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97.29% Treasures of Valeria / Chapter 36: The Frost Queen

Treasures of Valeria Chapter 36 - The Frost Queen

Chapter 36: The Frost Queen

The room was silent for a moment. No one dared to utter a single word after what Isabelle said, Even the elderly Janela was shocked.

Isabelle thought. Oh shit did I go to far?

The mood in the room feels a little heavy. Balthazar haven't move since before and a few minutes have already passed.

Getting a little awkward, Isabelle was playing with her fingers behind her back and forced a smile.

She's the one who caused it so she tried to do something to break the ice. But before she could speak. Balthazar was the one who spoke first.

"Even if the classes are suspended we still have an hour before dawn, So why not use this time to practice magic?"

Changing the subject!

Celestina gracefully fixed her posture then coughed as if clearing her throat. "Let's do that. Girls let's go"

Isabelle felt relieved. All this time she felt like Balthazar was staring at her, Even though he wears a mask. She can feel his intense gaze.

I'm saved. Thanks to the merciful spirits. I shall offer you an offering this day!

Isabelle was happy. She thought that she will be punished for what she said. Balthazar might be a good person and tolerated her mischiefs. He was still her mentor, A respectable mage and professor of Althrea.

To slander the mage respected by all was not Ideal. Some might say that those who slander their names deserved a heavy punishment. And Isabelle being a good girl had been calling him names.

But every time she said him names, Balthazar always tolerated it. In fact, Isabelle had this feeling that Balthazar actually liked it to the point that she thought he was a masochist.

Balthazar is always good to her. If it were another professor they might already tossed Isabelle the moment she displeased them.

This time, She also think that Balthazar would let her off so she felt really relieved. Or so she thought. "You remain here Isabelle" Said Balthazar, his tone was cold.

"!!!!" Isabelle was startled.

I knew it! Today I really pissed him off! I thought the spirits helped me, I shall not make an offering!

Isabelle looked towards Ishkaria and the others. They all had an awkward smile.

They all averted their gazes away from Isabelle "Well then Isabelle, See you later...."

Nooooo don't leave me alone with this man!

Balthazar called out to her once more. "Isabelle"

Isabelle was startled again. She slowly rotated her body while trying to avoid directly at Balthazar's face. Her eyes were fixated on Balthazar's feet.

Isabelle was still shaking. Her voice was stuttering. "I'm sorry sir Balthazar"

Balthazar found Isabelle's action strange. He inspected Isabelle from head to toes to see if there's something wrong. He did not know the reason why she apologized.

"For the mean time, You can sit there"

Isabelle slightly bowed then obediently sat to where Balthazar was pointing. "Thank you sir"

Balthazar was spooked by Isabelle's actions. He thought was it really the same girl?

Normally when Balthazar ordered Isabelle to sit, what she normally do is sit to the opposite chair to where he was pointing or sat to the chair next to it. She would also not bow respectfully like what she did right now. Her tone towards him was even respectful that it gave Balthazar goosebumps.

The once mischievous girl was now an obedient and well mannered young lady gave Balthazar goosebumps.

Balthazar sat on the other side of the table facing Isabelle. He stared at her once again and found that she was shaking slightly. "Janela, you may also leave"

Janela bowed at Balthazar then gave Isabelle a sympathetic look.

Isabelle's face became pale and she was sweating heavily. Her forced smile was crumbling as tears build up in her eyes.

Why why why why why are you looking at me like that? what's going to happen?

After Janela left the room it became silent once more.

Balthazar did not speak, He was just sitting across Isabelle and only staring at her.

To others point of view including Isabelle, Balthazar was pressuring Isabelle using his intimidating presence.

But that was not really the case. Balthazar was actually lost by her little apprentice's sudden change of behavior. He wants to ask why but he doesn't know how to ask her without offending her.

To him, Isabelle's sudden well mannered young lady act might be her sarcastic way to convey her displeased. So with that being said, He wasn't actually looking at Isabelle but thinking what could be the reason that made her mad.

Maybe I should let her speak first. I'll ask her with formality she is a noble after all. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"My lady, Do you have anything to say?"

