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100% To Call My Own / Chapter 1: CHAPTER I : Young Love

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To Call My Own original

To Call My Own

Author: Phaenein

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Chapter 1: CHAPTER I : Young Love

They had no permanent address. He worked part-time anywhere with an opening. That is, any place near where he was at the moment. Byun Baekhyun wasn't really born well off as others are. His parents' salary was just enough for their daily needs, that's why he worked part time.

Baekbom, his older brother, he served as Baekhyun's inspiration. Baekbom graduated and now worked in a law firm. He achieved everything he dreamt of by striving really hard while he was still in school. And that's what Baekhyun was doing. Working his ass off so he could fill in what his parents couldn't give him. The difference between he and his brother was that he didn't work just for his own good, but to provide for his parents too, unlike his brother who left them when he finally had his own stable real salary.

He stopped going to school during junior year in high school when his father had a heart attack. He wanted to help with the bills so he opted to start working full time. His mom insisted for him to just go to class, but he couldn't stand seeing his dad's situation. He just promised his mom that he will still continue his studies. He'll just repeat the next year. For the mean, time he wanted to help with the payments.

During that year there was an opening for a restaurant near his dream school. The owner was so impressed with the boy's enthusiasm, he offered him a scholarship in his dream school. Baek could go back to studying.

Baekhyun wasn't originally part of the clique. Back in highschool, it was always Chen, Sehun, and Chanyeol.

Chen and Sehun knew that Chanyeol had a crush on Baekhyun ever since the lad moved into their school. Chen convinced Yeol to just let the feelings pass, since they were graduating from high school. What would happen to Baek and Yeol if they get together after that? Plus Baekhyun wasn't financially well, what future would Chanyeol have with him? But Sehun pushed Chanyeol to follow his heart, though he couldn't deny the fact that Chen may be right about the other thing, since they were going to a community college.

Little did they all know that Baekhyun liked Chanyeol too.

Sehun couldn't help but see the situation, Chanyeol deciding to ignore his feelings for Baek, and Baekhyun, getting closer and closer to Yeol despite the latter giving him a cold shoulder. Sehun thought of a plan, to befriend Baekhyun and keep in touch.

Graduation came, everyone was writing on everyone else's uniform. Sehun pulled Baek to Yeol, who decided to write his love confession and apology on Baek's uniform. Good thing the back still had enough space for him to write.


'Baek, you don't know how much I adore you. I have, since the first time my eyes found you. I didn't mean to give you a hard time, though I didn't mean to fall in love either. You're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. As time passed, I learned that your beauty wasn't just on the outside. That smile of yours.. your eyes that sparkle... I know I won't see you anymore after this. I'm graduating, while you.. you still have a year left in highschool. That's why I decided to keep it in, my feelings for you. People may say that this is just puppy love, but how come it feels like something more? I'm not asking you to like me too, I just want to let you know before I go.

I love you Byun Baekhyun, and I'm sorry for not telling you until now. Good bye.'

Chanyeol left the school grounds after writing on Baek's shirt. He was afraid of how Baek will react.

A year or so passed, and as usual, Chen was top of the batch again. Sehun nagged why he always got low even though his two hyungs always tutored him. Chanyeol's heart still belonged to Baekhyun despite not having heard from each other since graduation. Chanyeol still thought about Baekhyun most of the time.

Every Wednesday the three had the same schedule. One time in particular, as they went through the back door of the classroom, they noticed a familiar brunette upfront.

"ㅡthe freshmen assembly is in the next room.." someone said to the brunette, who bowed to his senior before replying, "Oh I'm sorry, I thought it's in here."

A familiar voice, that petite brunette was so familiar to the boys. Chanyeol wanted to follow the freshman but the bell rang.

Days passed and they usually saw that brown hair and heard his voice mixed in in the sea of students around the campus. They never got to see his face or even went near the fellow, for the freshman were usually in a hurry.

Sehun had a hunch, another plan.

"Welcome sir, today's special isㅡOh Sehun?!"

"Yehet! I knew it!" Sehun had a hunch that the familiar brunet around campus was no other than Byun Baekhyun. "So how are things? Are mama and papa Byun okay? The kids?"

Sehun did keep in touch with Baek behind Chen and Chanyeol's back. And he didn't even know that Baek would enter the same school they were in. He should be ashamed for not telling Chanyeol and Chen that he kept in touch, but then let's just say he owed a lot to Chanyeol, he's in debt with a lot of things to this giraffe, so he planned on getting him together with Baekhyun someday. Baekhyun being in the same campus as them made it easier for his plan to be realized. 

