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50% Transmigrated Inside A School Simulator Game / Chapter 2: After Death, comes his lifelong wish

After Death, comes his lifelong wish - Transmigrated Inside A School Simulator Game - Chapter 2 by callmeotooosan full book limited free

Chapter 2: After Death, comes his lifelong wish

Year 5690

"How is it going?. Tell me the progress." Bright entered the room where several game developers gathered in a circle. They were all facing their holograms, typing several complicated codes. In their center shows a slowly constructing blue hologram portal. It looks exactly like the circles forming when a player respawns.

However, this portal never formed completely. Halfway through, it will always collapse.

One of the game developers fixed his glass and said while stuttering.

"T-the merging was unsuccessful. It s-seems the game is rejecting the system. Forcing through will c-completely wipe out all the game's data." He said. Everyone here was hired by a Mafia boss all of a sudden, to create a portal for a certain game. Normally they wouldn't agree, but that's if the client is also 'normal'.

These days, hologram portals have become a trend. There are still several Advance Gears where you can also play games with your own body, but they still have some minor bugs and could also damage a player's brain. But games with hologram portals we're different, players can enter without worrying about their health.

Inside a hologram portal is a different space, players can play inside without hurting themselves since everything inside is fabricated. However, the sensations and the level of realism can fool one into thinking that they have teleported into a different world.

It's because of the creation of the advanced technology called, 'core system'. With this core's existence, they were able to create holograms, and also improve the quality of several games. As to how this core is made, only the higher-ups know.

Bright's grip tightened on his waist.

"What wipe out all system data? You dare think of killing my Mio?." He looked at the developer who spoke like he will strangle him if he ever talks back. The developer shrieked.

"N-no we're not, d-don't worry we would never. We were just informing you of the possible outcomes." The developers explained. But his hands had moved to sign the others to stop the process.

They were really about to go through the procedure just now. They didn't know the data can't be deleted!.

After all, wasn't that just mere data?. He can redo it all again.

One drawback of the core is that it is extremely complex. And they have yet to learn everything about it. Because of that, the deleted data during the process of turning games into advance augmented realistic games with portals remained unrecovered.

Players were forced to replay the game. Of course, some were not pleased with this, but most accepted it. After all that just means they can experience everything again themselves. And also, this will make everyone equal, some will finally be able to catch on to those who had an early start.

Bright went silent for a second. All the plans of improving his Mio require data deletion for some reason. And he cannot approve that. He clenched his fist and tsked. His brows knitted, veins from anger were visible on his face.

"Cease the project. Don't lay your hands on Mio," he ordered. It seems he can't touch Mio with his own hands again. Another fail.

He's already 30. It had been 16 years since Mio and he became a couple. He was still the Mafia Boss, but unlike his father, he doesn't have any children.

After all, that's cheating, isn't it?.

After entering his room, he put on the gear on his head and entered the game. At least he can play this game using old VR Gears.

His Mio had a human-like intelligence because he made him like that. And as days pass, his Mio resembles Bright of a human even more.

After entering, he opened his eyes to a familiar room. They were inside Mio's room. He raised his hands and tried touching Mio, but ended up biting his lips from frustration.

He couldn't feel him at all.

"Mio." He called out. He parted Mio's wavy hair that hides his black lashes. Mio's eyelash fluttered for a second, and the moment he opened his eyes, Bright was greeted by the familiar sky blue eyes he had always loved.

He's the only one who can see this beautiful person. A few months before in his 14, when he just started playing this game. The game 'School Simulator: Date a Tsundere' was still up in the Play Store for purchase. But Bright couldn't tolerate other people having his Mio, so he had told the developers to get rid of Mio's route in other people's games.

He wouldn't let others have his Mio. He was all his.

"Why?" Mio asked a little muddle-headed because he had only woken up. During this time, Mio is at his most docile behavior.

Bright smiled. He couldn't feel his Mio, but at least his Mio could feel him.

He lowered his head and kissed the other's forehead gently.

"I love you." He muttered.


"Are you going to protect me after the Young Master died?." A naked lady asked. She was beautiful and is also extremely sexy. Her head was laying on another naked man's arms, and her fingers were drawing circles around his toned chest.

"Of course. You just have to do as I ordered, and ill make you one of my legal concubines." The man said. His face looks untrustworthy. But the girl was blinded by her love and her greed for wealth, so she was unable to realize it.

She raised her body and sat on the man, letting out a sexy moan after. She bit her lips, ecstatic. After she successfully assassinated the Young Master, she will have this man and his wealth. She grinded her lower body on his, and soon after, the two of them started another round of fiery lovemaking.

After they finished, the man gave him the drug and she placed it on her blouse.

"Make sure to keep your promise." She seductively said and left the room.

The man's lips curled upwards. And he raised his hands. An assassin draped in all black clothing entered the room through the window.

"Kill her after this. That's the final injection. That darn Bright will die by tomorrow. " He said. He can't help but feel excited about what's gonna happen tomorrow.

"You'll regret the day you looked down on me, Bright," Leo muttered.

