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75.67% Torn between The Assistant and The Basketball Guy / Chapter 28: 27 Way Back 2: Preparing☺️

27 Way Back 2: Preparing☺️ - Torn between The Assistant and The Basketball Guy - Chapter 28 by Sharlaine_Llovit full book limited free

Chapter 28: 27 Way Back 2: Preparing☺️

Ally's Pov

"Might be Princess who told" Grey murmurs like he didn't know we heard of what he's saying.

"Who's princess? I was the one who saw you so don't blame others" a familiar voice said and I look back to where that voice is, it's from Marky together with his family.

"You're brother is right, Grey and she's out of here, did you already take dinner? If not, then join with us" Mom said and as she invites them while Dad getting a plates and utensils for them.

"We're hungry, Lola" Morgan said, the 1st child of Marky, where he goes to Mom.

"Alright and you want to sit with Lola?" Mom said as she carry Morgan.

"Can I!?" Morgan ask like he's asking a permission to Mom.

"Of course, Morgan and sit here" Mom said as she put Marky to her lap to sit.

"Just behave Morgan to Lola, ok!?" Nicky said where she warns Morgan. Nicky is the wife of Marky.

"Yes Mommy" Morgan said to proof that he will behave.

"How about you two!? Are you not hungry?" Dad ask the two and as I'm stand up from sitting and taking dinner.

"Oh!! Ally, you're done taking dinner? So fast" Nicky said when she saw me stand up.

"I take dinner first before them" as I head towards to living room.

"And he needs to sleep early for tomorrow" Mom said where I'm turning on the tv.

"Because he will leave tomorrow" Dad said as he adds the sentence of Mom.

"Why? Where will you go?" Marky ask when I heard that Grey move his chair as a sign of his done taking dinner.

"Father pick me as his assistant" then Grey sit to the other single couch to watch tv too.

"So you're the one chosen by Father with an scholarship and a guarantee of every month allowances that I heard that from our neighbors" Nicky said as Marky move the chair for him to sit.

"You're lucky brother and good luck" Marky said when he look back at me.

"Thanks brother" and I stand up and head to my bedroom.

At my bedroom..

After I went here, I directly lay in the bed and switch off the light of the lamp which beside the bed and sleep.




[knuckk, knuckk]

I woke up, switch on the lights and off the bed to see who's knocking at the door.

"What is it?" when I saw Marky in-front of my door carrying a mattress of the bed.

"Can I sleep here with you? But I'm on the bottom" Marky said with please to get an approve of me.

"Alright but I'll be the one to sleep on the bottom and you're in the bed" because he's a visitor.

"Thanks brother and here's the mattress for you to use" as he lend the mattress to me. "Thank you" then I lay down the floor before I get the pillow and blanket above the cabinet.

"I'm sorry that I wake you up in the middle of your sleep" Marky said as he lay down now in my bed while I'm getting the pillow and blanket.

"Its alright and I thought you'll be sleeping in your bedroom" as I lay down now again but in the mattress.

"It will be, as Mom trying to convince Morgan to sleep with them but Morgan don't want because he wants to sleep beside her Mom and Nicky is pregnant so how can we sleep in the small room and half king size bed!?" Marky said before we got to sleep.

"Oh I don't know that but how many months? Congratulations again brother" and I just remember that the door is still open then I stand up to close.

"4 months and thanks brother" Marky said and as I lay down now.

"Are you sleepy now, brother? And will you be the one to switch off the lights!?" Because I'm sleepy.

"Yeah I'm about to sleep now because I feel the tiredness of my body and my eyes are getting fall and I'll be the one to switch off the lights" Marky said before I've fallen asleep.






As I woke up, I saw Marky still in deep sleep with blanket covered in him. Thence, I slowly fix the pillow and blanket and put back above the cabinet. Simultaneously, I slow again to open the door and grab the mattress to put back in the storage room. Soon as I step out of my bedroom in slow and silent move holding the mattress, when someone tries to scare me and it was Morgan when I look in my back.

"Hahaha, it's epic fail" Grey laugh and teases Morgan as I'm closing the door and holding the mattress.

"Don't make noise Morgan, your Daddy is still sleeping" where I'm heading to the storage room to put back the mattress.

"Ally, come and have some breakfast" Nicky said and invites me while I'm carefully putting the mattress in the storage room.

"Thank you and I'll put back this first" and I'm done carefully put back the mattress then I head to the kitchen.

At the kitchen..

"What time will you leave by the way, Ally?" Nicky ask while I'm making espresso.

"8am and I will head to Father after" as I sit and take breakfast.

"Morgan, don't wake up your Daddy ok!? because he's tired" Nicky said when he warns Morgan that about to open the door in my bedroom.

"Where did your uncle Grey go?" I ask as I'm about to eat garlic fried rice and scrambled egg.

"Mom orders him and will back later" Nicky answers when Morgan back to his Mom. Then I continue eating until I'm done.

"Uncle, you're done eating? How fast!?" Morgan said when he notice soon as I stand up.

"Yeah I'm done and I need now to take a bath" I said as I put my used dishes in the sink.

"Uncle Ally will leave so he needs to eat fast because the car might left him" Nicky explains to Morgan where I head to my bedroom to get my body towel.

"Then who can I play with?" Morgan ask in dazzle to her Mom as I head to the bathroom to take a bath.

At the bathroom..

I quickly put the body towel of mine at the back of the door when I saw the clock pointed to near 10 minutes before 7am before I head here. And turn on the shower before I unclothe myself and step into the shower room.




Soon as I have finished take a bath, I step out and take my toothbrush, put toothpaste in it to brush my teeth after I take the body towel in my bottom.

Afterward, I step out and head to the bedroom to put clothes.

At the bedroom..

When I enter, I saw the bed was fixed and close the door after. Then began to wear underwear, jeans pants and simple brand clothing. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Behalf of, I take the bag that I'm always using for going to school to pack some things such toothbrush, toothpaste, wallet and other stuff.

Then I head next towards in the bathroom to get my toothbrush and toothpaste. But the bathroom was close, so I head back to the bedroom to check some things I might forget to pack. When someone open the door.

"Ally, is it alright if I bring with you a some cabbage and mushroom?" Mom ask as she enters.

"It's alright Mom and maybe Father will like them" when I turn back to her.

"Alright" then she left after.


I think the only miss things I need to pack was the toothbrush and toothpaste.

And I head back to the bathroom to get them and pack in my bag. Then afterward, I saw Mom carrying a 2 plastic bags before I head back in the bedroom.

"Here's the cabbage and the mushroom and be careful to put that in your bag" Mom said as she lends the 2 plastic bags.

"Thanks Mom and I will" where I take the 2 plastic bags.

"Hurry now" Mom said and I head back towards in the bedroom to pack this 2 plastic bags in the bag.

After I packed, the one more thing I need to do was to comb my hair and check myself before I make my way to step out.

Soon I'm done check myself I now carried out my luggage and the bag. Then I close the door. And I got surprised when Morgan sudden approach me behind by pulling my pants a bit and I ask.

"Yes Morgan what is it?" Where he still looking up in me and I look to him.

"Uncle, bring me souvenir" Morgan said as he's face saying please.

"What do you want? But I can't buy and bring you souvenir that is high price" I said where I kneel as level as him.

"I want soccer ball, Uncle" Morgan said.

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