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Chapter 1: Prologue

Hello there everyone! I have deleted the previous chapters and have completely changed the plot. This is just the prologue. Please enjoy it and leave your valuable feedback.


Where? Just where did I go wrong?

Was it when I started finding solace in fiction? Or was it when I started neglecting my studies to read a few more chapters?

Or was it when I thought that I could achieve anything as long as I try but never did something?

Just when I did become a such a failure?

Maybe it was when I started questioning the school system and blamed it for my low marks.

Or maybe it was when I created a comfort zone where I was surrounded by pride and greater than thou attitude that stemmed from insecurities and fear of failure.

Or maybe it was when I distanced myself from reality upon finding joy, contentment, and a unique sense of adventure, excitement, and fulfillment in unreal fiction.

I do not know.

I just know that the thing that I used to put above all else has become exact thing that I hate but couldn't let go of.

Looking back, I wasn't always such a failure. I wasn't someone who feared everything and overthought everything. I wasn't always someone who would push blame on others.

In fact, I was good in studies as well as in sports. I was a bit good in music and knew my way around computer softwares as well.

But once it all got into my head, I turned into nothing.

Perhaps the only thing that increased in the last 20 something years was my age. I never stopped aging, I stopped growing.

So now, currently I am 39, Jobless, homeless, familyless and penniless.

When my parents were alive, they took care of everything while I closed myself behind the doors of my room. So, when they got into accident and died, I didn't even know what to do next. I became familyless.

I kept using their savings untill I was left with nothing to my name except for the house.

When I saw that I had no money, I found a job, but every job needs a particular skill. I, who couldn't even talk to people now wasn't even able to keep my job as a waiter. I became jobless.

So I blamed the society, sold the house and cooped up myself in a rented room.

I did nothing and kept waiting for the next day. Slowly but surely, I completely became useless.

After five years of selling my parent's house, I used up all the money and was kicked out of my rented room. I became homeless and penniless.

I kept criticizing everything and everyone...even though it was me who was doing nothing.....

Why didn't I do anything?

I could have at least become something if not the best. I could have found the place that I belong to and could have given it my best instead of grumbling at everything.

.....I want to go back. I want a redo.

If possible, I want to go back to my kindergarten. No, Just the high school would do. Heck, even just two years would be fine.

I desperately need a chance.

"...Let go of me!!"

Somewhere in the rain, I heard a girl shouting at someone. It was still summer and it was the first time that it was raining this year. The shrill voice didn't go well with the 'pita-pata' of the raindrops.


I turned around and saw that a girl was being harassed by some hoodlums.

The hoodlums and the girl were all pretty young and wore clothes of the same design so perhaps they were all from the same school. If I am not wrong there is a high school in the neighborhood. Perhaps they go to that school.

"No one can save you today. Pay us back...or pay with your body."

A boy that seemed like the leader of the teenage hoodlums laughed lecherously and grabbed the hairs of the girl. The boy gave off the vibe as if he belonged to a rich family and he looked quite handsome as well.

'Dude, just play your cards right...girls would treasure that face of yours... why are you playing villain here?'

The girl looked around and called out to me upon seeing me looking at her.

"Uncle! Please help me. They are going to **** me."

She was pretty desperate. The tears have started to form at the rims of her eyes. She had perhaps never imagined that something like that would ever happen to her.

But unknown to her, I was the last person that she should have asked the help from. I was useless. I couldn't even talk to anyone much less take a stand against more than 10 hoodlums.

'But I have always been useless. I should at least try to be a bit less useless.'

Perhaps it was because i didn't want to be useless anymore, I walked to their group and shouted. My heart started pounding very hard and the blood rushed all over my body.

"Let her...tho!"

Unfortunately, the blood got into my head and I bit my tongue in the heat of the moment.

The hoodlums who were feeling skeptical and a bit fearful a moment ago, all burst into laughter while I felt my cheeks burn up in shame over my epic failure.

'I am useless. I shouldn't have even tried.'

But when I looked at their laughing faces, my shame turned into anger and I shouted loudly and rammed myself against the nearest hoodlum.

There was one more thing that had increased along with my age....my weight and I leveraged that against that hoodlum.

And I was pretty successful; the person lost his footing and fell down.

The hoodlums stopped laughing and became wary.

"Hmph! You dare hurt my brother. Die!"

The boss hoodlum took out a gun and shot it at me without any delay.

I see! These were not any ordinary hoodlums. That child had killed before and he didn't even flinch when he shot me.

I was unlucky. The bullet hit me in the stomach.

I fell down on my back and hit the cold and wet ground.