The girl was a trusted maid in Bright's manor. She was one of those 'ignorant' ones.

There were two types of servants in the mansion. The ones who were aware of the illegal business inside the house and some hired assassins of the mafia, and the other faction were those that only know that Bright is a wealthy man. That faction was called by the other faction as 'ignorants'.

She greeted everyone while she was on the way to Bright's room. She always had a friendly look on her face, so everyone has a good impression of her. In addition to that, she wears a wig, glasses and is always wearing layers of dress, making her appear as a timid and 'proper' girl to her colleagues.

"Oh, Clara. It's my turn right now right? Why are you heading to Young Master's room?" a male servant asked. Clara timidly bowed her head to him as a form of greeting.

"I-i wanted to help you. I-i heard there's a soccer match about to be played on the tv. And I, I just..." She blushed. Like she was unable to say more. The male servant was surprised, and also felt his face growing hot. This girl maid is overly conservative, but she's extremely cute!.

"You once told me you liked it, and I wanted you to be able to watch it!. So I came here to tell you, that i-i can lend you a hand, and you can just enjoy yourself this time." Clara said. She placed her hair behind her ears In a demure manner.

The male servant was fooled by this, and concede to what Clara suggested.

After the male servant left, Clara frowned. How ugly!. He wasn't even as half as attractive as Leo. To think he believed that she, of all people, will try to seduce him?!.

Clara was irritated but regulated her emotions immediately. If she messes up now, she won't be able to assassinate the Young Master who transcends her in terms of strength.

She quietly entered the room and grinned after seeing Bright motionless with his gear on.

The Young Master was often guarded, he, most of the time, had no weakness. But there is a time where he will be the most defenseless, it was during the duration of his gaming.

Of course, this wasn't known by a lot of people, only by a few trusted confidants. But Leo had bribed those confidants, and those confidants told them about Bright's gaming sessions.

The very reason how Clara was able to inject this drug on him for a month now. This is the final dose, after this, the Young Master will surely die, and it will be diagnosed as a natural cause. A heart attack.

Clara wrapped up her things upon finishing and was about to open the door to go out, but her hands were suddenly punctured by a dagger. It took her a few seconds to realize what happened, and when she finally did, she screamed from the pain.

It was like her hand is being shattered and pricked by several needles. It made her drop down on her knees. It was the first time she had ever felt such distress.

"Ah-ha. I guess I was right. An insect had crawled her way inside my manor." Bright's voice echoed inside the room. This makes Clara terrified out of her wits.

Why? How? Why is he awake? He's supposed to be playing for an hour!. It's only 15 minutes since she entered.

And he was still sleeping quietly before she turned her back on him. She never saw him holding a dagger or any weapon.

Bright walked towards where Clara is. The sound of his footsteps made Clara pray for her dear life. Cold sweats broke out of her forehead.

"A disguised assassin?. That can't be, you don't smell like death to me." Bright bent down, he touched Clara's chin and raised her head.

"You're from the ignorant faction. Hmm, Clara was it." Bright had an indifferent look on his eyes. Like what he saw before him is not a human, but an insect.

Bright tried sensing the surroundings and realized there was no one aside from them. It seems he was betrayed, given that this girl was left inside his room unhindered.

He let go of the girl called Clara and took out his dagger that is digging inside her flesh. Clara screamed from pain, blood gushed out of her hands, and saliva started dripping down her mouth. She held her injured hand's wrist and almost vomit after seeing the flesh inside her hands.

Bright twists the dagger in his hands skillfully. The sound of the dagger traumatized Clara, making her shake from terror.

"How about telling me the name of everyone involve and I'll be a little lenient" Bright said. He was giving her a choice, well, he will kill her in the end. But he will consider not torturing her if she gives him information freely.

But Clara only laughed. Like she had lost her mind.

"I don't need to tell anything to a dead man," she said. She was scared but stupidly prideful. She's sure she can still escape, and the moment she did, she'll go to Leo and ask for his help. This man wouldn't be able to lay his hands on her.

Bright's eyes glinted dangerously.

Clara laughed, but not a second later her laughter turned to cries and screams.

Bright took out his other phone in his pocket and called to inform his family doctor that he will visit for a test. He then ordered all the servants to gather in the main conference room.

The several maids were confused, but they all hurried inside the room. There's no way they will disobey their boss's orders.

Bright entered a few hours later. But what he's holding made the servants shake from fear. Those ignorant ones were also terrified. They have never thought they would ever see such a gruesome thing all their life.

Bright sat on his usual seat. And everyone in the room was dead silent. Even their breaths were held back. Afraid that they might be noticed by this monster.

Bright casually placed the bloody head he was holding on the conference table.

"Now that everyone's a witness. That means everyone is my associate. If you try to lie, I will feel betrayed, and might accidentally kill you." Bright glanced at them coldly. Some servants had long lost their strengths and were already on the ground.

Bright raised the gun he's holding, making everyone terrified. Everyone was later on interrogated. Now and then, Bright would hear an answer he wouldn't like and that person will lose a limb.

None of them died, but some of them lost parts of their body.

