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Transmigrated in Tales of Demons and Gods [Completed]

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Author: Wise_Snail

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Xiao Yan, high-school boy from Earth, got killed by a truck.
Due to him firmly believing that being accidentally killed by a truck would send someone reincarnating in an other World, the God of Trucks decided to grant him his wish and sent him in his favorite World, Tales of Demons and Gods.


I would like to write my own story.
But I don’t have the skills for it, so I’m starting with this fan-fiction to train a little.
Please, leave some reviews and comments on what you like, what you don’t like or what to do to improve myself, thanks.


I won’t make an empty promise about a fixed number of chapters but it's the first time I write something, so don’t expect too much xD

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That story is so awesome! The author must be a genius! If I was a girl I would fall in love with him! (It's definitely not the author speaking) I'll just say that I won't drop this fanfic as I'm one of the die-hard fans of TDG. I know that it's really annoying having dozens of fanfics about our favorite WN and nearly all of them dropped while still in the Tiny World. There's three who managed to step in the Draconic Ruins Realm. Two of them "ended" but in my point of view they were no longer fanfics of TDG by that time. Anyway, I'll repeat myself, I won't drop this fanfic!

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I read nearly all of the TDG fanfics and in my point of view, this one is at the very least in the top 3. Pros: - There is no copy-pasting Finally an Author who when writing some events of the original (like Nie Li’s bet or the talk with Xiao Ning’er in the Training Grounds) didn’t simply copy-paste. Here he either made a summary or used his own words. - There are Butterfly effects The actions of the new MC do have some effects on his new world. I got tired of the fanfics who simply followed the original timeline as if they were clearing the stages of a game, not caring about how the past events should impact the new ones. - Character development Be it the MC or those close to him, they grow from the events and their personalities aren’t fixed. - Original and fun Be it the “face” of the God, the way the MC/his girlfriends deal with Shen Yue, or some of Xiao Yan’s shameless inner thoughts, I find all of it really refreshing. - The MC’s mother, Chen Yin You’ll understand when you read it :) Cons: - At the beginning, the MC gives cultivation techniques to some people (His parents, one uncle, Xiao Ning’er, her father, Ye Ziyun, 5 people from her family, 2 Elders of the Alchemist Association, Yang Xin and Gu Yan) He gave some more later, but at that time he can already defend himself against Legend Ranks so I won’t talk about it. I started reading this fanfic a few days after the start, and I can tell you that this was the most controversial choice of the author. Some readers found that it was stupid of the MC, wanting to enslave the people before trusting them. Personally, I don’t think that it’s a problem and I think that those who read “Library of Heaven’s Path” would think the same. That artifact allows the MC to see through anyone, if they weren’t trustworthy and were going to betray him, he would know it. And it’s not like some of those people were from the Dark Guild or the Sacred Family. Anyway, that was the thing that most complaints were about. - The relationships are rushed. The author said that it was a choice since he was writing for the first time, wanting to train his writing skills and didn’t want to put too much fillers. There might be more negative points for other people, but hey, it’s just a fanfic and the quality is even better than some premium novels. That’s enough for me to be a bit biased xD

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To be honest it had a great start, the story was good, characters and everything feels real, wishes are good, but then suddenly everything changed at chapter 61-62 so basically mc “killed” Nie li, but the truth is that he only deleted his memories, but as you know people with amnesia are still alive, so what does he do? He made him a “clone” giving him all his memories, i wouldn’t be so mad about it but suddenly Nie li (clone) wants to flirt with Yang Xin... you know were this is going right? Mc alredy has Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ninger as fiances and mc for some stupid reason made the promise that he won’t add more people to his harem... (i wouldnt be mad if it was true that like he said was for love but is obviously not for his idea) but obviously as a reader we thought that it would be the tpical were the love interest would try to convince the fiance to join mc harem, but he suddenly mc gome with the great idea to make clones of himself (that basically are are others people body and souls with his memories) to take the waifus for him, because he can’t break the promise... This left me with a feeling of NTR so strong i don’t want to keep reading. he probably won’t change it because he has advanced chapters in patreon and chapter 69 (nice) is supposed to be lemon between Nie Li x Yang Xin, bro if mc wants waifus be a man and not make “clones”... the worst part is that the story was extremely good and now i have to drop it

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I don't Review alot since i reached lvl 6 and came to conclusion that review system is utter sh#t. Ignore the stars I rated. Theys are meaningless for fanfics anyways. Now the rant is over. Now to the problems I felt after reading. The MC has library of heavens path, and to make money he copies Nie li's idea. He could have done anything but no he literally tried to copy him. He keeps speaking sh#t about Nie li and how he doesn't need him, and literally the next chapter he's planning to get his knowledge. I got no problem with whatever girls he's trying to get. Like it's a fanfiction, most of them is about wish fulfilment. I guess good luck with the book and I'll come back and give it a try again after 20-30 more chapters have been uploaded.

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This fanfic was good until the chapter 61. From there the MC start to duplicate his memory in new bodies, that don't look like the MC, to create clone of himself, it destroyed the story completely. Then the clone of the MC then start to go after other women since the MC himself swore to stay with only Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning'er. The MC is breaking his vow and cheating on them by playing innocent since "its not him" despite being his own mind and himself that choose the women they go after.