Months passed and Sehun's plan was a success. Chanyeol started courting Baek. At first Chen wasn't impressed by Sehun's sneaky action. He believed that Baek would just be a distraction to Chanyeol's studies. But then, what could he do if it was already the heart talking between those two?

When they were already officially dating, Chanyeol vowed to give Baekhyun everything, especially when he learned about Baek's situation in life. This made Baek uneasy. He wasn't used to someone taking his worries from him and making it their own. He was used to just keeping everything to himself.

Chanyeol was pushy, however. He wanted to make everything easy for Baek that he didn't notice the discomfort it brought to the shorter boy. His pushiness led to their first fight.

Baek ignored Yeol for six months. If it weren't for Sehun and Chen, they wouldn't get back together.

In those six months, Chen and Sehun wanted to drown themselves in bleach because of these two lovebirds' foolishness. When the three buddies would go or even just pass by the campus cafe Baek was working at, Baek would flirt with the other staff. Chanyeol would do same too, showing off random girls in front of Baek. The lovers would ignore the other on unwanted encounters, as if they were alien to each other.

"This is so stupid, what is their whole point? To make each other jealous? Why don't they just make up?" Baekhyun and Chanyeol's actions were getting into Sehun and Chen's skins. Prickling their heads, they planned something just to get those maudlins to stop their nonsense.

Like any couple, they had a lot of misunderstandings, idiotic quarrels to begin with, hence the numerous fights and cool-offs. But good thing there were Chen, Sehun, and their families to always fix them up.

They surmounted college still a couple. Chanyeol waited for Baekhyun to finish. He originally wanted to propose after Baek's graduation but he knew that the brunet wanted to be financially stable before settling down. He respected that. He didn't want to push Baekhyun again. He didn't want any more cool offs. He really couldn't stand being apart from Baek.

Chanyeol was really bitten by the love bug. Baek was the one, but he didn't want to rush it. Baek's happiness, wants, and needs would be the first priority.

Baek graduated. Well, not top of the class like his brother did, but at least he graduated. It'll be the start of a new chapter in life. Earlier in his life, he dreamt of a family of his own, but what was a family of his own if they weren't financially stable? As much as he wanted to settle down with his giant, he might as well get a stable job first. Worse, his pride wouldn't take it if Chanyeol were the only one to provide for their family to be.

After months of sending multiple applications, Baekhyun remained a failure at landing a permanent job. Being a fresh graduate made it really difficult because most companies sought for applicants with experience. He couldn't afford to be jobless, he still had his parents and younger siblings to take care of.

Unlike Baekhyun, Chanyeol's family had a lot of connections. He easily landed a job. He was now an architect in a company that his father used to work at. He tried convincing Baekhyun that it was okay that he was the provider. He didn't really want Baek to tire himself. What's more, he'd be happier to see Baek with their future children, welcoming him home after a hard day's work from the office.

Chanyeol grew up in a family wherein, both of his parents were always at work, barely home, actually. He was usually stuck with his older sister, who was usually locking herself up in her room. Meanwhile, their maids were just a ring away. Without Chen and Sehun, he'd lose it. He hated that kind of set-up at home. It was like his family wasn't one. The house felt so empty. They were there, but.. it was like they weren't. He didn't want his very own family with Baek to be like that.

Baekhyun understood that Chanyeol just wanted what was best for their future household. But he didn't want to be just a burden to Chanyeol, he also wanted to help financially. He didn't want to be a housewife. He never dreamt of that. Though he didn't want his future children to grow distant from him.

"Since he likes cooking.. why not open, uhm, even just a little restaurant or something? It can be your gift for Baek on your 6th anniversary. You already have a lot of cash to burn. If you give him that, he may not look for a job anymore. He might say yes already when you propose to him again!" Chen suggested to Yeol over the phone.

"You know what, that's not a bad idea. And I could ask his hand in marriage after that. I'd better work on that proposal again. Well, have fun on your honeymoon buddy!" Chanyeol hung up. It's been 3 days after Chen's wedding. His wife was such a catch, a rare beauty, with eyes that vanished the instant she would smile. with a soul as pure as white clouds above, Maybe Chen drugged her.

