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58.33% Transcendence Beyond Infinity / Chapter 7: The Tournament Begins!

The Tournament Begins! - Transcendence Beyond Infinity - Chapter 7 by ZektSenpai full book limited free

Chapter 7: The Tournament Begins!

Today was a big day I woke up ate breakfast went to school and then everyone rode a bus to the tournament city. We were given the run-down basic rules no killing, no cheating, and no sabotaging. The no killing and no sabotage was very simple to understand, while the no cheating bro wasn't as easy. How can we cheat if we don't know what is considered cheating? But anyway, they continued to give other information about the tournament that was really useless. Five hours of useless information later, we finally arrived at a dome-like structure that seemed to be the size of four football stadiums! As I got off the bus, Pandora went into what I call her "reconnaissance mode". You know where she scouts for any and all possible threats, dangers, etc. While she tended to that I went to get my tournament I.D card. On the way, however, I saw a small, blue-looking man with white hair which seemed to go unnoticed by everyone else. I wonder who that weirdo is; I must be going insane! I'll just go straight to the counter and get my I.D and ignore anything else I deem strange! But as soon as I had that thought, of course, that blue man turned my way and locked eyes with my gaze! He seemed shocked for a second but then he recovered and whispered something that I couldn't make out. After, saying whatever he said he vanished before my eyes and I returned from a dazed-off gaze.

///Kiyoko///Are you listening/// Pandora said in a worried tone

"To be honest, I didn't hear a single word!" I exclaimed, in an airhead kinda tone as to try and brush past the topic.



///Anyways///6 new threats detected///Not identified///1 old threat found/// direction 4 o'clock//// Pandora told me, clearly holding back her urge to insult me in some way for the shit I just pulled.

"Old threat? Hmm? Oh! You mean her!" I replied. Let's see, 4 o'clock so that means that she is right there. Oof, I really didn't wanna see her again but as they say, the world is a small place. The person I was so obviously glaring at was Miyuki, as she just stood there casually as if she wasn't plotting something dangerous against me! But, I'll ignore her for now; let me ask Pandora about that blue man though. He seems to be more of a threat than Miyuki anyway. "Hey, Pandora, did you see that short, blue-skinned man with white hair earlier?"

///No///I was searching for ultimate skill users/// if he didn't get noticed/// he must not carry an ultimate skill///Why did you bring him up/// Pandora replied and asked.

"hmm, no reason but I believe we should watch out for him more than anyone else!" I explained to Pandora.

//Alright//I'll keep my eyes on him// if we see him again// Pandora assured me which made my feel more secure than I have ever felt. Usually, when pandora says that I don't really get scared because I know there is nothing that can kill me; However, that blue-skinned guy was giving me vibes that I felt like I couldn't ignore. Anyway, the tournament is about to begin so I better head to the meeting area before I'm late.


"Welcome everyone, I am the host of this tournament! My name is Arthur pendragon and I thank everyone who has come to watch and those who are participating! Before, the tournament begins, I wanna say that the winner will get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! It will change your life and make you the strongest in THIS world! So, I wish everyone the best of luck and let the tournament begin!"

"Well, that was quite unique huh, Pandora!" I said actually kinda excited by Mr. Pendragon's opening speech. I was kinda distracted by the scar on his face for a little bit but while hearing the speech I completely forgot about it. That speech definitely did not fit his appearance, but it's bad to judge a person by their looks so let's forget about that! After Mr. Pendragon left the stage, another person came up and announced the rules and everything else that wasn't explained on the bus.

"All of you have been placed in a bracket based on your performance in the mock battles that took place a year ago! The brackets are as follows, Fodder<Bozo<Mid<Talented<Unique. Also, the use of any weapon above angel-tier is prohibited and for those of you who don't know the weapon scaling system, it goes as follows human<demon<angel<world<heaven. Also, for magic any magic that is above demi-god is prohibited, and for those who don't know the magic scaling system, it goes as follows Mortal<Devil<Demi-god<God<Orgin. That covers all rules that weren't covered already by your instructors on your way here! Now, proved to your arena and good luck to all of you!" said the plain-looking announcer as he finished his explanations.

"Alright Pandora, let's do this! This should be of little difficultly to us, right?" I asked Pandora hoping my excitement could probably rub off on her. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_55491738579562585">!_55491738579562585</a> for visiting.

///Remember///The threat level here is high///Don't get cocky/// Pandora said actually sounding pretty cautious now that the tournament has finally begun.

"Alright, I'll listen to you since you are the only person I trust with 100% of my being. Have you identified the other ultimate skill users yet?" I asked.

///No///Meaning these skills have at the mininum///Defense levels that can defend against our eyes/// Pandora replied

"Alright, although I am restricted by these rules I'll try the best I can to not give away our abilities in the beginning!" I reassured Pandora of this because of the last time we both blacked out due to Pandora's box. After, my talk with Pandora, I found myself in front of my first opponent;I thought for someone in 'the unique bracket' he would look stronger but no. My opponent whose name is James Fodderson looked like a 4-eyed geek shut-in who didn't even leave to go to school! "Hey, I recommend you surrender, I don't think you are fit to be in this bracket of the tournament!" I tried telling James but unexpectedly he refused my warning with an attitude that pissed me off.

"I believe, you should worry about yourself bitch!" James said in a condescending tone!

"Wha!?" I said shocked in place by his unexpected response!

"You heard me whore!" James continued on.

"You know? I was trying to not waste my time with such fodder but since you wanna fight then let's go!" I said while activating 'eyes of pandora' and releasing a mountain-load of pressure towards James! Hopefully, he surrenders so that I don't have to show anything else. Although, I guess they can't see 'eyes of pandora' because it's already fused with me so there are no visible changes. it probably looks like a difference in skill to anyone watching. Which it was by a massive amount at that however I can still feel anxious right? I mean if these other skill holders can block our(Pandora and mine's) eyes then they should be able to tell something was used just now! At least, that's how I see it and Pandora also agrees right?

///Yes///Better safe than sorry///We don't want that to happen again/// Pandora added on to reassure me I was doing the right thing to try and force the opponent to surrender.

While I was having my internal dialogue I completely forgot about James; he was crushed into the ground barely breathing. It seems the pressure crushed some of his internal organs making it hard for him to even stay conscious. The ref immediately ended the match and gave me the win as a result. I'm surprised though because I almost killed him on accident, so I thought I would be disqualified. However, right when I thought that the ref seemed to ask someone a question through his earpiece.

"Contestant Kiyoko Suzuki will not be disqualified due to the lack of preparation that her opponent had. The judges believe that Kiyoko barely used a fragment of her strength and even that was enough to nearly kill James Fodderson, thus, they declare the match her victory!' The ref told everyone to give a proper explanation for what just happened.

Welp, I wish they wouldn't make me look super powerful! I mean come on I'm trying to go through this tournament as low-key as I can for as long as I can! but, now I bet I have all eyes on me which makes it harder to hide from the other skill holders!

///Don't worry/// Just prepare for the next set of fights///You won't have any trouble concealing things///Until the quarter-finals// Pandora said to me to try and calm me down.

"Alright, let's go then," I told Pandora sadly and exhaustedly. I hope the rest of my day goes more smoothly. Of course, when I said that it set a flag that would put more spotlight on me!

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