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Chapter 6: Changes

After Successfully passing through surgery, lying on a bed in a medical room Nkosi's mind is still dormant. "I can't believe this happened, he's such a sweet boy! He does nothing to no one!" Shuri wailed to the nurses. "It'll be fine, he's out of danger and just need time to wake up on his own." The nurse stated to shuri. "If he's such a sweet boy, and does nothing to no one, he wouldn't have been the only one shot would he." The nurse sneered in her heart.

"Mrs. Johnson, we were with Ko the entire time to be honest he was acting really strange today." Marcus said with dried tears still on his face. "Yea Mrs. Johnson, he bumped into this dude named Tyrique at our school, Ko apologized at first, then Tyrique wasn't having it. So Ko said 'Do you wanna die?'" Jason said with tears still running down his face. "My baby said what!?" Shuri said in shock. "Hmph, like I thought" the nurse disdained in her heart. "Please stay quiet and calm, he needs his rest." The nurse said one final time and left the room.

"Yea Mrs. Johnson, then right after that, he punched him right in the throat instantly dropping him, so we grabbed Ko and ran. No one saw that it was us who did it, except Tyrique who got hit." Marcus said slowly obviously knowing who shot Ko. Knowing what Marcus was saying, she realized the boy Tyrique is the only one who could have shot her son.

"I'm calling the police!" Shuri yelled. "Mrs Johnson you can't!" Jason stepped up. "Boy you better not tell me what I can and can't do." Mrs Johnson said obviously pissed. "Mrs. Johnson think about it, Tyrique should know at this point, that we know it was him. He's probably long gone by now, we won't find him, and the police is gonna look at Ko cause he provoked the entire situation. The best we can do, is let it pass as a drive by shooting for now." Marcus reasoned with Shuri slowly.

"So we're just gonna let that boy get away with almost taking my baby away from me?" Shuri cried while sinking back down into the seat she stood from. "That's not what I said Mrs. Johnson, we'll let it pass for now." Marcus said with a steely glint in his eyes. Shuri collapsed weakly in her seat, giving up, just thankful that her son is still alive.

"Where am I?" Nkosi said as he stood in darkness. The only light is coming from his soul's bluish glow. Looking around he notices a purple glow off in the distance, left with no other choice, he approaches it. "You're finally here, I was waiting to see when you'd catch on." The lord commander said with gritted teeth obviously pissed. Sitting in a lotus position, hunched over holding his body where his shoulder once was, The lord Commander stared daggers at Nkosi. "Where are we?" Nkosi asked ignoring the looks he was receiving.

"This my boy, is inside your soul. This is the location of your Soul's true essence. Anything that happens to this place will affect your soul, in turn, if this place is destroyed, you will no longer have the chance to enter the Duat, you will simply cease to exist." The lord commander slowly explained with a crooked smile feeling a slight win.

"What!?" Nkosi said scared knowing this unknown dangerous man across from him could make him no longer exist. "Sigh...Calm down kid...Lucky for you I have no strength to put up a fight and destroy this place for the time being, sadly...Sigh...I have to ensure your existence in order to survive here, destroying you here without my previous soul strength is suicide." The lord commander said standing up and snapping his finger. Out of thin air he warped his own soul power to form a throne to sit upon and look down at Nkosi.

"Now listen up! Over this course of time together it's possible that my emotions, personality, and even soul will inadvertently influence your everyday life. You'll experience my memories, live through my experiences, and even have a chance to cultivate which is something I don't want but it's inevitable. There may be times where I'll be given the reins to drive, while you take the backseat. If that comes to fruition, we'll be in serious danger of our souls melding and we'll never separate again. With that being said, I'll have to teach you some things in order to guard your true essence, and to host my overwhelming soul power, and slow the mixing of souls." The lord commander slowly explained while rubbing his temples.

"So let me get this straight....We're stuck together, that much is clear, Yet you have to teach me whatever it is that's made you strong enough to be in this situation, In order to not kill me by accident. That also makes it suicide for you if you don't teach me?" Nkosi asked standing before the lord commander skeptically. "Sigh...Yes..." the lord commander responded pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration. "Hahah! What a fucking goofy! You tried to take over my body and force me in to a place called the Duat? Now you have to make me strong! Hahah Welp! Since I'm safe for the time being, I'm going to leave this place with you in it. Goodby-....How do I leave this place?" Nkosi laughed then remembered he doesn't know how to leave.

"Just get the fuck out! And take this with you mortal!" Waving his hand a flash of purple light hit Nkosi in the center of his forehead leaving the mark of a yin and yang symbol. Frightened Nkosi felt his forehead, yet he felt nothing there, "What did you- whoa!!" Nkosi was cut off by a gravitational force pulling him upwards.

"Boys it's getting late, it's time for y'all to go home, you've been here everyday after school for 3 weeks straight. It's ok not to be here..." Shuri told Marcus and Jason who were on their phones across the room sitting in chairs next to Nkosi. "It's cool Mrs. Johnson, we know Ko wouldn't leave neither of us, so we won't leave him." Marcus responded looking up from his phone.

