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18.18% To be a King / Chapter 1: What the...?

What the...? - To be a King - Chapter 1 by NikTitanik866 full book limited free

Chapter 1: What the...?


There was nothing Arthur could see in his surroundings. His skin felt scathed, almost as if lightning had passed through him. His breathing was rough and he could feel some slimy liquid covering every inch of him.

White, searing pain shot through his head. Memories. Memories of his life and unfortunately, his sudden and unnatural death.

He was Arthur Black, an 18-year old high school graduate. His family was nonexistent, as in, he had been left at the Orphanage as a baby and was somehow never adopted. He didn't resent his biological parents much and had never bothered to find them. His life at the Orphanage was fulfilling enough, his little brothers and sister always made sure he got enough interaction.

Overall, his childhood was a happy one.

His academic prowess was also quite decent. He mostly got A's with a few B's. He even managed to get enough points to get into a good civil engineering college. He was quite satisfied with himself and even started daydreaming about his future.

Last night, however, his dreams all went 'puff' when he tried to save a kid that was running across the street. In a typical cliché fashion, he saved the kid but not himself. The truck had got him.

His last moments were spent whimpering in pain as his own blood flooded his throat making him suffocate before losing consciousness.

And now he was here, although he wasn't sure where "here" exactly was. His body felt feeble and dirty. He tried to speak, but only wet, throaty sounds escaped him.

"Hhhheee.... Heeelllloooh... Hheeelloh... Hellho... Hello."

He finally managed to say it after spitting out the slimy substance that covered the inside of his mouth.

His surroundings were still covered in darkness, but now he could feel his limbs. Tingling andprickly, he could finally feel and control them. Shaking slightly from the soreness and pain, he brought his hand up and started feeling his face.

ˇWhat the fuck?ˇ

The face underneath his fingers was foreign. The skin was clear and firm, without the prickly beginnings of a beard he used to have.

ˇThis feels like Leo. What is going on?ˇ

His skin was like that of a child, and now that he gave himself time to explore his "gentleman's area" he was pretty sure he was actually a kid. Regardless, he had to get out of this dark place. Steeling his resolve, Arthur began moving forwards on all fours, as it gave him much more stability.

"Au! Fuck!"

He had slashed his fingers on what felt like glass, but before the blood had even started to flow.


["Emergency restart!"]

A cold mechanical voice sounded before a small holographic screen manifested in front of him.

[0%]... [10%]... [25%]... [75%]... [95%]... [100%]

[System boot-up complete. Please access the [Menu] to complete the restart.]

"Uhhh... wat?"

ˇFirst of all, did Truck-kun really do it? Second of all, how in the name of Anthony's Merlin can I understand this? Why is it in English and why is the alphabet Latin?ˇ

[Please access the [Menu] to complete the restart.]

Arthur let out a sigh and gave up thinking. Judging from the recent events he had transmigrated like all those other MC's and continuing on this logic, the thing speaking to him was a system that would help him survive in this new world.

Now that he thought about it, it wasn't even that bad. Although the Orphanage was his family he had always been slightly estranged. His introverted self made it so he had trouble bonding with people. All in all, his sudden death and transmigration didn't really hurt that much. With that in mind, he returned his attention to the system prompt.


The screen expanded. Its slightly see-through nature and blue colour gave it a ghostly, yet high-tech feel. The new look contained the following options.

[Status] [Inventory] [Shop] [Log] [Virtual tools] [Settings]

To be honest, that was more than he expected. Usually, those systems only had the [Status] function.


The screen flickered and a new one appeared.


Name: Arthur Black

Level: 0 (0/99 XP)

Body status: Healthy; Bleeding (minor (-0.1 HP/min))

Race: Human

Endowment: [Extraordinary regeneration]

Age: 10

Job: [None]

Title: [Otherworldler]

HP: 32.4/32.5

MP: (36.2/36.2) (Passive)


STR 5/20; DEX 8/19; AGI 7/19; CON: 7/21; PER: 10/15; VIT 14/23; INT 21/21

Special stats:

WIS 19/19: SPR 10/18; CHA 12/25;



Special skills:


Free stat points: 0

Free skill points: 0 Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


"Shit the bleeding!"

Arthur scrambled around, trying to find anything cloth-like to slow the steady stream of blood. Unfortunately, he was naked and his surroundings were only filled with even more glass-like shards.

"Right, it said something like [Extraordinary regeneration]? Show me!"

[[Extraordinary regeneration]- an artificial talent made to ensure the longevity of the test subjects of the Facility #0ERROR! ERROR!. The effects of the talent are +10% healing speed; +0.1 VIT per lvl; +10% disease resistance and complete recovery.]

"That's OP! That facility part is unsettling but whatever. A 10% healing speed increase means that I shouldn't die. Think! Do I need to panic still or not? Let's see, from my experience shallow cuts like these that haven't punctured the skin need about 10 minutes to stop bleeding when they are covered with something. Since there is no cloth I should just lift my hands up and use gravity. Right, so no problem for now. I still need to get outta here though. Ughh..."

He had only maybe breathed once during his panicky monologue. This resulted in him gasping for air and almost choking in his own saliva. After a brief coughing fit, Arthur stabilized himself and began inquiring more about the system. After all, it's not like he could make his wounds heal any faster.

The things that gave him the most hope for a change for the better were the [Shop] and [Virtual tools] options in his [Menu]. He quickly exited his [Status] screen by saying "exit" and entered the [Shop]. Instead of the shop showing immediately, what greeted him were the words.

[Welcome to the [Shop]. You can only buy Skills here, however, first-time users can receive a Newbie's Equipment package. Would you like to take the package and browse later?]

"Fuck yes I do."

[Package received, please check your [Inventory].]

Ecstatic, Arthur quickly went to the [Inventory]. A small auxiliary window informed him that it was a 1*1*1-metre space that would, like all other fantasy inventories, freeze time inside of it. He was also informed that there were two ways to access it. The first way required him to either specify the item he wanted or to close his eyes in which case he would be provided with an image of the space. The second way would present him with an extremely game-like interface that could sort out the contents.

Choosing the first option, Arthur closed his eyes. Inside, he could see a small dagger, 2 pieces of underwear, 1 shirt, 1 pair of pants, 10 bagels, 2 2l water bottles and what looked like a small first-aid kit. There was also a small coin and a rope which he estimated was around 5 metres in length.

Not being the one to dilly-dally, Arthur quickly extracted the clothes and the first-aid kit and began patching himself up. The fir-aid had some gauze in it and tape which he used to stop the bleeding before putting on the clothes. Once he was comfortable, he immediately took out one of the bagels and began eating it with abandon. He had underestimated his hunger as the bagel was gone in seconds.

Suppressing the desire to gorge himself on the rest of the food, Arthur turned his attention to the coin-like thing he had seen. Taking it out of the [Inventory], he could see the letters SkP etched into it. Before he had the time to explore more, a screen popped up.

[Congratulations! You have found a Skill Point. You can use the Skill Point to either buy a skill from the shop or upgrade the grade of a current skill.]

"Fuck me sideways! If I can buy some night vision type skill I might just be able to leave this place."

NikTitanik866 NikTitanik866

First real rewritten chapter, not that anybody really read the original. I hope you like it though.

The word goal for these chaps is going to be 1.5k words which this one is just shy of at 1.4k.

also gonna be using ˇˇ for thoughts

Like it ? Add to library!

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