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2.7% Traversing the Anime Multiverse with a System / Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Granted 3 Wishes

Chapter 1: Granted 3 Wishes - Traversing the Anime Multiverse with a System - Chapter 1 by southgamez full book limited free

Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Granted 3 Wishes

[W-Where am I?]: ???


[Why is it so quiet here? The last thing I remember was… hm the last thing I remember?]: ???

As the person tries to remember the last thing that happen to me all of it came back to me.

[I died, and the most brutal way possible. I was by a construction site in my car masturbating and then right before I was about to finish I was caught right in the middle of a sound on an explosion and my car along with me were crushed by a big piece of falling rubble]: ???

[Wow, that must of been a site to see when the workers found my

body]: ???

[What was my name?]: ???

As I recall earlier memories I found something that makes me sad. All the Anime that I was still Watching and all the Manga and Light Novels I was still reading. I won't be able to watch and read those anymore.

[That sucks! Well what's done is done, but it looks like my Name is Soren I was born in the UK but moved to the US before I could even walk]: soren


[Who's there!]: soren

[Easy there Mortal, I am what you Humans call a God]: god

[A God? Can you prove it?]: soren

[is there really need for proof when you died in a really weird way?]: god

[Okay, your right. Now what were you laughing at?]: soren

[I was laughing at the way you died, and the way you were found in the morning by the crew of workers]: god

[Why would the way the workers found me be funny?]: soren

[Well, look for yourself]: god

As God said that a screen appeared in front of me and I could see my dead body and a crew of workers surrounding my dead body and car.

[Look at this guys, he died with his Di*k in his mouth]: worker 1

[Man! You would notice that]: worker 2

[[HAHAHA]]: workers 3 and 4


[That's not even what I was doing, I was hit with a big piece of rubble, and how did it even end up in that position]: soren Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

[Well now that we got our laughs out of the way I will give you 3 Wishes to make you reincarnate with]: god

[I get 3 wishes and reincarnate? Why would I get something like that? Did I do a lot of good things in my life?]: soren

[No, I feel bad for you and you are without sin, very rare for Humans]: god

[I'm without sin? But isn't masturbation a sin? I was doing that for the first time right before I died]: soren

[Yes and No, Masturbation is only a sin when you ejaculate. You did not ejaculate]: god

[So what do I get from my 3 wishes?]: soren

[Okay, let's go over rules. First you can't wish to be God, Second, you can't Wish to be omnipotent, you have to work your way to that. And Third, you can't Wish for more or unlimited wishes]: god

[Okay! So can I save any wishes for when I get reincarnated?]: soren

[Yes you can save and use a wish later, but you will need to find a church so you can speak with me to use the wish]: god

[Okay! My first wish is to have an OP Anime System that lets me go into any Anime world that I want to]: soren

[Okay done, and now that you have this system it connects directly to me and disregards that you need to find a church to make more wishes if you still have some]: god

[Okay, now how can I see my system?]: soren

[You can't see the system here because you don't have a body to bind the system too]: god

[Then can I got now? And can I pick my first world?]: soren

[Yes, what world would you like to start in? And keep in mind that you have to reach the Apex of that world to go to another one]: god

[Okay, is there any recommendations?]: soren

[I personally like Hunter x Hunter but it is not a safe first world]: god

[I like that world as well. I chose to be in the Hunter x Hunter world]: soren

[Okay, what family do you want to be born in?]: god

[I want to be born in the Zodiac Family]: soren

[Wow, you don't want anything safe do you?... Okay, you will be Killua's twin brother but you will have a different appearance to him]: god

[Cool, I always liked Killua, he was my favorite and now he will be my brother]: soren

[Anything else?]: god

[Nope, I'm ready to be transported]: soren

[Okay, good luck, train hard and become a God in each world you travel to and make your way to me in the future]: god

After God said those world my vision became blurry and then black until I lost consciousness. When I woke up it was still black and I couldn't move any of my limbs.


[Wow, it's just like in the Light Novels I read]: soren

As I was getting excited from all the Ideas I came up with to gain power in this world a message came up.


[What the hell! They start training the family even in the womb?]: soren

When I finish my thoughts I felt a punch come from the front. It hit me full force, it felt as if I was squashed by another big piece of rubble again.

After 3 minutes which felt like 3 years of getting punched finally ended. After it ended another message popped up.


[Stats?]: soren



Str: 2 ---> 12

Dex: 1 ---> 11

Agi: 0 ---> 10

Int: 5 ---> 15

Cha: 4 ---> 14

Luc: 10 ---> 20

[Wow, I think I survived due to my Luck, that will come in handy]: soren

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