"That's cause...Shorty on the bus...been ignoring you..." Nkosi spoke with a dry throat fluttering his eyes open to blinding light. "Ko!" Everyone In the room yelled. "Cough..How long have I been out?" Still feeling the dryness of his throat he coughed out. "Three weeks, everyone at school heard, and thought you died." Jason was the first to speak up to answer his question as well as hand him a glass of water. "Well at least when I go back I won't have the softest reputation anymore." Nkosi said looking on the bright side of his current situation.

"Boy! You scared me and Sana Half to death we lost your father, we can't lose you too!" Shuri cried holding on to Nkosi's hand while holding Nkosana with her other arm. "Sorry ma, I here though, I'm not leaving..." Nkosi said with tears spilling

"It's ok baby, get some rest, me and Sana will come back tomorrow morning. Now that we know you're fine, we'll go home and get a good night's rest." Shuri said feeling much relief and exhaustion, her fear of him not waking up when the doctors said, left her fear stricken for too long.

"Ok ma, catch you guys later." Nkosi weakly waved as Shuri and his friends left the room, so he decided to go back to sleep. "Wake up...I said wake the fuck up! sleepy time is over mortal." The lord commander spoke to Nkosi. "What do you want!? The least you can do is let me rest and recoup after being shot!" Nkosi complained.

"First thing first, we need to forcefully squeeze out your body's full potential right now, the sooner the better. It'll be the most painful thing you've ever experienced in your life. Be prepared, also you will refer to me as The lord Commander mortal, you will show me respect." The lord commander pridefully stated that last part.

"First off, Fuck you...You tried to kill me and you want me to show you respect? I'd be dead if it wasn't due to certain circumstances, so you can forget about me showing you any ounce of respect. You're doing this cause you have no choice in the matter. Don't act like it's out of your benevolence, that you're willing to help me. Second of all, I'm not calling you Lord Commander. It's a fucking mouthful, how bout I call you Goofy ghost?" Nkosi responded more pissed off then he's ever been.

"So he has a backbone!" the commander responded. "Is that from my influence or is it 100% you? It doesn't matter. Watch your mouth boy, I can still do damage to you without threatening my existence. So you will show me some respect!" The commander stated while exerting his remaining Qi that he held onto in case of an emergency, which turned out to be the purple yin yang symbol he Imprinted on Nkosi before he left him. "!!!!" Nkosi's body tensed up as tightly as possible, while feeling a searing pain in every muscle and bone.

Unknown to Nkosi, the Lord Commander was doing this to his benefit, forcefully instilling the most powerful and purest Qi into his body, to forcefully remold it to that of the heaven's gift constitution. The heavens gift constitution allowed the person who had it, enjoy the possibility of following all cultivation paths simultaneously without being rejected or more favored to any one of them. The lord commander couldn't be more familiar with this constitution as he once had it, granted it was his dying secret.

After 12 hours of enduring a hellish fire being ignited within his body. Nkosi has finally passed out due to exhaustion. "Wow...He actually endured that for 12 hours...Here I thought, I would have to do it in at least 2 hour increments giving his mind time to process everything the pain and his body a break." The lord commander thought to himself

Looking at Nkosi now, few would recognize him, his features have become more defined, sharper, making him much more attractive than he already is. He also grew to the height of six feet, and muscles became more prominent and defined. Should someone walk into the room at this moment, they may pass out due to the extremely foul smell from the impurities that were forced out of his body.

"I know you're exhausted mortal, but you have to wake up!.....Wake Up!" The lord commander yelled in Nkosi's mind. Waking up to a loud clap of thunder, Nkosi wakes up. Still exhausted from what he's been through, he can barely move an inch. "You have to wash the impurities away quickly before anyone find out what has happened here. Go! Quickly!" The lord commander urged.

"Jun Tao...It is a name, that I have nearly forgotten over the course of a millennia, I will permit you to refer to me as Jun Tao" the lord commander stated. As Nkosi forced himself to the bathroom to clean the black sludge from his weakened body.

After cleaning the hard to remove sludge from his body, which he's unsure wether he's cleaned his scalp and locs thoroughly enough, Nkosi finally looks into the mirror. Shocked at what he see, he does a double take. "Yo!!! I'm fine asl shorty!!!" Nkosi yells to himself all excited. Looking at how tall he is now, and his muscular definition, he's surprised by how he's changed. Looking at his chest, he see's a barely visible scar. "That must've been my bullet wound, how is it gone so quickly?" Nkosi thought. "It nearly disappeared when I remolded your body. Once you increase your strength over time, it will disappear completely." Jun Tao stated matter of factly.

"How is this possible?" Nkosi said breathlessly. "You're welcome mortal, soon enough once you leave this place, we will begin your training in all paths of cultivation." Jun Tao stated proud of his work. "What is cultivation?" Nkosi asked while walking back to the bed he was laying in, pulling the sheets that was covered in sludge of the hospital bed and throwing them in a corner, he finally laid down.

"That mortal is a long story, one we will begin at the start of your training. In the meantime, do not bother me unless you are in danger, I may not have strength to help you much, but you have access to my memories and experiences, so when it comes to battle, with my experience, you'll be able to survive a lot of things." Jun Tao said before going into silence.

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