Chanyeol remembered Baekhyun laying his head on his side, wailing, his suit soaked in tears. Baek was so happy for Chen. Perhaps envious too. His relationship with Baekhyun is longer than Chen and his now, wife, Vanessa. He was so jealous of that guy for having already tied the knot. He would go insane if that sleazy Sehun were to tie the knot before he did too, but Baekhyun was so into the job hunting that he refused, sometimes even ignored Chanyeol's wedding proposals altogether.

Chanyeol hoped that with Chen's suggestion, he would finally hear Baek's sweet yes.

Six months and Baekhyun's mini food house was finally made into reality. Of course with the help of everyone who loved him and Baek. Chanyeol was so excited to present it to Baek, nervous over how his lover would react. Good thing his two buddies were there to support him. 

"I don't think they're already open Chanyeolㅡ"

"ㅡyou're the one who should open it." Grinning from ear to ear like a fool, Chanyeol said as he led Baekhyun inside.

"What do you mean by that?" Chanyeol remained silent and led the smaller guy further in. "I really think we should eat somewhere else. There's no one in hereㅡ"

"SURPRISE!" Baek almost jumped in his place, Chanyeol had his hands around him.

Baekhyun was stunned. Everyone was there. His mom, his dad in a wheelchair. He wonders how they managed to hide his father in such a small space, Chanyeol's parents were there too. Now retired, they have a lot more time in their hands to catch up with their kids. There was Yura, Chanyeol's older sister, too, with her child. Present as well were Chen and his wife, who sported a slightly visible baby bump. Baekhyun was excited and happy to be a godfather soon. His younger siblings were there, and so was Sehun, who had a girl they've never met before by his side. Lastly, there was also.. "Baekbeom?" it was almost a whisper when he spoke his brother's name. 

Chanyeol leaned close to whisper in his ear, "I looked for him. I wanted to know why he left the responsibility of an eldest child to you. Turns out, he regretted leaving you guys and went looking for you, but you and your family were on a constant move. I found him looking for you guys in your old home. I wanted to punch him at first sight. What good was that going to do though? So I just talked to him. Hear him out." He kissed Baekhyun's cheek.

"Thank you, Yeol," Baek reached for his lover's head and gently rubbed his temples. "But what is all this? I expected a simple anniversary gift, like us eating in this luncheonette… being intimate. I don't understand the surprise. You want us to celebrate our anniversary with a lot of people?" Baekhyun was seriously confused. It was so sweet for Chanyeol to gather everyone in that special day, he appreciated that, but why?

"It's not just our anniversary, it'll be your eatery's grand opening! It's our gift to you! Everyone who loves you helped in making this possible. You don't have to look for a job. Here, you're the boss!"

Baekhyun finally said yes, and in front of their families and friends too. His brother's comeback had freed him from his full time duties with his family, though he still sent them money from his monthly savings.

Sehun took Baek away from his family for a while, "He needs to rejuvenate before the big day!" Sehun claimed as he and Baek were on their way to the Bahamas. Chanyeol didn't want to be apart from Baek. Two months to go and it would be their wedding day. But he couldn't do anything. Sehun did ask for his permission to take Baekhyun, but he had only asked Chanyeol when they were already overseas.

It was finally the day. Chanyeol stood in front of the umpire and lovingly watched Baekhyun as the man walked the red, carpeted aisle. Everyone in the crowd cried in joy. The day Chanyeol always wanted, the day that Baekhyun dreamed of… Finally, it was here. They would be bound together. Together, for the rest of their days. It was such a pleasant day! Everyone was so happy for the couple to be wed!

Chanyeol's hand explored every part of Baekhyun. It was the fifth time they were doing it, ever since the newlyweds arrived in their honeymoon destination. Baekhyun wrapped his arms around his husband. Everything felt blissful. Finally, finally, they were bound together, 'til death do they part. After numerous ups and downs during their courtship, they finally got through it. They could finally build a family of their own. 

"I want twins Chanyeol.." said the petite brunet in Chanyeol's arms, taking their morning stroll after their whole day of lovemaking.

"I will give you a whole football team!" Chanyeol's grip on Baek tightened.

A slap on Chanyeol's arm from Baek, "Are you crazy? You're not the one who'll carry the child for 9 months! As long as we have one, I'm okay with that."

Chanyeol snuggled closer to him, "Fine, one will be enough. I can't wait for our baby to come." He rubbed Baekhyun's belly for a while, then took hold of Baekhyun's hand to kiss it.

