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86.48% Treasures of Valeria / Chapter 32: This cold and your warmth

Treasures of Valeria Chapter 32 - This cold and your warmth

Chapter 32: This cold and your warmth

Several minutes before.

On the corner of the stadium, Professor Steaven was observing Isabelle from afar. Then a man wearing a faceless masked approached him from behind.

"She's not that attentive in class, Fails to grasp basic information and it seems that her mind is always somewhere else"

"En, I know"

"Then why Sir Balthazar?, I don't usually question your decisions but this time, Why her?"

"Aren't you a bit too hard on your students?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"And you're too soft on them. Studying magic is not easy nor safe, You know that. If this continues it would lead to her de-"

"I've told you all this before. She will be my responsibility, It includes her safety and everything else"

Steaven sighed. "Then I'll believe your words, For now"

Balthazar nods "En, Thank you. For now, let's quietly observe her"

And observe they did. It has been several minutes since Isabelle tried to conjure the basic barrier spell but nothing happened.

As for Steaven, He knew this would happen but deep within him, He had hope that at least she could cast a basic barrier spell. At least with that spell, She could protect herself.

"Without mana a mage is just an ordinary person"

"So you've seen her Isabelle"

Steaven: ?!

Confused by Balthazar's sudden words, Steaven focuses his vision on Isabelle. The mark on her body shined in a silver blue light, Then the temperature began to slowly decrease.

What form of magic is this?!

In a flash, The students who were in the stadium was covered by a huge dome of ice.

Barrier? Ice Barrier? But the power of this magic... No it's not an ordinary magic.

"!!!" Steaven remembered something then glances at Balthazar.

"Is this the reason why you took her in? Arcane magic the same as yours?"


"What?" Steaven was baffled. What other reason is there to take Isabelle as his apprentice?

"Wait, Don't tell me.."


Steaven tightly clenched his fist then slowly retracted them.

"You still haven't given up on your treasure hunting. How important is this treasure to you?"

"More important than my life"

Steaven sighed "But is she really necessary on your quest?"

"Of course" Balthazar paused for a moment to glance at Steaven then back to Isabelle "After all, She is the key to the greatest treasure of Valeria"

"What do you mean by that?"

Steaven asked but Balthazar did not answer. After a long time of silence and still no answer from Balthazar, Steaven walked away.

"Do what you want. But if something where to happen to her during her time with you, I wont forgive you. Take care of her"

"En, I will"

Meanwhile in Isabelle's group.

Why is he here?!

Isabelle looked away from Balthazar and saw her two friends Ishkaria and Frey who were looking at her in awe.

"What's the matter?"

"Uhm, Isabelle looked around you"

Isabelle looked around her and saw that they were covered by a huge dome of ice. It was not dark thanks to the lighting inside of the stadium. But it was cold, So cold that everyone inside the stadium started to rub their body with their own hands.

"I did this?!"

Ishkaria and Frey who's rubbing their own arms nodded.

"I... I."

"Don't worry Isa-"

"I'm actually amazing?!!! Such power!! I did not know I have this kind of potential. Hahaha- Ouch!"

Isabelle felt a slightly hard tap on her head. Isabelle looked behind her and saw Balthazar standing behind her.

She subconsciously walked back away from him and hid behind her two friends.

"Wha... What do you want?" Isabelle whispered.

"Why are you celebrating triumphantly"

"Because I did incredible"

"Why are you whispering?"

"That... Because.... hmmmm"

Isabelle buried her face behind Ishkaria and tightly gripped on her clothes. Ishkaria on the other hand have a bliss expression and blood flowing from her nose.

Balthazar softly sighed.

"It was not a matter worthy of celebration, The complete opposite actually"

Hearing those words, Isabelle quickly recovered.

"Failure? What do you mean?"

"You did not control it properly. It was supposed to be a simple barrier correct? With your arcane magic it would become a simple ice barrier. But the size of it"

"What's the big deal? Besides the bigger the better!"

"That is not the case, Bigger barrier is indeed better. But the way you made it is not, It was supposed to be a small sized barrier but you failed to control the flow of your arcane energy. In short it was a rampaging magic."

Balthazar calmly explained.

"Is that bad?"

"Magic not controlled properly could lead to death, Here's an example. Look around you"

Isabelle saw the students around her freezing. The professors of Althrea handed each of them a thick blanket to help them stay warm.

Tears started to flow from Isabelle's eyes.

"I... I'm sorry"

Balthazar slowly approached Isabelle. He lift up her chin then slowly wiped the tears from her face.

"Everyone makes a mistake. Just be sure to learn from it"

His hands is so warm. What is this? I've never felt this warmth before.

Isabelle remembered a certain event when she was still a child. She and Ishkaria were venturing the city during the unification festival of Brethlia together with Ishkaria's mother, Elaine as their guardian during winter.

While walking Isabelle secretly stealing glances at the two. A mother who's doting on her daughter and a daughter who's happily holding the hands of her mother.

Isabelle looked at her own two hands and blew a hot air on it then she rubbed them together.

"It's warm" She said.

Beside them. A child fell after tripping then started crying. His parents quickly lifted him up.

His mother started to chant "pain pain go away" while the father wiped his tears and made a funny face to which the boy stopped crying and laughed.

Soon after, the parade started. Because of the stampede of people, Isabelle was separated from Ishkaria and Elaine. Isabelle was pushed away from them and fell onto the ground, Her knee were injured.

Almost an hour wandering the city lost and alone, Isabelle spots a small bench with no people around it. She sat on it then wiped the small blood on her injured knee.

"Pain pain go away" She chanted.

Isabelle lied down on the bench during the cold winter. She was found later by the authorities sleeping on the bench. Elaine quickly rushed on the scene then took Isabelle back home.

"What's wrong Isabelle? Do I scare you?" Tears fell from Isabelle's eyes once more so Balthazar quickly retracted his hands away from Isabelle but the latter caught it, Not wanting to let it go.

"No, Stay like this for a bit.. It's warm"

NappingUncle NappingUncle

Heya!! Happy new year to all... I hope this year would be better (In a good way) But to be honest, Thanks to this pandemic I was able to stay at home most of the year.

For my new years resolution I'll try to write longer chapters!

If you're reading this and like the story so far leave a rate and review on this novel. It would help me a lot.

As always hope you enjoy today's chapter :>

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