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94.59% Treasures of Valeria / Chapter 35: He should know, Unless Balthy is a.....

Treasures of Valeria Chapter 35 - He should know, Unless Balthy is a.....

Chapter 35: He should know, Unless Balthy is a.....

It took a whole day to melt the ice that Isabelle created and as a result, classes were suspended.

An elderly man with a well trimmed beard entered the stadium that was still wet because of the ice that melt. He carefully observed the area around him and knit his brow. This elderly man is the current headmaster of Althrea, Annean Almarez.

One look at him and you could tell that he is without doubt an old man, but for those who have a trained sight, behind those robes lies a buff and sturdy well trained muscles that's unusual for an elderly man.

Annean scratched his chin, this is his habit when he is thinking.

"Headmaster". Annean looked towards the owner of the muffled voice that called out to him. It was Balthazar.

"I've heard that it was your little apprentice that caused this" he said.

"En, I humbly apologize. I somewhat know that something like this would happen, But I did not stop her" Balthazar bowed his head.

"You don't need to apologize no one was hurt, but as much as possible I don't want something like this to happen again. The one who's the most in danger is your little apprentice, Uncontrolled magic can hurt or much worst kill its wielder"

Annean glanced at the man beside him and sighed.

"You know my friend. It was unusual that you took somebody as your apprentice- well, I heard from Steaven that she had a special gift like yours, But to go this far"

Annean stopped for a moment.

"My friend,,, You're not thinking of dragging her into your quest are you?"

"And if I am?" Balthazar replied.

Annean sighed again "I know you're a bit stubborn sometimes. Keep her safe, She's not like the gifted Celestina"

"En, I will"

"I hope you gain something from this my friend"

"I am yet to confirm it"

"But like I said, I hope that this will be the last reckless use of magic from her that you'll allow. Oh I almost forgot" Annean grabbed something from his pocket.

"Letters from Emperor Alexandre, I think it's an invitation later for his upcoming birthday. Rumors says that it will be the grandest party in history. Here's also one for Celestina"

"Thank you" Balthazar received the letters.

Later that same day on Balthazar's office.

"This place had become lively isn't it sir?" The elderly Ella said.

As usual Isabelle and Ishkaria came together with Celestina, But this time Frey also came with them.

"Indeed miss Janela. Before only three of us would stay near pa- professor Balthazar, Not even my previous apprentices dared to come here with me. I wonder why they're so afraid of you?" said Celestina

"See! I'm not the first one that thought Balthy was a terrorist!" proclaimed Isabelle. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Balthazar grabbed something from his drawer below his desk. It was the same masked that he took from the cultist that he fought before.

"Here, It does not look like me at all"

Isabelle: ...

To think that he would go this far to prove his point. pffftttt. Balthy's actions is surprisingly cute!

"Hmm right so while we are here, I am going to tell you two that this day on, we'll all live together with professor Balthazar.

Not just Isabelle but also Frey and Ishkaria was surprised. Ishkaria hurriedly jumped towards Isabelles embrace.

"You hear that Isabelle, From this day on we'll live together!! Ahhhhh I'm so hard right n- Ouch!" Isabelle karate chop's Ishkaria's head.

"That hurts Isabelle" Ishkaria pouts.

"Why all of the sudden professor Celestina?" Isabelle asked. "HEY DON'T IGNORE ME!"

"Professor Balthazar's garden is rich in both elemental and spirit magic. It's even richer than that found in Enthua. I could train Ishkaria and Frey's primal magic better in that place"

No wonder why Fairies and Pixies lived in there. hmm?

Isabelle looked towards Frey who were looking down and lost.

Isabelle called her out with a worry tone "Frey?"

Frey was mumbling something "Li...Liv... Living together with professor Balthazar"

Worried that something might happened to her friend Isabelle moved closer and shook her "Frey are you alright?"

Frey jumped in surprise "Ah yes? what is it?"

Isabelle was confused "Well, You seemed down a little while ago so I asked you if you're okay"

"Yes, I'm very excited to live with profess- with you from now on miss Isabelle. Please take care of me"

Isabelle still confused forced a smile "Ah, Is that so? okay then"

"By the way Celestina, I saw a burned objects near your office. It looks interesting so I tried to restore it, but I had a hard time figuring out what it is or what it's for. Do you know it?" asked Balthazar as he take those items on his desk.

All of them except Ella and Frey choked on the tea they were drinking.

"This one had the shape of a male genitalia, And this long string with beads on it"

"My babies!" Ishkaria shouted. Balthazar was confused "Babies?" he asked.

"uhm, Science?" corrected herself


"Yes, Science! We are studying anatomy especially the unique features of males" Ishkaria proudly declared.

"En, I see. Having an actual 3D model representation would surely help you in your studies. But something still do not make sense to me"

Celestina forced a smile. "What could it be sir?"

"When I activate it using my magic. It vibrates rapidly and continuously. What is it for?"

Ishkaria: .......

Celestina: .......

Isabelle: .......

Ishkaria looked dead inside. She was mumbling something "What the heck, I didn't even know it had a feature like that"

Celestina burried her face on her hands. "I should have thrown it after I burned it"

Celestina could not take it anymore. She walked slowly towards Balthazar and whispered something in his ears "To tell you the truth, Those things are...."

When Balthazar heard what those things are for. The cup he was holding fell to the ground.

Holy sh*t Balthy actually doesn't know?! No way right?! Unless...

"Uhm.. Balthy"


"Are you actually a..... Virgin?"

Everyone except was frozen. Not by Isabelle's magic but by her question that inflicts damage greater than any magic.

That day.. The word Virgin echoed in the office of Balthazar

NappingUncle NappingUncle

Heya folks... Wow it's almost a month since the last update. Well I apologize. This time it's not because I was being lazy but because my midterms are coming and I have to do my academic research and thesis.

This time I have more room to breathe and write...

But most of all I hope you enjoy today's chapter :>

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