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94.11% Torn between two lovers & The Streets / Chapter 32: Finding Out The Truth

Finding Out The Truth - Torn between two lovers & The Streets - Chapter 32 by Frederica_Thompson full book limited free

Chapter 32: Finding Out The Truth

Good morning lady's what are we having for breakfast? They both woke up looking at me like girl take your ass back to sleep. We are drained from last night.  I got from between the both them so I can hit these streets. I went an got dressed so I could go get some info on this man who killed my brother. I know the streets know more than they telling me if I have to take a life for my brother I will. Hey you two behave until I get back I have to go handle some business. Ok we will see you when you get back. I texted all the boys up to meet me at the stash. I need answers about my brother's death. I hopped on my golf cart to head to the stash down the road. I pull up to the stash everybody there but Tory. Hey boys, where is Tory? He said he was coming. Look, I need answers on my brother's death.

Everybody went looking around like they knew something but were scared to speak. I know you'll know something until I get info you'll will be going back to working 9 to 5 for little of nothing at all. I won't be giving any products out until I get my answers I'm looking for. Man that's some bs. I can't even get a job paying me like you paying us. Well until somebody speaks up it won't be no work period. I don't give a fuck who don't like it. If you have a problem then meet the end of this pistol. You'll can leave in go back where you came from thanks for my bags of money. Here's you'll cut for working. Better spend it wisely because you'll won't be getting anything else from me. Have a great day guys. I got on my golf cart and was about to pull off until one of my boys came to my golf cart.

Hey look you ain't hear this from me but the streets saying Tory killed him because he was ripping us out of the money you gave us.  Ok well this the plan you'll get Tory in bring him to the warehouse. Tell him we are about to do in exchange with my dealer. In I need his services. Ok I will let the other boys know. Ok bet meet me there at nine tonight. Ok we got you boss. You'll be ready to re-up afterwards. Ok thanks boss lady. He told the boys and the boys were down for it. I went back to my house where both of my ladies were last laying. I get back in both of them on the sofa waiting for me to get back. Hello ladies, what is it to eat? I'm starving. Well bae we cooked a little something for you. Oh I can't wait to eat my stomach touching my back. I bet it is because you've been gone all damn day. Yeah I had to handle some business and speaking of business I have to go make a move at nine tonight.

Oh hell nawl I want some pussy tonight. Well you will get some when i get back. I got to handle this for my brother. Oh ok bae well we can be ready for daddy again tonight. Oh better be prepared for the same thing like last night. Damn bae you can't be draining us like that. You gone get all of this built up anger and hurt. One of you'll going to ride my face while one rides my dick. Oh damn zaddy talking nasty making me horny now. Stop it, I say I'm about to eat. Who wants to feed me and please me. Bae was feeding me while Nicole was rubbing me. This feels so good right now. Next thing I know Nicole's hands went inside my boxer's. Hey I said rub my feet. I am rubbing your feet. That's my pussy not my feet. I want to touch both. I'm trying to eat doe bae. Well I want to eat too. She pulled my pants and boxers off. She spread my legs like she was just starving.

I leaned back while bae fed me my breakfast. Nicole wasn't taking no for an answer. She went to french kissing my lips. I looked her in her eyes like this is all me. She started sucking on my clitorises and I couldn't control my moan. Like damn let me eat for a second. Bae steady feeding while she steadily devouring me. She wasn't going to stop until I climaxed at least three times. I started shaking like damn. Fuck! Nicole stop. I couldn't say the second stop because I busted. She kept going again. Fuck! Nicole omg stop it. Ugh ugh ugh bae stop it. I started trembling. I burst again on her face. She kept going because I was holding back. She hit that spot like bae did last night. Before I knew it I squirted all over the sofa and her face. Bae started laughing because I was trembling like a puppy that was wet and cold.

But what bae didn't know was she was next in she wasn't prepared. Bae Nicole said lay your ass down between my legs. I grabbed my food in held bae with my legs. Nicole pinned bae legs with her arms and i got her arms. Nicole about to fuck you up. I ate while I watched Bae try to run but couldn't go anywhere because she was pinned. Nicole snatched both of our souls this afternoon. It wasn't no no in Nicole books. When she wants it she gets it. I laid there and rested my eyes for a little until nine came. Hey you two I will be back be ready for me when I get back. Ok bae we will be showered up and ready for you to get here. Nicole kissed me and so did bae. See you two later. I head out the door to jump in my car to head to the warehouse. I was speeding down the road to get to this meetup. I want Tory as dead at this moment. Tonight is the night my boys are going to get the job done.

I pulled up to the warehouse where everybody was standing waiting for me including Tory. I got out and went into the warehouse where everybody was at. They were all lined up waiting for me to enter the building. I had two outside to keep watch for me. I entered the building and all the boys looked at me like they were ready. Hello everyone. Hello boss lady. We are here tonight for one reason and one reason only. If there's anybody who wants to speak now or forever hold their peace before the man comes. Yeah I do, says Tory. What's up my boy? Well let me start by saying that I'm sorry for your loss and I know you don't believe me. But you know they say you do evil by people and things happen to you. He must've known I knew he killed my brother.

He walks in the center like he's the boss or something. I come to tell you nobody is going to touch me or even breathe on me. I looked at him like he was funny. I am in control now. My boys are going to eat with or without you. Oh really my boy. Yeah really with what money and what products. Yours because you are going to give it to me willingly. Lol you know you are funny because your boys are the ones who snitched so let's be honest you're not going to win. I will watch it, lol. Before I could say anything the boys turned. But not on me because what he doesn't know is I paid them a million a piece. He looked at me like you lost in reality he lost. My boy Mikey pulled his gun and pointed it at me. I laughed like really after all I did for you and you turned on me. Mikey looked at me and gave me a wink. He turned and shot Tory right in the head. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Down goes Tory lol. Clean it up Mikey I got some extra for you. And the rest of you follow me back to the stash so I can break you'll all off for setting this up. I just know it's another million. Don't bank it, hide it. The boys were happy they got another million to add with what they have already. Let's go boys in get that money baby. They burned Tory body and cleaned up an we all headed out. I was at peace the mf who killed my brother is now dead. Now let me break these boys off and get home to both of my girls. We made it back to the stash. I broke all of them off with bags of dough and we went our ways. I made it home where both of my girls are at. I walked in and both of them got on something sexy. They must have gone shopping while I was out. Hey love, hey beautiful. Both of them came in gave me a kiss.

Let's get you to the shower ma'am you smell like a warehouse. Lol you got jokes huh? Yep let's go zaddy to this tub. I went to the bathroom where I had food and a bubble bath waiting on me. I got the best woman I could ever have on my team. It's crazy how both of the women I love are together. We are under one roof with no drama. I don't have to choose between either one of them. I'm loving this set up between these two.

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