Back from their trip, Baek was also back to taking care of the mini business his husband provided for him. It was an instant click to the masses. It was usually full of people. People lined up for Baekhyun's cooking. Other times, the line would reach the other street. Patrons came in, most of them weren't from there and originated from different places.

"Oh, it's you again! Though.. you really do look so familiar? Have we met even way before?" Baekhyun asked the familiar face who took his seat.

He knew this person as a regular customer in his eatery, but it seemed that they've met way back. This person who always dressed in ripped jeans, rock band shirts, sandals, and rocked a disheveled, 'just woke up' hair, it all seemed to shame his face. His fashion didn't suit him. This stranger's face was like a work of art, chiseled in all parts, like he was meant to be dressed up in the finest of clothed. His statuesque face was really a contradiction to his poorly subpar get up. And by shitty, it's literally like that, he's like a homeless guy with that attire, all that's lacking to complete the look are dirt stains all over the man and an untamed beard, he could pass as a hobo!

Seemingly minutes after staring at the beautiful creature before him, Baekhyun finally remembered why this patron was so familiar, "You're also a patron in the cafe I used to work at! I'm sorry but your name, your name is..?" He remembered the face but not the name.


"Oh, what a pretty name, how can I forget!" Baekhyun slapped his forehead, "It's such a lovely name. It means guardian, right? Chinese?"

"Yes. It's nice to meet you again Baek!" Suho flashed a smile.

If he wasn't already in love with a certain giant, Baekhyun was sure he could fall for that gorgeous smile. "Is it okay if I name my child Suho? It has such a pleasant meaning and tone to it."

Baekhyun couldn't help but start a conversation with an old companion. Back at the cafe, this certain patron was also Baek's listening buddy. Baekhyun had always been a chatterbox, even to those he just actually met. He was just so freakingly friendly. One couldn't entirely blame Chanyeol for being overprotective at times.

"Sure. So you're now married? How long has it been?"

"Yes. I'm really happy about it. I can't wait to have a baby!" Baekhyun couldn't help his glee. When people asked him about his new life with his husband, he was even more talkative. He didn't mind. It had just been a week or so, he was still high from the wedding state. He had an assistant cook, he could chat with Suho for a while, he thought.

One day Baekhyun went home, it still felt so unusual for him, it had already been two weeks since having married. He didn't live with his parents anymore. But as long as it was with Chanyeol, he would always be home. Today, he went home, excited to tell Yeol what he had just done.

"Yeol! I entered you in a contest!" Baekhyun was so entranced. He gave Chanyeol the papers he meticulously carried home. "Here, read it"

Normally Chanyeol would let out the beast if someone did something without his permission, for he was the ultimate control freak, but, it was Baekhyun and he couldn't argue with Baekhyun. He vowed to give his spouse anything and everything, to give him whatever would make the brunet happy. And Baek looked seriously happy this time.

"I ran into a former schoolmate, he told me there will be an alumni pageant! I instantly thought that you'll be perfect! And what better joy, it's for a good cause!"

Chanyeol trying hard to keep his cool, as to not upset his overjoyed spouse, pleasingly responded, "I'd love to join because of the good cause, but I'm busy at work. Why enter me and not you?" He thought of the dumbest excuse, saying he was busy. They both knew that ever since Chanyeol climbed the corporate ladder, he had more free time.

"I'm the luckiest person in the world for having a husband who's dashingly majestic…" Baekhyun pinched both of his husband's cheeks, "I'm so proud of you, I want to show you off to everyone and tell them you're mine! And remember, this is for charity too!"

"He's so handsome and smart! I hope he's single!" A girl from the crowd shouted, "OPPA! SARANGHAE!"

"He's taken!"

"Who the hell are you? Are you his girlfriend?"


"Then mind your own business! He'll be mine after this! OPPA! FIGHTING!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"He's my husband! We're married! Keep your filthy self away from him!"

Baekhyun regretted convincing Yeol to join the pageant now. Most of the people in the crowd were hovering his husband, calling Yeol's attention, flirting with him. Chanyeol was his and no one else's, no one should even attempt to steal his hubby.

Chanyeol may not have won first place, he still had fun. With hands around Baekhyun, he gave his spouse a kiss on the forehead,  "Let's go home, you must be tired from all the standing and shouting. It won't be good for our baby." He tangled their hands together and guided Baekhyun to the parking lot, ignoring the attention-seekers trying to steal his.