Although I was not dead, I wasn't far off either.

The brat who shot me walked upto me and started hurling insults at me....telling me how my fat ass made him waste a bullet. He even bent down above my head and spat on my face...

I could do nothing but growl in pain and humiliation....not that it made any difference.

After he was done venting out, he started walking back towards the girl.

'Stop him!' I gathered all my courage and strength and tightly held his leg.

The boy stumbled and fell down on his face.

'Hell yeah! serves you right.' I chuckled in my mind upon seeing him fall.

The brat flared up yet again and started kicking my face trying to free himself. But only God knows why, I refused to let go.

It was probably because of my pride or perhaps it was because I wanted to save the girl and not be useless anymore....but no matter the reason, I refused to release my grip.

Others joined in as well and started kicking me all over the body....but my fat armour helped me nullify their attacks to a certain extent.

Unfortunately after some time, I hit my limit and released the boy.

My body refused to move anymore. I had lost a lot blood. I guess it was my time.

Fortunately, before I closed my eyes, I heard the police siren that relieved me for some reason.

'The girl will be safe now. I guess, I was a bit useful in the end.'

I thought before I lost myself into the cold embrace of death.


That should have been the end...my end.

But for some reason I woke up. And not only did I wake up, I found that I was sitting naked on a wooden chair in front of an old age CRT monitor and an archaic trackball mouse.

The monitor and the mouse were both kept on a wooden table.

"Where am I?"

I looked around and saw the marble pillars supporting the conical dome above me.

The entire thing reminded me of the ancient greek circular gazebos.

And the view from the gazebo that was floating high up in the skies was nothing short of spectacular. The white clouds that continuously changed their shapes and the golden sunlight that would occasionally be reflected by them made me feel as if I was in a surreal dream.

I wanted to go to its edge and see everything but for some reason, my legs refused to budge. Helplessly, I could only sit and stare at the screen.


Suddenly, the monitor lit up and I heard a weird chime that came from it.

"Character Creation?"

I read the words that had suddenly appeared on the screen. They had a weird font but I could still read them.

*Select gender*

Although, I was still confused, I went along with it. I was naked....high up in the skies...and I wanted nothing but clothes to cover my bare body..Not to mention, I had nothing else to do.

Hoping that this would somehow lead me to clothes, I started playing along with it and chose male.

*Select your race.*

Now this was turning out to be exactly like the games that I had wasted so much time on.

'Is this a prelude to reincarnation or something?'

I chuckled at the weird notion and started reading the description of the limited races that were being displayed.






There was a big red Note at the end of the list as well.

*Note: Every race is divided into various sub-races. Selection of sub-race will be completely random.*

I kept the note in my mind and started reading the description of the various races. All the races had their generic abilities and limitations.

Dwarves in general were good with metal and lived in the vast underground cities built by them.

Beastmen had the greatest physical capabilities of all the races and liked to live in various nomadic tribes.

Elves were more attuned with nature and had the greatest magical capabilities of all the races. They lived on the giant trees deep in the forest.

Demons had both great physical capabilities and great magical capabilities. But this combination made them strongest individuals. They lived in their own cities and kingdoms.

Finally, humans were the most versatile race. They were not the strongest and they didn't excel at a particular magic or skill but they didn't have the racial limitations placed upon them either. For example, almost all sub races of elves couldn't eat meat and were physically weak, beastmen had limited intelligence, demons were low in numbers and often excelled at only one type of magic.

Individually, Humans were the weakest of all the races but when united, they had the potential to stand above all.

I selected human as the race and saw the next window that had appeared.

*Select a unique skill*

Note: Only one unique skill can be unlocked. To unlock more unique skills, reach character level 100.

-20×experience (gain 20 times the experience)

-autocraft (craft anything by providing raw materials)

-2×stats (gain 2 times the stats upon level up)

-Transparency (Skill to see through objects.Consumes MP)

-Time stop skill(stops time. consumes MP)

- Teleport ( teleports the user to desired location. consumes MP)




There were bunch of skills in the list but the one that could maximize my profits would be 2×stats.. If I select some other skill let say 20× experience for example, it would only make me waste several of my level ups that could have been used to procure more stat points.

Thus I went along with the 2× stats.

"What's next?"

I asked. I was not able to move but for some reason, I did not fear the lack of my mobility. It was weird but I chose to leave that be.

*The host will now be reincarnated into a suitable body.*

As I read the strange text on the screen, I felt a pull from the centre of my very being that increased with each passing moment. But before I could react, I lost my consciousness as if it was switched off abruptly.

Lord_ozone Lord_ozone

Thank you for reading!!


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