He glanced at the maids for a second and went out. Some guys in all black entered and carried the injured servants.

Everyone who was left in the room, all had various expressions. Those assassins breathed a sigh of relief and those that were 'ignorants' cried, some were trembling like they had gone crazy.

Bright tortured everyone who he suspects as a collaborator to the crime. And he was once again. right on the nose, they we're all allies. One of them couldn't handle the torture and started singing like a canary.

He left after pinpointing the mastermind and called for his helicopter chopper.

"I-i'm sorry Mr. Lennon. This seems to be an experimental drug. We couldn't discern what this illness Is." This was what his doctor told him after the results of his test were received.

Bright didn't make any reaction. In his line of work, it is to kill or be killed. He had become careless and was outwitted by his opponents. The both of them converse more, but it seems the doctor had no idea what to do with his case.

The traitors said that they have been injecting a drug to incite a heart attack for a month now. It had no early effects and was the kind of drug that will only be lethal after the number of required doses was met.

Leo, the mastermind behind this had a long resentment against him. And it became even stronger after he started his plans of monopolizing their company hat had been growing rapidly. Tomorrow will be the day that he will completely claim Leo's company. So it's a given that Leo would think it's the perfect date for him to die.

Taking over other people's company wasn't impossible, after all, if you have more shares or power than the boss then you can do a lot of things.

He went back home and ordered his direct subordinates in the mafia to guard the door. He will die tomorrow.

He wasn't afraid of dying, but he was afraid of leaving his Mio behind.

Bright clenched his fist. He had to take care of the bugs first, and bid his Mio a proper goodbye.

Tomorrow soon kicked off.

Bright didn't waste his time and made his move, he didn't die in his sleep, fortunately. He moved the stagnant chess pieces, and shortly after, Leo's company was reduced to ruins. He was planning to acquire it and make it his own, as he saw that it had the potential of becoming successful. But he had changed his mind.

"Urgh!" Leo coughed out a mouthful of blood. His breathing ragged, his mentality almost collapsing from the pain.

His feet were tied with chains that are hanging to the ceiling, his body upside down. He had lost both his arms.

Bright held a sharp dagger in his hands, it was now tainted red from Leo's blood.

"Y-you bastard! Think you can get away with this!"

Bright raised his brows, oh he sure can.

He dealt the decisive blow, and Leo soon lost his life. A deserving ending for an ambitious bug.

Bright staggered while walking, his chest started scorching like he's being fried alive. His face had gone pale, he's almost nearing his end. He hurried his steps despite his dizzy vision, and fend off those hands that tried to reach out to him.

When he reached his room, he hurriedly wore his gear and entered the game. He needs to see his Mio before he dies. He wanted to.

The moment he opened his eyes to Mio's world, he looked around for Mio and saw on the map that he was in the garden of their house.

Since Bright was in the game, he no longer felt dizzy.

He went down in a rush and saw Mio sitting at the table while drinking some tea. Bright stood there, in a daze. He couldn't take his eyes off his man.

He went up to where Mio is, with a loving smile plastered on his face. The usual coldness was gone like it was never there.

"Mio." Bright asked. He touched Mio's head but felt a throb in his heart after not being able to feel him again.

Mio flinched from surprise. His ears had gone red again.

Bright smiled and kissed his ears, he lovingly encircled his arms around Mio from behind while he's still standing.

"What are you doing? It's still so early in the morning." Mio avoided his gaze. Bright stared at his every reaction with eyes filled with admiration and a recently realized sadness.

He had only understood it now, he's parting with Mio.

His Mio will be left alone.

Bright felt the corner of his eyes dampened, he bit his lip from frustration.

What a sham.

It seems he was afraid of dying. Dying, and leaving his Mio.

Mio noticed his expression and broke free from his embrace, he then stood up and placed his hands on Bright's cheeks.

He was worried.

"What's wrong? Why are you so sad?" he asked. Bright's a head taller than Mio, so he had to arch his neck a little to see his face.

Bright bent down to accommodate his height and touched Mio's hands on his cheeks. He kissed it lightly, making Mio quiver. His face had turned red again, making Bright laugh.

"Mio." He muttered, just enough to let Mio hear him. The other glanced at him, waiting for him to talk.

"What will you do if I vanish?" Bright asked. His voice was soothing despite the gloomy question.

Mio frowned, his mind had already formed several thoughts and scenarios as to why Bright would ask him this question.

"What vanish?! Did you cheat on me? Or are you in debt to someone dangerous?". He asked. Bright found him silly.

He's not 'someone indebted to someone dangerous', but the 'dangerous someone who lets other people be indebted to him.

" No."

"What if I die?"

Mio became silent all of a sudden. And his mood also became serious.


Before he can even hear what Mio said, he had already lost consciousness.

That day, Bright Claude Lennon, a famous Business tyrant, and a vicious Mafia Boss died, and on another dimension, a separate space that was magically formed started disintegrating. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Mio held his motionless spouse in his arms, crying. He kissed Bright's closed eyes and muttered his answer to his ears.

"I will die with you."

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