Baek was really tired, he did want to just go home and just make love to the man he shared a promise and a lifetime with. He felt so monstrous towards those girls feasting their eyes on his husband. He just felt like needing his husband's touch to reassure that those witches didn't take his spouse away from him. "Wait, what do you mean by our baby? I'm not pregnant! Am I?"

Now in the sanctity of their car, the giant reached for his spouse, who was now sitting in the passenger seat, "Baek, I'm pretty sure that you're now pregnant. We've done it a lot of times already. We'll be a family soon!" He looked at Baekhyun briefly, flashing a smile before returning his gaze foeward and starting the engine.

Ever since Chanyeol's father's teenage years, the Park family's medical needs had been usually attended to by the family's most trusted hospital in the city. All medical practitioners one could ever need were to be found there. Dr. Wu wasn't an exemption. He was not Baek's urologist, but his physician, he was afraid to go straight to the other doctor if he was not surely pregnant yet.

"Well, it's been five years, and I.. ah.." In his twelve years in the field he' was still bad at breaking news to patients, regardless if it was good or bad. ".. I always say the same thing every time you visit me, Baek. I'm sad to say that you're still not pregnant." Dr. Wu was good at his job and always double checked results. "I tried running a test behind your back, and I hope you won't get mad. I ran a test to see if you were infertile because it's been five or so years and yetㅡ"

Chanyeol's grip at his spouse's shoulders tightened and Baekhyun couldn't help but ask, "Am I barren?" Tears started to form, attempting to streak down to his cheeks.

"Apparently you're not.." the doctors gestured to Baekhyun. "There is nothing wrong with you. Surprisingly, even though you're skinny, you're one of the healthiest patients I have." His eyes drifted to Chanyeol's, whose arms were still around his spouse.

"But you," he pointed at Yeol, "I went to your physician, and according to your doctor, you haven't visited him for a long time now." The doctor gave Chanyeol a displeased look. He had hoped that when he went to Doctor Do, the shorter doctor could provide Chanyeol's files so he could also run a test. "It would have made things easier for me, I could have run the test for the both of you at the same time. I could have known the reason why you still have no children by now…"

After a week of agonizingly waiting for the results, the couple was finally there again, in front of Dr. Wu's desk.

"I have good news and bad news for you. The good news is…" He's paused, trying to gauge the couple's reaction. "The good news is that the results are finally in. According to repeated, multiple tests, we now have a reason. Both I and Dr. Do focused on your case. And now for the bad news," He paused again, filling the room with more tension.

The door to Wu's office opened and Dr. Do entered the room with a bunch of folders in hand. "If you haven't skipped all your scheduled check-ups, we could have known your case beforehand." Dr. Do stood beside Dr. Wu after handing latter the folders, all the while eyeing Chanyeol intensely, "You're impotent, Chanyeolㅡ"

"That's not how to break an awful news to a hoping couple, Kyungsoo!" Dr. Wu was instantly flustered, quickly furious over how his boyfriend just broke the news to the couple in front of them.

"Well how do you expect me to say it, Kris? It's not like it can come out any better?" The two doctors continued arguing, while Chanyeol was left dazed in his seat beside his spouse.

"Baekhyun, I'm not ever able to give you a child! Just let me be! Leave me if you must! All this time… all this time, I... I have failed you!" Chanyeol gritted his teeth. 

Baek couldn't help but be sullen at how his husband was taking in the situation. He just wanted to ease Chanyeol's pain, but he couldn't. Ever since they received the news, Chanyeol always pushed him away.

To Baekhyun, it didn't matter if they didn't have a child, as long as they were together. It was all he asked, to be and stay together. But Chanyeol was so stubborn. And Chen and Sehun's visit with multiple racks of alcohol was not really a good help for Chanyeol's state. But what could he do, those two were already in their house. All Baekhyun could do was be a good spouse and serve his husband and the guests.

"Chanyeol.." Chen hiccuped. "..You and Baek could just adopt if you want a child so badly." Baek sat beside his husband, across the two guests, and thought that Chen had a point there.

Sehun sloppily pushed Chen to the side. "You're silly hyung.." He laughed a bit and continued. "..We all know that blood is thicker than water!" He raised his two thumbs. "A blood related child would be so much better than an adoptee!"

Baekhyun couldn't believe that he was mentally nodding at Sehun's statement, but then, how could they build a child if Chanyeol was infertile?

