

Then a barrage of stones is thrown out to me out of nowhere. I fucking forgot that I was facing a crazy old monster and now he's throwing a bunch of stones at me this is gonna fucking hurt I guess. I can't see his location on where he is throwing too.

"Kid if you're going to use your eyes in this dark place then you are dead wrong," Olvik said.

Oh now what. Am I suppose to just feel his location? Hmmm wait.. seriously? Ugh, I've got no choice now. I'll try to feel and use my hearing and feeling. I closed my eyes and try to use my hearing and adapt to my new environment.

'Ohhh this kid is quite fast to catch up on what I'm going to teach him eh?' Olvik concluded while he throws out stones.

The training continued for 5 hours and after that, another special training occurred and this while sleeping.

"Now kid sleep while being aware of your surroundings," Olvik said

"If I catch you not being aware I'll throw these stones at you," Olvik added.

I then sat down and began sleeping but after a minute or two, my consciousness seems to fall asleep.

'This kid I just fricking told him to stay aware while sleeping' Olvik was dismayed as he was having this thought. 'Welp looks like I'll enjoy throwing at you every time now' Olvik with the smirk on his face threw stones at his poor disciple Leonides

I felt something hit me and I woke up immediately and this process continued until morning came and I didn't have any sleep.

This hellish training continued for a year and then after my last training master just went on and disappeared for 3 days and leaving a note that something came up and he won't be returning here and that it was best for me to move. What kind of master leaves his disciple in that kind of way anyway? Furthermore, he knocked me out that day.


Unknowingly while Leonides is asleep.

'It been a year since I trained that kid and he's gotten good. He should be able to take care of himself.' Olvik pondered while laying on his bed. As he was just about to close his eyes he felt a strong killing intent he then wakes up at full alert. Leonides notices his master and just when he was about to wake up Olvik knocks him out. He then pulled a pen and paper on his drawer and wrote some notes. Olvik then goes to his cabinet to pull out a knife then he coated it in poison, sheathes it and goes outside.

"I know you're all out there. So are there 100 of you?" Olvik said in a loud voice.

"Ahhh Olvik we've been looking for you! So this is where you were hiding." an unknown voice down the forest spoke back

"Reichert. I knew you would come for me. Let's cut chitchat and let our fist do the talking will ya?" Olvik said in a serious tone.

"In a hurry to die I see. Go get him, boys" Reichert said,

99 people came out of the forest then the men and Olvik then fought in a gruesome melee combat using swords, knives or daggers. Olvik was unmatched while fighting a group of people because he also learned the technique from Leonides. He would then cut off their heads, break their necks, stab their hearts until none of them except Reichert was left out. Olvik was covered in blood with some wounds but it was unclear if it was the blood of his enemies or his blood.

Clap clap clap clap. "You've improved and rather learned a good technique but I've also improved too," Reichert said as he took his shirt off

"Let's get this over with, Reichert" Olvik said as he also took off his shirt.

Both had many visible scars on their chest and back further showing their experience of the gruesome battlefield. They both close their eyes as deadly silence covered the air. Then they opened their eyes both brimming with killing intent that accumulated with the people they killed for a lifetime. Then they both dashed unto each other and deal their first blows unto each other then they continued to have a slugfest using their bodies to feel blow by blow. It was like a pankration in ancient Greece but more gruesome as blood and bruises covered their bodies.

Then they both backed up. Exhausted and not knowing how many bones are broken the take a breather as they move out to a nearby plateau. A fitting graveyard for the death of whoever dies.

"Let us end this in one move, Olvik," Reichert said

"Then get a taste of my technique, Reichert" as Olvik replied

They took out their personal knives. Knives that had accompanied them for many battlefields as they waged war for their countries.

"Why did you have to betray the empire, Olvik?" Reichert asked

"The emperor is sick in the head! Why would he start a war that would kill billions!" Olvik said in an angry tone

"He would've unified the whole world if you had joined us Olvik!" Reichert said in a serious tone

" And what? at the price of billion lives? I never could commit such atrocity." Olvik rebutted

"Then die. Don't think that you're the only one with that technique" Reichert said

"Let's see who shall die," Olvik said.

Using the technique into Olivik's feet he crossed 50 meters in an instant. Reichert also did the same both landing in front of each other. Then with the technique, they used it on their hand using all their power and strength focusing on one point they stab at each other's heart.

Blood splashed and sprayed across the plateau. from both of their backs. It was ridiculous to call it stab it was more like destroying each other's heart as they both left a hole at each other's heart.

'Hmmm I groomed my disciple and he won't die easily all that he lacks now is experience. at least I was able to pass my legacy to you. Stinking brat I'm very sorry I couldn't say a proper goodbye' Olvik said in his mind as his consciousness fades away


I woke up and the first thing that I see is a letter and what's horrible is that I smell blood and dead humans. I got up and go outside and what I see down the hill near the forest was approximately 90 dead men and I was sure that master's body was not in there. Then I suddenly stare at the plateau in the horizon from the hill. I got a feeling that he was there but he did say that he was not coming back. So I didn't check it out because that old fool is strong enough to take care of himself.

As I thought all of that memories and now I'm 11 yrs old, I trained harder. Now that I have more time and there are more important people I need to get stronger. I'll train harder in my techniques and the programs that he also did. I didn't let myself rust without combat so I occasionally spar with my father and mother.

The faster that improve, the better so that I could begin...... Operation Ùine. To time travel the world and begin the shaping of the world..

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