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80% Transmigrate to Love You / Chapter 4: (4)

(4) - Transmigrate to Love You - Chapter 4 by Malle full book limited free

Chapter 4: (4)

Zang house is now already built or should be said mansion many people that passing by see the mansion it looks beautiful and big the Zang family is now having breakfast and discussing with other happily that there life is now set.

Lily write a letter for Sean last night thanking for the things he send because of him her family treat her well now that no need to need to work hard because Mother Zang hire a two maid and 1 boy.

Lily get up to get permission to her mother saying that she gonna send a letter back to Sean.

"Mother i'm going out to send letter to Sean"

"Go go his now our benefactor y need to grasp Sean well"

Mother Zang said while enjoying tea in living room not knowing that Lily clinch fist and cold eyes.

"Yes mother i understand"

Lily get up to go and send a letter for Sean while walking lily see sunme whose going to be married to a next village.

" Lily hi where are you going?" Sunme heard that lily fiance Sean is now rich feel jealous that lily got lucky not like her getting married to someone average.

"Sending letter to Sean" Lily understand the way sunme stare so she feel uncomfortable and said goodbye immediately walking fast.

"Huh! look at her now arrogant just because her fiance got rich so what his gonna cheat on her anyway hhmm"Sunme said not knowing that lily heard it and got worried that it might be true but i need to believe in Sean.


Sean get up early 5:00 am to excercise to maintain his masculine body after he discover that his body he got is pretty strong when he lift the big box like nothing.

After running Sean buy food outside then take a shower to buy a house and car but before going out he call Arthur yes theyre now friends.

"Hey Arthur i'm going out i can't come to school so tell the teacher i'm sick"

"Man you got sick? come on i'll tell the teacher your sick but tell me the truth" Arthur will not believe it after all Sean is pretty strong and healthy just looking at his body.

"Ok fine i'm going to buy a house and car so when my wife came she have a house live comfortable" Sean said smiling.

"Wife? i thought fiance arent you fast haha but speaking of house go to Wang Real estate tell my name and they gonna help you"

"Thanks that a big help Arthur" after the call Sean call a taxi to go in Wang Real estate.

Because Arthur already called the manager so Sean is now already set after buying a mansion with 9 room with swimming pool in a community the security is impressive maybe because it's full of rich people.

"Excuse me do you know a designer to design the house and complete the things for the house" Sean said while drinking coffee in a lounge.

"Yes sir we have our own designer what type of design you like" The manager said politely giving the 4 magazine for sir arthur friend observing the youngman that more noble than his boss son that all know have fun.

"Simple but elegant she like blue so make other item blue" Sean giving the manager his want.

After that the manager lead Sean to the casher to pay Sean pay using a black card after he go to a bank 3 days ago to deposit the money the girl in counter feels shock that the two bag is full of money thinking her bonus he immediately help Sean process the document and give Sean a black card.

The Manager and casher of Real Estate surprise didnt expect these youngman to be a big time.

"Sir after we finish designing and make things finish well call you immediately" Manager said extra politely.

"Ok here is my number call me if everything is done and before you finish clean the house twice and hire 3 maid age should be in 40's professional is good" Sean said paying extra 2 million.

" Y-Yes sir your wish is our command" Manager said happily it's 2 million he never had that before.

Sean then make things done going out in the building he pull out his phone to search where he can find to buy a car after finding one and it just near he just walk.

Passing by a store that sell branded clothes for men he get in sales lady welcoming him they did not expect to much that the handsome but wearing clothes man to buy anything.

"Sir what can we do for you" The professional sales lady said to Sean.

Sean just smile and walk around pulling clothes,pants and everything he like so casually like it's nothing the sales lady that assisting him is shocked but still hide her excitement thinking her big commission. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Deliver the other things in my apartment the address is etc." Sean said after paying.

"Yes sir and here sir you can change your clothes"Sales lady said politely.

Sean then change clothes looking more like a prince after a while Sean then go to the store that sell car sean then buy a two car one is a sport car and the other is suv for everyday use.

After paying and making it deliver to the mansion he buy he go out but dis not expect that while walking someone is planning to rob him.

"Hey boy look at you wearing expensive things were poor can you fucking give your money to us" The leader of gang said to sean circle him leading him to an alley.

"Ok relax guys let's talk calmly no need to be aggressive" Sean said calmly then acting like giving them the wallet.

Sean then punch the leader making it knock out kicking the others then pull the one that running away punch and tie them all like an action star.

"You guys i may look kind but i'm not and don't do these again ok" Sean said coldly to them

"Yes yes boss we will not do these again"

"Boss please release us we will be a kind citizen now"

"Don't hand over us to a police boss we still have family waiting for us"

The other nod to pleadingly like a puppy feeling helpless Sean release them seeing that they really poor he give them money and got an idea for his business.

"I plan to build a security company and you guys seems strong the body is pretty intimidating i'll hire you all as long as you work hard"Sean said planning to buy a building.

The gang then feel happy thanking god for sending an angel that well give them a good job.

"Thank you boss"

" Thank you boss your a blessing to us"

"And your strong too"

The other then follow Sean then talk the leader of the gang planning where to buy company and equipment then sean give mark the leader the card that full of money

"Here is the money i trust so take a good job call me after your done i'm still a student so your gonna be a president and i'll be a chairman" Sean give the other card he have that have 80 million.

"Boss don't worry i'll do my best i may not look like but i graduate in college finance i just like being a gangster so thats why hehe" Mark said.

"Hhmm you better be i'll be going now see next time" Sean then go home

Mark then call her 7 brother to go home and plan everything to give Sean a good news.

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