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67.92% Titan blood - One Piece FanFic / Chapter 35: A Great Show

A Great Show - Titan blood - One Piece FanFic - Chapter 35 by Augustus_D full book limited free

Chapter 35: A Great Show

Sabo when saw Dragon, he immediately hid behind Alexius leaving the group stunned. Something really weird was going on here. But before they could make any assumptions, Dragon decided to speak.

"Don't you want to know why Sabo called you here".

Alexius first looked at Sabo and then at Dragon.

"Wait, wait, wait, I will tell you but we need to go first", said Sabo hurriedly.

"*SIGH*, Sabo it is not that I don't understand your feelings. I have to protect Revolutionary till we are ready to face the World Government and the Chief of Staff going there would make matters worse. Do you really think anything would happen to him with the strongest man in the world and this bother of yours there", said Dragon but Sabo did not back-out. Alexius had a very bad feeling about it.

"Sabo, I want to hear it from you and I want to hear it now".

Then Sabo looked at Alexius, clenched his hands and tears coming out of his eyes.

"Alex, they captured him, they are going to hold a public execution", tears kept flowing out of his eyes, "They are going to execute our brother Alex. We need to go save him, take me with you. I can't just stand around while they make a show of our brother".

It was high noon but it went dark really quick. Everyone could feel it, the ground shaking. BlackHorns just stood there with blanks expressions while revolutionaries were looking around to find the source of trembling but it soon disappeared.

Alexius had the answer but he couldn't just believe what he just heard. So, he asked again with a heavy voice, "Just who are they going to execute".

"ACE, they are going to execute Ace", said Sabo with tears.

The surroundings turned quiet once again. Dragon was waiting to see how Alexius would react. Marines were about to make a show out of this to lure out Whitebeard. From the insider information he got, their real plans were to finish of Whitebeard. They wanted the death of the strongest man to be in the hands of marines to promote their 'Justice'. It still wasn't public information about the capture of Ace and his execution was not public yet. They were making preparations for a huge war before they told the world about it. He went ahead and told this to his trusted people and one of them being Sabo. He knew Sabo was the brother of Ace and so he didn't want to hide this from him. But then he found out that his own son and another boy was brothers with Ace and Sabo.

Now he looked at that boy waiting how he would react; all the revolutionaries were waiting to see it. But what happened next was really unexpected.






They all just started laughing like there was no tomorrow. Even Dragon was not expecting this, but then he understood and had a smile on his face.

"That idiot just went ahead and got captured, RAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA".

"GARARARARARARA, I should do that to someday".


"Sabo, you really don't get it, do you", asked Alexius. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Get what", asked Sabo.

"That idiot just got a front row ticket to watch the destruction of Marineford".


When Sabo heard that he let out a sigh. When he thought about it, there was going to be Whitebeard; The Strongest Man in The World present at the time of execution. Now Alexius and his group would be their too, Ace really had a great show in front of him.

"So, stay with Dragon, I will bring that idiot back".


"Trust me".

Sabo didn't say anything but silently agreed. Then Dragon came ahead.

"Thank you for convincing him".

"It's nothing".

"I always wanted to see you".

"Trust me, me too".

They went ahead and had a small talk and Dragon went ahead to explain how Ace got captured. When they heard it was Blackbeard, a face flashed in Alexius's mind. Then Alexius asked him something.

"Do you know where I can find Whitebeard right now. I need to have a talk with him. Turns out he isn't taking good care of his kids and they are making a mess everywhere", said Alexius while laughing but Dragon got the intent behind it. He then gave Alexius location and his phone number in case The Whitebeard pirates moved from there.

"I owe you a favour for this", said Alexius.

"Consider it paid for helping me out with Sabo".

"We will take my leave now. Can I ask for something else too", said Dragon.

"Sure, go ahead, as long as it's not to over the top".

"I have some things I have to pass on to someone and if I go their personally marines might know and I don't want that to happen, plus the item is really important and trust me it will be on your way to Sabaody too".

"Alright, what's this place?".

"Kuja Island".

"You mean the place called heaven by men".

"HAHAHA, I would say other-wise".

"So, this thing is for the Pirate Empress?"


"Alright, I will help you out".

"We need to leave now, I hope to see you again", said Dragon.

"Alex bring him back", said Sabo.

"Marines should be the one to worry not you".

Then they went ahead and boarded their own ships.

"It's going to be a big mess and the scale of it is going to be huge", said Sera and everyone nodded.

"Captain was right, that Blackbeard guy really made chaos. The war of this scale will surely change the era".

"Marina take us to Kuja island, Drake help her with the sea-kings", said Alexius while passing her the eternal pose.

"What's next", asked Kuina

"I need to make a call, to a friend".

"Who", asked Elene.

"PiruPiruPiru PiruPiruPiru".


"It's been a while, Shanks".


New World.

Two ships were standing alongside each other. One had a red theme while another looked like a whale and was just as big. Marine were observing them from far away, how could they not. It was the second meeting between two Emperors of The Sea. Whitebeard and Red-haired Shanks.

On the deck of Moby Dick, A man with red hair was sitting on the floor with a huge cup of sake in his hand, his name was Shanks. Right in front of him was man, a huge man, 22 feet tall with scars on his chest. He wore a black bandana. This was the strongest man in the world, Edward Newgate or Whitebeard.

"So why have you come again little boy. Last time you came to stop Ace and now you have come again. Don't tell me you want to stop me from rescuing Ace", said Whitebeard with a shout.

"No, I won't stop you from saving Ace. I am here for something else".

"What is it, spit it out already".

"You should be careful".

"GURARARARARA, you are telling me the strongest man, to be careful of marines, since when did you lost your mind Shanks", laughed Whitebeard along with rest of his crew.

"It is not the marines, rather someone else. I can bet he is pissed of right now though he won't show".

Everyone stopped laughing and turned to Shanks. Shanks had a serious look on his face, seeing that even Whitebeard looked at him seriously for once and asked,


"Before Ace even joined you and became your son, he was brother of 3 boys. It's one of them you need to be careful of".

"GURARARARARARA, are you warning me about some snot-nosed brat Shanks and here I thought you were supposed to be the smartest of us four. Are you trying to warn me that some snot-nosed brat will come to teach me how I should handle my sons"?

"Name of that snot-nosed brat is..."

"PiruPiruPiru PiruPiruPiru"

"Speak of the Devil".


"It's been a while, Shanks".

Augustus_D Augustus_D

Hello Everyone,

I hope you like the chapter, do let me know in the comment section along with any suggestions you might have.

Thank you,


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