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89.65% Timeless Celestial's Odyssey / Chapter 25: Tides are about to change

Tides are about to change - Timeless Celestial's Odyssey - Chapter 25 by Apprentice4 full book limited free

Chapter 25: Tides are about to change

A huge stocky figure, around 3 meters tall, with mammoth-like tusks, and shining iron needles like fur would have been enough to frighten any commoner but currently, this tremendous chunk of mass was hurrying along, occasionally bumping into trees and causing itself injuries.

The injuries and blood didn't stop this huge boar though, it continued scurrying like a frightened mouse running away from its predator.

A wind blade abruptly appeared in front of its way, if it had continued running, it would receive even more damage than bumping into trees, therefore, the scared Magical beast made the logical choice and stopped in its tracks.

As soon as the boar's gigantic figure came to an unexpected halt to avoid the wind blade, a narrow yet durable 2 meters tall ice spike tore the ground and impaled itself right below the nape of the giant beast.

The boar didn't even have the chance to scream in agony before its consciousness began to fade away. Its eyes reflected the bitter despair it felt during its last moments.

The tip of the massive ice spike that protruded from the head of the panicked beast contained a gleaming gem - the mana core of the magic beast, the cause of its superior strength, and the cause of its bitter death.

'Tch, it's just a Low Grade-2 beast, too dumb, too scared.' Daney, sitting on a branch of a huge triangular tree nearby, juggled 5 such mana cores playfully. One of those cores, light blue in shade was slightly bigger and brighter than the others.

Turning his head to the side, he shouted at the top of his voice, "I've already hunted 1 Mid Grade-2, and 5 Low Grade-2 beasts. The last one was even a pig like you, master. Now give me the last part of the Grade-1 physical manual."

His voice cracked a little due to the extreme injustice and rage he was feeling. Although he knew his talent as a warrior was very bad, he still wanted to give it his all but it wasn't acceptable to Lumien, who believed that instead of wasting time, Daney should focus his time on refining his talent and improving his already strong forte - magic.

The pair of master and disciple made a variety of deals throughout the first six months and in the end, Lumien let Daney do whatever he wanted.

But what even Lumien hadn't expected was that Daney's talent would be so low that it took him 3 entire years, along with the training he already had before the magic affinity test to advance as a Low Grade-1 warrior.

Feeling irritated by the child's antics, Lumien took the manual back and divided it into 3 parts, giving Daney only the first two sets of exercises back and proposing him another deal - that he must hunt 6 Grade-2 magic beasts before his training as a warrior could continue.

Already desensitized by the variety of abuses the little child could hurl at him, Lumien only punished him when he saw him slacking off.

And so within the last 6 months, Daney had amazing results in his magic training. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-odyssey_20261460906777705/tides-are-about-to-change_55535556892882510">;s-odyssey_20261460906777705/tides-are-about-to-change_55535556892882510</a> for visiting.

An amused voice resounded from the top of the tree Daney was sitting at. "Your mouth is still as uncouth as ever, kid. Alright kowtow 81 times and I might just bestow you that last part of the manual."

The casual words, that seemed to be making fun of Daney's passion, triggered his sensitive nerve as he felt tears welling up within his eyes. Moved by the extreme fickle sentiments, he punched the tree with all the strength he could muster.

Before Lumien could come down to tell Daney he was just kidding, Daney's knuckles cracked with a thud.

As soon as Lumien picked up Daney, who was curled up in a ball, trying to avoid crying from pain, Daney lunged at him as he bit his master's forearm, intending to tear a bit of flesh away.

With another hand, Lumien reached within his robe and took out a thin pamphlet, waving it in front of Daney's teary eyes.

Daney quickly snatched it within his hands as he jumped from Lumien's grip and sat down, reading the manual after more than three years.

Lumien looked at Daney silently, feeling weary over the meaningless and illogical conviction of his only disciple. He heaved a silent sigh as he whispered to Daney

"It took you six months to advance from a Low Grade-2 mage to a High-Grade-2 mage. Are you still not convinced you're born to be a legendary mage?"

Daney lightly snorted and replied without even looking back at his master, "I only advanced to High-Grade-2 last week because the Mid Grade-2 fox I hunted was water elemental. I will definitely be a warrior and slap you senseless one day, piggy."

"Ay, sorry, kid. I wasn't a good master to you." Lumien dejectedly said, leaving silently without turning back.

Daney, confused by this sudden change in his master's attitude, followed him but he quickly lost track of the pudgy mage. 'Is he planning to leave me alone? Did I trigger him enough? He was so.. sad.'

Lumien, on the other hand, rested his round physique surrounded by leaves of a bushy tree nearby, 'Heh, this will teach you of my importance, kid. Did you really think I ran out of tricks? You're too green hehe.'


Midnight, Somewhere in the Eastern Part of Forest of Calamity

Two shadows fluttered against the wind and appeared near a dark and dangerous cliff, with a neat and natural mountain cave nearby.

The first shadow was around 7 feet tall and burly, but it was trembling in nervousness while analyzing the sheet in the other shadow's hand, "Chief, are you sure this map is correct?"

"Yes, Danulo, the map is definitely correct but there are some complications. It might take a lot of time to align this old map with the changes in the landscape and landmarks that have occurred over the years." The second shadow, about a foot smaller than the other, replied.

"I'll give it my all, Chief."

"There's no need to waste any more time. I have a plan. Since we need to organize the tri-division meet of the Rohanic tribes soon anyway, we might as well set up a treasure hunt and competition within this area." Hans nonchalantly rolled the pieces of paper, laden in strange runes and symbols, and put it inside his robe.

If Golver was here, he would be pulling his hair madly, as the two leaders somehow managed to find a map and even narrowed down their search area without even needing the paper containing ancient runes that Ryne had informed him about.

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