Balthazar's "Formality" was interpreted by Isabelle differently.

Ohhhh he's mad, He's really mad!!

"I'm sorry sir"

Balthazar was confused. He had no clue why she was apologizing. Maybe it was for what happened in the stadium.

"You don't need to apologize, But there should be no next time according to the headmaster. You are my student so all responsibility lies to me"

Why is the headmaster involved?

"So you wont punish me?" Isabelle asked

"Like I said, everything you do is my responsibility. I will be punished in your stead"

Isabelle bit her lips.

Cowardly, She thought that she was being cowardly. She wants to be a great mage someday. Even though she is shit at magic, there was someone who took her and said that she had a unique power that she thought was a curse and defected all those years.

And to make that same person bare the punishment for her wrong doings, It was cowardly on her part.

Go fort Isabelle, You're better than this. Come on and take this punishment, Besides. The punishment for misbehavior should be not the bad right? A few hours of detention? a few days of suspension? I can live with that.

"No sir. I'll take the punishment!"

Balthazar was even more confused "Punishment? No, like I said I will be the one who'll be punished"

But Isabelle was determined, After all she had to prove that punk professor called Steaven val Dugou wrong. She wont be a coward.

"No sir! I will take it! Come! Punish me!"

This time, Balthazar was not confused but really creeped out.

Seriously what's happening to her? Isabelle was a free spirited happy-go-lucky girl and somewhat shameless before, but then she became a well mannered noble young lady. And then transitioned into a lunatic masochist begging to be punished.

And then, A thought came into Balthazar's mind.

He held Isabelle's shoulder with both of her hands to calm her down. Then moved his head close to her.

Indeed Isabelle calmed down. It took a few seconds for Isabelle to realize what's going on. Then Balthazar softly whispered that tickled her pointy ears. "Isabelle"

Isabelle's pointy ears jerked.

She held Balthazar's arms that were holding her shoulders.

Balthazar then continued. "Is this your time of the month?"

Isabelle: "!!!!"

Isabelle became flustered then froze Balthazar's arms.


After that The misunderstanding was cleared.

"So what do you want with me?" Isabelle's original tone returned.

This is the tone in which Balthazar is used to and most comfortable for him.

"It's about what happened during the stadium"

Isabelle then remembered that during that time, She was transported to inside a blizzard of an unknown frozen wasteland. She explained what she saw to Balthazar.

"Oh, And there was a throne with a sexy lady on it. I didn't saw her face though. Do you know something about it?"

"Remember what I told you about arcane magic?"

"What about it?" asked Isabelle

"All magic is a living magic either be it Elemental or Primal magic, hence the reason why it has a soul. But Arcane magic is a different living magic"

Different? Isabelle did not understand "Why different?"

"This kind of magic, can think of it's own. It has it's own consciousness"

"You mean it's "Alive" Alive?"

"Yes, And each has it's own real name"

"Then do you know what's her name?"

Balthazar was hesitant for a moment then he said "It is up to you to know her real name, But I already guessed who it was"

"The majesty of Ice, The frost Queen"


On an Isolated world of an Icy wasteland's unending blizzard. As far as anyone could see into the horizon. Only ice and snow can be seen. But in the middle of the wasteland lies an abandoned city that was frozen in Ice, not just an ordinary Ice but everfrost an Ice that would not melt. An Ice that can even freeze fire and gas, Light and Darkness.

On top of the city there is a castle that is also frozen in everfrost. In there, sitting on a throne was beautiful woman. Skin as white as the snow and her hair and eyes were as blue as an Ice with a faint of Silver. She wore a revealing dress unusual for the cold climate of the world.

The throne has a unique design and in the middle lies an unknown symbol, As usual the throne was made out of Everfrost. And sitting on this very throne was the sole ruler of this Icy frozen world.

The Frost Queen

NappingUncle NappingUncle

The Cold doesn't bother me anyway.. But deadline does!

So much things to do but here I managed to write a chapter!

Please don't copywrite strke this, I swear it's not Elsa...

I sincerely hope you enjoy todays Chapter :>

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