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94.33% Titan blood - One Piece FanFic / Chapter 49: The Strongest Man In The World

The Strongest Man In The World - Titan blood - One Piece FanFic - Chapter 49 by Augustus_D full book limited free

Chapter 49: The Strongest Man In The World

Alexius was now standing in front of Whitebeard with a Naginata in his right hand.

World bore witness to the change of era, to passing of torch from one man to another. The end of era for a man known to world as Whitebeard, The Strongest Man in The World. Then everyone looked at Alexius who was standing there without moving in front of Whitebeard. He was shorter than Whitebeard but for some reason, to all those who looked at him, he was as tall as a mountain. When they looked at him, they knew who he is and what he now represents.

He is Asteroth D Alexius and he was now at the peak of this era. He did what no one else could. He changed the very meaning of 'War of The Best', he had fought ever since he appeared but there was not a single injury that could be seen on him.


"Shut it old man, couldn't you have a weapon bit smaller, this thing is bigger than me".

He said with annoyed voice but his face was smiling. Alexius felt the weight of the Naginata and it was heavy. Even with his strength he could feel the its weight, 'Is this the weight of being the strongest', thought Alexius.

"GUARARARARA, brat, I will not die before you".

"Good, then I will make sure this era is as interesting as things can get...",

He looked at the four people in front of him.

"...starting from this moment", said Alexius and coated his Naginata with Haki as sparks started appearing around it. He started walking towards the four men who stood in front of him. He looked quite awkward as he held a weapon twice his size but the momentum with which he was walking made him feel just as dangerous.

Garp was the first move among the four marines. His fists were coated in Haki with sparks flowing out of it too. Sengoku soon followed behind.

Alexius just kept walking and when Garp was about to reach him, he threw the Naginata in the air, clenched his right fist tightly and swung at upcoming Garp.


The ground shook when they clashed and the clash between their Colour of Supreme King changed the weather itself.


Very soon Garp was pushed back but soon Sengoku's palm was upon Alexius. But Alexius just grinned and grabbed the Naginata that was still spinning in air and swung it at the palm. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


Same thing happened as the previous clash. Sengoku was able to stay in standstill for a moment but was soon pushed back. Kizaru jumped into the air, crossed his arms and fired light particles at Alexius and Akainu ran at him with his arms turning into magma. Alexius brought the Naginata towards his back and made a wide upward swing and massive wave clashed with light particles but then he soon jumped in air and spun in air, then brought the Naginata at the Magma fist of Akainu.


Akainu was sent flying back while coughing out blood, but an arm was sent flying into the air. Everyone watching was horrified, an Admiral lost and arm. Then he went ahead and caught the arm in his left hand, then looked at Akainu who was looking at him with hatred filled eyes and pain clear on his face.

"Did you thought, you were strong enough to fight me".

Alexius teleported near Akainu and then,




He kept smashing Akainu's face with his own cut off arm.

Kizaru tried to stop him but saw that Alexius had disappeared once again. He sensed danger and soon moved back at full speed, barely dodging the downward swing of the Naginata but the air pressure was enough to pummel him into the ground.

Sengoku jumped into the air and came at Alexius.

"I had enough of you jumping around like a Monkey", said Alexius and he suddenly increased the gravity and Sengoku was caught unprepared and smashed into the ground. Alexius kept him pinned down and appeared near his face and kicked at it.


But Garp came and stopped it with his own kick. Their legs stayed looked without even touching, when ice suddenly erupted from the floor and encased him in lotus made of ice. Aokiji had made his move, trying to catch Alexius unprepared and from the looks of it, he succeeded. But,

"I let you live and you ignore my kindness", a voice came from the ice lotus, "aren't you bold, Aokiji".


Soon the ice lotus cracked and Alexius walked out of it. He looked at Aokiji with a cold face, it was colder than the ice itself.

"Ice Age"

Soon ice came towards him and made an ice statue of Alexius, but Alexius kept walking forward and ice slowly fell down like a snake shedding his skin. He kept walking towards Aokiji, everyone knew he was going for the kill. All the Admirals who saw this tried to stop him firing their attack but he just waved the Naginata and kept walking. Fujitora ordered his four golems to attacks Alexius and they soon came in front of him and smashed his fist at him.


Similarly, four purple circles made of gravity appeared around Alexius and repelled all the attack of golems.

During the whole time, it did not matter how many attacks came at him, he did not stop his feet and kept walking forward. Soon Alexius reached in front of Aokiji, he took a step forward and swung his weapon at him.


A sword stopped his attack and red spark were flowing around.

"What are you doing here...",

He looked at the man in front of him.


The man was Shanks himself. He was standing in front of Alexius stopping him from killing Aokiji.

"Are you trying to side with him Shanks", said Alexius.

"I am not siding with anyone. You made your point, you saved Ace, now stop this war, will you".

"Why, don't you come out as well, Teach", said Alexius while looking far ahead, "or should I say Blackbeard".

"ZEHAHAHAHAHAHA, I was right, you are strong".

"TEACH", a loud shout of Whitebeard came from behind.

"ZEHAHAHAHAHA, how are you holding old man".

Soon the crew of Shanks and Blackbeard arrived, the ones he had in Mock Town along with some he got from Impel Down. Aokiji had already left and was standing along with Sengoku, Garp and rest of Admirals. Alexius's crew soon came and stood behind him, with Whitebeard's crew among them.

"Stop this fight, there is no point in it anymore".

"You broke the only rule of the ship Teach, killing one of ours, I will kill you for betraying the family and killing one of my sons", said Whitebeard ignoring what Shanks said. When he was about to charge at Blackbeard, he was stopped by a hand.

"What did I told you old man, sit and watch. He hurt Ace, he will die here.", then Alexius looked at Shanks, "you block my way once again...", but he left the words unsaid. He was mad that Shanks just. came and stopped him from killing his enemy. He liked Shanks, he was friends with him but it did not mean Shanks will decide what he will do, when he starts things or when he end them. He knew Shanks wanted to stop the killing and he would have but now, now he had to kill Blackbeard and no could stop him. Shanks understood it too, he was a smart man, he knew Alexius had his pride, he could have looked away when he stopped him from killing Aokiji but if he stopped him from fighting Blackbeard? Alexius would forget they were friends and fight him too and he didn't want that.

Marines, Shanks and his crew along with Whitebeard and his crew move to a side. BlackHorn and Blackbeard pirates stood face to face.

"Stay here, I am hungry now so I am ending this quick".

He walked forward and stopped few meters from Blackbeard.

"ZEHAHAHAHAHA, you think you can beat us alone"?

Alexius just jumped into the air and held his left arm up. Few seconds later meteors came flying down and Blackbeard was tensed but then he thought Alexius will not drop them for his crew and Whitebeard's was here as well. And he was right Alexius did not drop them but just help them in air, but, then something happened.

Gravity around Blackbeard and his crew changed and before Blackbeard could use his devil fruit to do something they were all teleported into the centre of all the meteors. Then they all the meteors moved towards each other with Blackbeard's crew at it's centre. It looked like a gigantic sun in the sky. Alexius heard the shouts of the people trapped in the centre of the meteors and just smiled. He finally gave Blackbeard the reply to his previous questions.

"Yes, I can, for I am The Strongest Man in The World", with that said he snapped his fingers.


Augustus_D Augustus_D

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all like the chapter. Leave your suggestion and thoughts in comment section.

Thank you,


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