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91.89% Treasures of Valeria / Chapter 34: The young emperor and prince

Treasures of Valeria Chapter 34 - The young emperor and prince

Chapter 34: The young emperor and prince

On Brethal the Imperial palace of Brethlia.

A man who looks like he was on his mid 20's was seated on the throne. His name was Emperor Alexis Niel Alexandre I, Also known as the youngest emperor of the history, Becoming an Emperor in the age of sixteen. As of now, He was listening to the concerns of his subjects all around the empire that he built.

Ahh, Curse that man for putting me on this position. This is too tiresome, I want to sleep all day, No, I want to laze around all year. Ahhh when will this day end? If this continued for another ten years I'll become bald. Nooo I'm to young to be bald. Come to think of it, My birthday is coming, I'll be twenty eight this year, To think that I've been doing this for more than ten years. Maybe this year I'll invite that man, Will he come? Well if he won't I'll just force him to come.

A man then Entered the throne room. He wore a well decorated armor made by a skilled artisan of Altinor. He unsheathed his sword on his hips then knelt in front of Alexandre.

"Rise" said Alexandre.

The man sheathed back his sword and stood up. He handed a letter to Alexandre and said "Your Majesty, This Barbarian threat should not be avoided any longer, I received a report that Barbarians numbering a hundred thousand sacked another town leaving thousands of Civilized Aldounian without a place to return. And it's not over yet, They marched once more to yet another town"

Niel scratched his head "It would be bad for our economy if something happens to our trading partners to the south after all, 20% of our grains comes from Aldou. What do you suggest we do General"

"I suggest sending a legion of Imperial troops armed with the latest weapons from our smiths and scholars, It would be the perfect time to test those weapons and show those Barbarians our military might"

Niel released a soft sigh "You know that I cannot allow that General. Those Barbarians fought each other to prove their strength, If they know an existence with a great military might. Another war will breakout and I will not allow that."

"Still I find it strange your majesty, Normally Barbarians would not concern themselves with weak townsfolk. But to attack them all of the sudden."

"Yes you're right, I find strange too. But I still would not allow a Brethlian legion to interfere."

"Then Just a detachment my lord, A detachment that can train the townsfolk and help defend it."

Alexandre then asked "How long till those Barbarians reach another village?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"With an army that size, It would take them two to three weeks my lord"

Alexandre sighed again "Then how can we turn farmers into soldiers within a week? It's impossible, But I can't just send a legion, Unless..." An Idea came into Alexandre's mind "Say General, How much time do we have to gather troops then send them to Aldou?"

"Our window to gather troops would be around four days and another three to transport them from the port of Altinor to Aldou, Don't tell me.. Your majesty are you approving of sending a legion?"

Alexandre smiled "Not quite General, I'll make an Independent crusader army that aims to suppress the Barbarian incursion. Those Barbarians will think that those army are Aldounians itself."

"I see, Then what will this independent army consist of? And what is it's command structure like?"

"most of them will be volunteers from the army not just in Brethlia but all over Vreyane as well, And some will be a handpicked from the best of the army, And as for the command structure it will be an independent army but I have a commander in mind"

But the general who was still uneasy asked "Will the other nations approve of that plan my lord?"

Alexandre stood up from his throne and called his messenger, The messenger handed him a scroll and a seal. He then wrote something on the scroll and then gave it back to the messenger. The messenger after he received the letter back, Quickly left the room.

"I hope so general"

City of Brasven, Rottergein palace of Brellia.

A group of knights are sparring each other. The most notable persons among the group is the crown prince of Brellia, Prince Stephon de Brellia and his mentor Sire Gobert Nantueil Velaheilmen of Chatillon.

"My prince, Each day your skill in sword grow ever stronger. You bring honor in the house of Brellia and his knights"

"I was all thanks to you Sire Gobert"

Both of them chat while they spar with their sword. An exchange of thrust and parry, Both of them dance in the tune of the metallic sound of the swords clash.

Stephon sends an upper slash towards Gobert but the latter blocks it with the cross-guard of his sword. He then answered with a forward thrust but Stephon was just in time to parry the thrust that was aimed on his chest.

"You flatter me my prince, Most of it was thanks to your own hard work. Now time to take another step. Be on guard, Stance ready."

Both of them continued to par until Stephon's sword flew away from his grasp.

Stephon was breathing hard, Catching his own breath "As expected of Sire Gobert. I am still far ahead of becoming a knight worthy of protecting the realm."

Gobert's breathing was just as hard as Stephon "You are more than worthy my prince, A knight must never underestimate himself. You know our motto-"

"Honor, Chivalry and Virtue above all else" Stephon interrupted.

"Hahahaha, Exactly my prince"

Each day he keeps growing into a fine knight, I can rest in peace knowing that the future of this kingdom lies in your hands my prince. I know that you can achieve even greater deeds than your father.

Then An a young woman wearing a made outfit approached the prince who's covered in dirt and sweat. She then handed him a towel.

"My prince, Your father the king has summoned you."

"Many thanks lady Angeline, Forgive my unsightly appearance. Tell the king I'll be there after I tidy myself"

"Your apologies are wasted on this lowly maid my prince" Angeline deeply bowed her head.

After that, Stephon left the training ground.

"Ahhh prince Stephon is so charming, Not like other princes from the neighboring nations. All they have is good looks and status" The young maid Angeline proclaimed.

"True, He will become a great Knight and King in the future. A leader that I would happily follow into the depths of hell."

An hour has passed. Stephon finished on tidying himself. He then went to the throne room where his father the king was waiting.

"Ah my son, You've come at last" The king greeted

Stephon knelt in front of his father "Forgive my lateness my king."

"Rise my son" King Martin commanded

"I called you here because I have a request for you. Emperor Alexis Niel Alexandre I is having his birthday party two days from now, They say that it would be the grandest party in history and many great names across Vreyane will surely attend. I cannot attend this party because I have an important things to do concerning the kingdom, Me not attending would put a shame on our kingdoms name. I want you to attend this party and represent our kingdom, Will you do it my son?"

"You know I will my king. I Stephon De Brellia will represent this kingdom and bring honor to our nation" Stephon Brought his fist into his chest and gave father a salute.

My son had became a fine man, I remember the day when he used to cling to me and call me father all the time. Continue to grow like this my son, You are the treasure of this kingdom.

"Come my son, Embrace your father" King Martin opened his arms towards Stephon.

"If the king commands" Stephon hugged his father tightly.

"The warmth of your embrace is the best feeling I ever had, Father." Stephon whispered.

Ahhh, Being called father by your beloved son is certainly better than king..

NappingUncle NappingUncle

We'll leave Isabelle and the gang for now and explore other characters..

Hope you enjoy today's chapter :>

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