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Chapter 39: Shigure

Two days passed in the blink of an eye the last day was spent gather as much food as possible, Hiko didn't want to stop Louge town for very long. When it was all said in done Hiko had to use Fishman Karate to create a wave to push the ship out of the Calm Belt, a few seconds later ropes on board started to untie and tie themselves opening up all of the sails.

Sitting on the dragon figurehead Hiko watched as Lapis swam alongside the ship sometimes letting out a roar of excitement, looking over his shoulder Hiko saw Alvida training, Nami relaxing on the deck while Nojiko tended to the garden that had grown greatly as Nojiko used pieces of Sea King as fertilizer. Leaning back Hiko hummed as the sun bathed him in warmth, looking around to make sure no one was nearby Hiko pulled out a comic and started to read.

For the next five hours, Hiko switched from reading to fishing then back to reading it was a need break from all the constant training. Still, on the figurehead, Hiko had his handy fishing rod infused with nen while the fish were nowhere the size they were in the Calm Belt but Lapis didn't seem to mind. The next day was the same as everyone knew once they entered the Grand Line no one cloud rest easy when the sun had almost set a large Island was on the Horizon. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Sailing around to the back of the island the ship dropped anchor, they had all decided that they would wait until morning so they could blend in with the morning crowd. Hiko had somehow missed it when the girls drew sticks to see who would get to sleep with him.

After waking up from morning blowjob Nojiko, he was ready to start the day wearing heavy cloaks Hiko gave each of his women a little bit of money and told them to meet back at the ship in six hours. In the town, Hiko tried to get his bearings until he gave up letting fate take the reigns he started to wander around.

Eventually, Hiko found himself at the market where various auctions were going on for high-quality items. Standing in the background he was about to move on when a crowd started to form around a stall with various weapons. Interested Hiko made his way through the crowd not caring for the people he shoved to the side with his broad shoulders, everyone that was about to complain fell silent when they saw his towering figure.

Finally making it to the innermost ring Hiko's eyes dilated when he saw what the commotion was about, a normal katana with a blue handle and a blue guard with a four-petaled design. While the blade itself is normal the sheath is an elaborate piece of art, with the first half having a green and bumpy design, while the second half is white and smooth. There were also circular designs embedded in the entire sheath.

Hiko's hands twitched as he had a sudden desire to own the blade as he recognized it as one of the grade swords Shigure, " Alright now as many of you may have noticed this is no ordinary sword, this here is one of the Meito swords Shigure. For such a legendary blade let's start the bidding price at 10,000,000 berries. " A lot of people in the crowd let out groans of dissatisfaction, who would spend so much money on a sword.

" I see a hand for 10 Million Berries. " At the merchant words, everyone looked around to find the person crazy enough to spend so much. Of course, it was none other than Hiko who had no shortage of money, " Do I have a bid for 20 Milion, going once. "

" 20 Milion! " Hiko looked towards the sound of the voice a tall slender lady with blue hair and a thick pair of glasses. " Do I have another bid for- "

" 50 Milion. " The auctioneer was cut off as Hiko made his final offer, clearing his throat the man recovered " Finally offer 55 Million berries, going once, going twice, sold to the red-haired man in the front. "

People half-heartedly clapped as Hiko walked up to claim his prize and before he could even sheath Shigure Hiko saw Tashigi run up to him her heavily endowed chest heaving. He could already guess she was going to try and persuade him to give up the sword, " U-um sir I'm sorry for my rudeness but can you please let me buy that sword from you. I can pay you 25 Milion but that all I can spare. " Tashigi bowed as Hiko stared at her, "You're a swordswoman correct. " Tashigi stood up shocked before she nodded, " Y-yes but how do you know, I'm not carrying my sword. " Hiko smiled, " No collector would be so passionate. Now let me ask you why do you want this sword. "

Tashigi eyes gained clarity, " My goal is to collect every Meito sword so they can't be used for evil deeds. " Snorting Hiko sheathed the sword, " The people who hold the Meito swords are powerful enough to cleave entire ships in two.

For you to claim to take them all one is impossible. " Tashigi balled her fist, " Even though I'm a girl I will grow strong enough to achieve my goal. " Raising his eyebrow Hiko looked up and down Tashigi's figure, " If you're so confident in your abilities you won't mind facing me in combat would you. " Tashigi didn't back down " Fine meet me on the docks in thirty minutes, I just need to get my sword. " Nodding Hiko watched as she walked away before calling out, " If you win the sword is yours. "

Stalling a little bit Tashigi didn't turn around as she started to run faster.

Zhouzifeng77 Zhouzifeng77

I messed up the chapter order, Childish dragon comes after Progress Report.

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