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its good story. Author even structured a good plot yet there's one major mistake. Main character is like u help me here take this cultivation technique to help u reach legend. I just known u and u helped me, here take this and u will reach legend. MC character design is too messed up and messes up the plot author created otherwise its a good story.

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Transmigrated in Tales of Demons and Gods? No. More like, “Philanthropy in Tales of Demons and Gods”! Cause all the MC does is give things away every chapter like he some kind of Mr.Beast of Glory City. Wasted wishes on things he could’ve gotten for free. Then theres the whole Clone thing, where he’s letting his clone date other women... The writing quality is good and theres plenty of chapters to binge, but I dont believe its worth it to invest any time or effort into reading as it is a very frustrating and lackluster story. Would benefit from a complete overhaul and rework.

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Mr. Author, please keep on writing and don't listen to the haters. If I don't like a story, I simply stop reading it. I won't spend my time checking the said story to see if the review I made was still here or not. Like seriously, how do you know your review was deleted if you dropped the story? Don't you have anything better to do in your life? They're just hopeless people seeking attention, don't mind them...

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This was a good TDG fanfic that I enjoyed reading until the disaster in chapter 63. Those messy clones and stuff gives me a really creepy NTR feeling. It takes a lot of effort to write something good but only a single mistake can be quite disastrous. This fanfic is the best example of it. I can only suggest the author to think about romance and harem development quite thoroughly before introducing anything like this in his future novels. Don't ever step into the NTR trap, even if it is a little bit suggesting. Anyway, thanks for the work until chapter 63, I really enjoyed it till then.

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This story is amazing, i don't way poeple are pissed about giving away a few techniques that are not a threat to the mc when there is a beast horde on the way

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I like this. It's a good read and it doesn't make me grumble like the other TDG fics I've read. It isn't perfect but really, where can you find a novel that fits to everyone's taste? Well, I appreciate this very much at least, so thanks to the Author for making this.

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it was a good start i read up to chap 69. and then i drop because of the clone. he made ni lie to be his clone and have relation with other girls because he is "LOYAL" to ninger and ziyun. overall i think the story is good if you are okay with clone something. enjoy your ride guys peace!!! pls author dont delete this so other that hate clones can prevent wasting and to be disappoint later and drop.

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Nice story! Hmmm...🤔 Wise_Snail.... Are you appearently the brother of Mad_Snail? Or your enlightned by Mad_Snail? I dont really care because i love your story, but. Dont You Ever Following The Path of Mad_Snail! I mean come on! 1month/chapter! I love the original novel, its even my first chinese novel! But its driven me crazy when Mad_Snail release new chapter once a month And i hope you not did that Mr. Author

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The author is awesome!! the story's progression and its narrations are great , i like it very much😊😍🤗 author don't drop the novel okay????

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Ok its a good Fanfic if i have to say its one of the best of TDG fanfics i won't think its lie but its has only one problem The author made it haste The story development is very poor but anything else is very good

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Honestly i like this TDG but after the clone think i goes downhill directly and stopped reading it but did not delete it in my library hoping the clone saga will end soon but after checking after 62 i think most of the chapters are his clones ( i mean he has others clones cause of the title i didnt read it thou) im still not deleting this i think im gonna check it again after he finish it. The promise of this is so big im just disappointed. Sigh

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are there any romance in the novel?........................................................................................................................................................................................

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I decided to drop this story at chapter 70. I just can't find the pleasure to keep reading it anymore. I liked the fact that the MC gave his family and friends resources so they could get stronger. I really dislike when only the MC keeps on getting stronger even when he clearly can help those he love/trust. But... it really was a little too much. Reading this fanfic reminded me of when I play Tale of Immortal with Cheat Engine. I create a super overpowered sect by giving everyone cultivation items I duplicated. It's funny actually, when you're the one doing. Not so much when you're reading about someone else doing. I don't mind the clone part, though I believe they were badly used. It really looked like they were only created for the sake of being with a girl the MC wanted to be with but wouldn't because he swore he wouldn't have more than two wives. ... However, with only the two points above, I could still try to finish the story and give about a 3.5~4 rating. Now onto the real reason why I gave so low a rating. I am a sucker for character interaction. 2.5D~3D characters, living people, interacting with the world. And unfortunately, all I found in this fanfic were NPCs that could only listen to what the MC wanted. Seriously. There's hardly any dialogue, there're only orders from the MC towards someone else. Almost every interaction was like: MC - "Hey, take this, do that." Named NPC - "Ok" MC goes to another NPC. Repeat. The whole universe revolved around the MC. It felt like he was playing with dolls. "Today I'm going to dress up this doll, and I'm going to throw that other one in the trash." I can't say it was bad for a first story, though. Being a aspiring author myself, I understand the challenge of writing something good. One of the main reasons I never posted any story I wrote. This is just not my style of narrative. It started really good, but it got caught up in a bad loop. Nevertheless, thank you for the ride. It was good while it lasted, honestly.

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Awesome story i love it. Everyone should read it atleast once. Wont say anything that would be spoiling. All i cam say is i hope he could save nie li's teacher..

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