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92.3% Transcending Paragon: multiverse travel / Chapter 138: Chapter 133 - fake holy knight

Chapter 133 - fake holy knight - Transcending Paragon: multiverse travel - Chapter 138 by cure_chester_sama full book limited free

Chapter 138: Chapter 133 - fake holy knight

Sleeping soundly within the room of the boar hat. The young woman was being observed by meliodas due to being the current reincarnation of his beloved. He turn to his friends who jokingly said about giving a niece which made him embarrassed but the real request was for the demon clan to serve him.

Caelum planned to add them to his ever growing army. He knew theirs a possibility for him to unable to be there when his vulnerable. Though his inner world chances of being invaded is slim but it still there and won't risk it.

"I know the request is possible since you're the most powerful being even my father won't be able to harm you but it would be impossible so long my father is alive."

"Nah sorry I gotta tell you this but your daddy is dead been so in three thousand years or was it million years? Time in the purgatory is confusing."

Meliodas was shocked to hear his father had been dead ever since he was sealed inside purgatory. He was sadden at the news even if they are distances doesn't mean he didn't value his relationship with his father. Caelum watch his friend having determined gaze then the sleeping woman was slowly wake up.

"W-where am i…"

"Oh hey meliodas your sleeping beauty is finally awake. This makes me feel like fairy god mother."

"Fairy-What now? Your really unusual, Cealum."

"Hahaha I don't need it from you when you're groping her."

Caelum narrowed his eyes seeing meliodas squeeze the breast of elizabeth. He was reminded of the anime and how the season was great but it went down hill from their. Thankfully he was seeing everything live and it doesn't do any justice in a two dimensional show.

"What do you think you're doing pervert!?"

Hawk bit into Meliodas who looked deadpanned while Elizabeth was confused of the situation as she saw Caelum approached giving smile seeing an old friend.

"Sup, princess elizabeth or is it goddess elizabeth? Or may bloody Eli would be fitting. Hai this past three thousand years had been really eventful."

"Sorry but do I know you?"

"Yes and no but here…"

Caelum pointed his index into her forehead as Meliodas watched from the side with hawk screaming at what's going on when a surge of magical energy that was sense by something far distance.

"Hmmmm someone had interfere with my daughters curse…interesting."

The visage of light that encompasses a vast majority of land, a woman who wore white dress that had golden and cross design with long white hair and a blinding light shining brightly hiding her beautiful face. Behind her was multitude of feather wings that spread revealing its true beauty. She flew in the sky in immense speed having light smile. The person was none other than the supreme deity who only sense the disturbance after the system had stop interfering.

Back to caelum, Elizabeth saw countless vision showing the life she had and how many times meliodas had been there for her. She gradually form four wings and her eyes change into the goddess clan as tears fall from her cheek.

"Thank you! Thank you!"

"No need to thank me since I stole something from you."

She nodded then stood up walked up to Meliodas who was livid crying then giving a true smile breaking his façade finally escaping the burden he had. Caelum let them be as gone outside to cultivate the curse of reincarnation from Elizabeth.

"Great this would be a amazing addition."

He looked at the curse of reincarnation that would be blessing to him. Caelum knew it was the right time to used it deciding to hide it for now. Though, he had god of magic to replicate the curse but it was better to have curse that had been in the cycle of reincarnation over one hundred six. This would give him the same number of reincarnation to live and understand life and death even more.

"Hey you have stay right there!"

Caelum saw a group of knight esquire walking towards him much to his displeasure but he gave mischievous smile.

"What can I do for this so great holy knights?"

"Have you seen the rusted knight? We were inform by the local that its been spotted here."

"Rusted knight? Nope maybe you had the wrong place."

"Are you trying trick us!? You lot search the area!"

Before they could move, Caelum had already knock them out and waited to the fake holy knight to arrive. Few minutes gone by a man with thick armor came shock to see a young man sitting on top of unconscious people. He gave welcoming smile surprising the holy knight but return his composure.

"Young man are you the one responsible for doing this?"

"Brat who you calling young? I have you know that even before your grandmother been born I have already alive and kicking."

"I had question yet refuse. I'll just report unexpected casualties then." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Caelum didn't flinch when he sudden swung his sword enough to decimate the small land of the forest. He was to confident when a powerful force slash on his shoulder shocking him. The force contain on it was hundred folds than his and felt horrified when he saw the young man deadpanned.

"Well your really stupid huh."

"W-what did! I didn't saw you move!"

"I don't need to explain anything but it only proves my Abyss ability at its work."

The ability he had gain after maxing out Full counter which provides the power to reflect any attack that had malicious intent to increase in hundred folds. The fake holy knight body suddenly slice in multiple area taking his last breathe unaware of what truly happened.

"Time to clean and meet up with Diane."

Caelum devoured their corpses then went inside the tavern where the couple express their gratitude towards him and told the same thing as Meliodas. He isn't aware himself that his requesting for their future daughter in marriage.

"Now then I heard that Diane had recently spotted in this area. Let's go and check it out."


The next day, Caelum went to his home to get Metrona and Rajine who came along with him and the latter to retrieve his sister. Meliodas sense a familiar energy quickly went to check it out and shocked to see a familiar face.

"Wait Rajine!?! How are you alive and with caelum!?"

"Its been a while, Meliodas. I never died though and saved by caelum though his condition is quite bizarre."

"Don't tell me she's also your lover? And here I thought I'm the pervert."

"I don't need hearing that from you and yes she's also my lover."

"Aren't going to introduce me?"

"Oh right this Metrona, A friend of Diane. I brought her to finally meet her."

Meliodas invited inside even though his a bit wary of Rajine but put it aside since his friend is Caelum. They headed to the next town where only meliodas and caelum went to town while the rest remain in the tavern in case someone tries to robe them though may the unfortunate soul rest in peace.

"Hahaha go ahead try we have the time fo the world!"

A drunk knight laughed loudly as they saw the people struggle to life sword that block the pathways for their water system. Caelum lazily move towards the sword which had small amount of magical energy.

"Hahaha Hey brat are you going play hero? Unless you're a holy knight then it-"

They went silent when the sword flung towards them stabbing into their private parts causing them to scream and other men to wince. Caelum rubbed the back of his head while making peace sign

"Hehehe sorry I wasn't aiming there but at least you escape child support."

The sound of the ground rumbling then a the fountain of water rose from the sky causing the people to felt relived then gaze towards caelum who appeared to be a benevolent hero. They couldn't help but bow their head as if worshiping him.

"Come on, no need to thank me but rather try to help one another when the time comes. Well can you people give me the best Ale you got?"

They didn't even hesitate to have festive celebration with Caelum and his group joining in the celebration providing food for them even if they knew the people that helped them had a lover of a demon and a giant wouldn't matter for them.

"Well this is the ultimate Author nerf."

Caelum stared at the night sky dribking his Ale when a lightning bolt which was a spear that blasted by Gilthunder head towards them. He recalled how the holy knight introduce only for the author to nerf….sound like the author of this book.

"Hey brat didn't parent ever tell you to not throw things at random people!"

Caelum flick his finger deflecting the spear then flick once again at the bottom of it launching the spears in tremendous speed appearing as a light streak.

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