"Sehun, are you deaf? I told you that I can't have a child! That's the point why I asked you guys to go for a drink! Idiot Sehun!" Chanyeol yelled at the younger guy in front of him.

"Yah! Why are you calling me stupid!? Why don't you let me finish what I'm saying first? I have a suggestion so you guys can have a child!" Sehun retorted with a smug look.

"Yah, dongsaeng! Stop using informal language to your hyungs!" Chen got irritated at how Sehun talking to them. "What is this brilliant idea that you have?" Chen added, emphasizing the word brilliant in half-mockery.

They were all going to be bewildered as to what Sehun was going to suggest. They all knew that the only option, if they really wanted a child, was Chen's suggestion. They were going to have to adopt.

"Well.." Sehun played with the rim of his glass, "I have this friend who also wants a child.." He pauses and couldn't really look at his hyungs while talking, "He's… how should I say this.." he scratches his nape.

"The hell with the suspense dude?!" Chen is getting impatient with our little maknae.

Sehun rubs the back of his head again and begins with a story before he's big suggestion, "Okay here goes.." he clears his throat, "I'll start of with my friends story, so you guys can understand where he's coming from and for him to not sound like a bad guy. Cause he is a real genuine good guy, it's just that most circumstances are against him.."

"I swear I'm going to shove this bottle of beer here in your throat if you continue pausing and creating more suspense for us!" Chen hisses while the married couple patiently listens to Sehun.

Sehun chewed on his lower lip before continuing, "Okay..okay.. See this hyung of mine is with great power. He badly wants to settle down but he can't. Cuz everytime he sees an opportunity to tie the knot with the love of his life. This certain 'love' doesn't love him for who he really is. Instead likes him only for what he possess. Gold diggers surround him. He eventually stopped looking for someone, he believes no one will come in his life anymore. So now he just badly wants a child of his own, but he can't just have a child popping out of nowhere without him being married. It'll be a stain in his family's name."

I don't like where this is going.. Baekhyun thought. Since the younger hesitated to tell his suggestion, Baekhyun felt tense. And as Sehun started of with a story before going straight to the point, it had him worry more. What Sehun's about to suggest is something not that welcoming and Baekhyun is sure of it.

"So basically you're suggesting what Thehun?" Chanyeol had a hard grip on his beer ever since Sehun got through with his 'story'. Baekhyun can sense Chanyeol's blood boiling, he just gave his husband a tight grip on their conjoined hands.

The youngest of the four gulped as he smells the tension building up in the air, he knows his hyungs not delighted with what he'll suggest. But hey, it's worth the shot, he's just trying to help. And with suggesting this, he'll be able to help two sets of friends. Hitting two birds with one stone. And with that he clears his throat again, "He needs a baby maker. The baby maker can keep the child. He doesn't really need and wants any attachment with the maker. He just wants to splurge on the child and feel like a father. He doesn't mind the child growing up as his. As long as he can still fulfill his fatherly duties. Even if it means loving his child from a far. So I'm asking you guys if it's okay if youㅡ"

A hand suddenly chokes Sehun, he wasn't able to finish his last sentence. Gripping tightly on his neck, he can't breathe. He can't even utter a plea for his hyung to stop and for his other hyungs to help him. "SO YOUR SUGGESTING THAT I SHOULD LET SOMEONE FUCK MY BAEKHYUN IN ORDER TO HAVE A CHILD?!" Chanyeol is in rage. Baekhyun wants to pull his husband back but he was too shock to realize that Sehun just suggested that to them. Of all people.. It had to be Oh Sehun.. The one who always supported his and Chanyeol's love.. The one who manages to get him and Chanyeol together.. Why?

Sehun punches Chanyeol in the stomach. He manages to breathe air in his lungs as the latter loosens his grip and stumbles back against the floor. When Chanyeol contained his composure again he returns Sehuns punch with a jab of his fists to Sehuns jaw. Sehun is quick to respond with another punch but Chanyeol pushed him against the wall and started hitting on him furiously. The returning of punches continued on until Chen stepped in to pull his two friends apart. Sehun's suggestion might be inappropriate but he can't stand to see his beloved best friends killing each other.

Sehun is not committed. Does he even understand what love is? Should we consider his suggestion? NO! BAEK IS MINE! AND MINE ONLY! I WON'T LET ANYONE HAVE THEIR PAWS ON WHAT'S MINE! 

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