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100% Trapped in a Fantasy World / Chapter 57: Baroness of Baltimori

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Chapter 57: Baroness of Baltimori

─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───

'Wake up… we are here' A muffled voice drifted into my ear.

I opened my eyes slowly, blinking a couple of times as I yawned.

'Where… are we?' I rubbed my eyes, looking around the unfamiliar room.

'It's the hotel we are staying at. I was lucky enough to have bumped into the baroness and her maid on my way here. The baroness's maid will give you your bath and will watch over you while I am gone. I will leave a knight outside your door. Let him know if you need anything. I will be back soon.' The trashman explained as he headed out the door.

Wait… what just happened. Whose maid is going to do what?

A few minutes later, I heard a knock on the door.

'Princess, the baroness of Baltimori and her maid are here.' The knight announced outside the door.

I began to panic as I looked around the room. Why on earth would this man just abandon me to two total strangers?! Did you learn anything about the dangers of leaving children to strangers?! DID YOU FORGET I GOT LOST TODAY?!

'Ahh... Uhm... C...come in…' I stuttered in response.

The door opened by the knight, escorting a thin, young woman with neatly combed-straight brown hair. The maid walked from behind her, bowing her head.

'May the sun, moon, and the stars shine brightly upon the Giodivonia empire.' The thin woman and the maid bowed their heads as they paid their respects to my title as the Royal Princess.

Our eyes finally locked.

'Thank you… Uhm…' I stuttered, lost in thought.

'I am Veronica Kilaie, Baroness of Baltimori. It is my utmost honor to finally meet the imperial Princess of Giodivonia.' The young woman replied with excitement.

'Oh, umm. Okay. It.. it is nice to meet you, Baroness of Baltimori… I am Amara Luz De Giodivonia.' I said in a low voice. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

'Quickly, fix her bathwater.' She ordered her maid

'My oh my… the rumors are indeed true. It's no wonder his imperial majesty kept you hidden for so long. You are the most beautiful emerald I have ever seen. The noble ladies will envy me once I mention this to them. Wait. No… his imperial majesty will be upset if I mention this to others. I suppose it is best to keep it to myself.' She smiled nervously.

I raised an eyebrow out of confusion.

Okay, lady… two minutes into our conversation, and you are already freaking me out.

'This is a true blessing to me. Seeing his majesty and the Princess in the streets of Giodivonia. I knew today was a special day. You know Princess, I have a little girl around your age. Wouldn't you like a friend that is your age? You must feel so lonely not having children to play with, in such a big palace. I can assure you, my lovely daughter can make a great companion to you, Princess.' The young lady blabbed.

Wow… here we go. Trying to play nice and convince me to befriend your kid so she can feel some sort of influential royal power among the other nobles, huh? Listen here, lady… I have read many royal stories and history books in my time. I know how this works.

I smiled and nodded, playing along with her mind games.

'I would love that. Unfortunately, I have a hectic schedule with classes. With the little time I have left, I am with my daddy. It would be absolutely dreadful if I were to lose time with my beloved father. You see, he means the world to me, and I, to him. He will not be a happy man if I ignore him just to play with other children.' I explained with a psychotic smile.

Her eyes grew in fear, causing her to quickly step back.

'I… I see. I am certain you mean a lot to his imperial majesty. I apologize for talking out of term. Is… the bath ready?' She replied nervously.

'Could you step out of the room? I usually only have maids bathe me. Having other company around makes me feel uncomfortable.' I ordered as I gave her a friendly smile.

'Oh! Why, of course! Where are my manners?! Please excuse me, Princess. I shall be on my way then. My intention was not to stay for long. His majesty will have one of his knights escort the maid back to my mansion once she is done. Very well, then. Have a blissful slumber, Princess.' She continued to blab on as she made her way to the door.

Ugh… being nice all the time is a hard job to do. It's no wonder everyone thinks the trashman is a demon emperor since he doesn't care how he shows his bad temper to others. I get it now. Being able to hold such a facade all the time is stressful.

'Lady Veronica bought this nightgown from the clothing boutique a few stores down once she found out his imperial majesty wanted us to watch over you while he ran a few errands. This was the best option they had. I apologize on behalf of lady Veronica for the low quality it has compared to what you are used to, Princess.' The maid explained as she wrapped the towel on my tiny body.

People really find a way to guilt-trip me. Damn… now I feel guilty for kicking her out of the room.

'Umm… Can… you tell Lady Veronica that I will talk to my father about me inviting her daughter for a tea party? I would like to show my gratitude. If my father allows it, I will have a royal invitation sent out to her address under the imperial name.' I requested the maid as she dressed me into the nightgown.

I examined the quality of the nightgown as the maid gently combed my hair.

What does she mean by low quality? This is high-quality silk?! So much for being humble.

'His imperial majesty requested for me to tuck you into bed before he arrives. Please get comfortable before I adjust your pillows and comforter.' The maid explained as she finished braiding my long hair.

I nodded and climbed into bed.

Shortly after, the door opened. I quickly closed my eyes, pretending to be asleep.

'I know you are not asleep, kid.' A deep voice crept from afar.

I quickly sat up and smiled.

'Where were you, daddy? I was waiting for you.' I questioned as I followed his shadow in the semi-dark room.

'I had a brief meeting with the knights that will be staying with us tomorrow. Nothing for you to be concerning yourself with. Now go to bed. Tomorrow we will be leaving after the lantern show'

'Oh! What is the lantern show?! When is the lantern show?!' I bombarded the trashman with questions.

'Listen. I am tired… let's just… talk about it tomorrow. It's been a long day.'

'Oh… okay…' I replied in a low voice.

'Did the maid bathe you?'

'Oh yes, she did. She was very nice. So was lady Veronica. I had no idea she was the baroness. She is a beautiful lady.'

'Mmm… I see.'


'What is it now, child.' The trashman responded with an agitated tone.

'Never mind. I will just ask you tomorrow.'


'Amara… you have three seconds.'

'OKAY OKAY! Good night, daddy.'

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