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Chapter 5: Trapped

Topia only blinked her eyes before the scene of her dad's death changed back to her clothes in her hands.

"No time, don't take too much." She heard her dad say once more. This time Topia immediately grabbed her sword and prepared for anyone coming in through the window.

"Kill the demon!" She heard her mom shout. Since she was prepared, when the man with the dagger jumped through her window she immediately knocked the dagger out of his hands. The man was completely unfazed as he lunged at her. Topia jumped backwards and sliced his arm. The man continued to charge her, and she kept slashing different parts of his body.

The man remained unfazed by the sword injuries that covered his body. Topia knew that these were all surface wounds that looked bad, but were not life threatening except for from blood loss.

"Topia what are you doing? With all that noise they will know you're here." Her dad asked her while walking to the entrance of her room. He looked at the blood splattered outside her room. "Topia are you alright?" Her dad said as he entered the room. That was not the last sound he made. A vomit sound, along with the awful smell that came with it filled the room. The smell was not alone as the stench of blood equally assaulted the nostrils of the two living people inside the room.

Topia was sitting on the ground in a puddle of blood as a constant flow came from where her sword was left stabbed into the man who was previously chasing her. When she decided to stab the man with her sword she was originally going to aim for the leg, but the reason how left unknown to her as she had managed to stab him through the heart. Topia was screaming inside her mind right now but her body wouldn't move.

"She really is a demon." A voice came out from behind her dad. Topia now moved her head and looked at her dad who had a person behind him with a knife at his throat. "Are you a demon suppporter?" The voice asked while moving the knife around in a fashion that just barely avoided cutting his neck.

"I would do anything to make sure she lives." Topia's dad said as his neck had already been slashed at the first syllable of the last word. Topia could only watch in shock as her dad had once more been killed in front of her. Footsteps could be heard approaching her from behind, from the window she assumed. Before she could react a poweful bludgening force struck her from behind. When she opened her eyes again she was nowhere unfamiliar. In front of her was her hand full of shirts and she heard the expected sound from the other room.

"No time, don't take too much." She heard her dad say. Topia immediately came up with a plan to run away. She glanced at her open window before running to her dad.

"Dad I think they are planning on coming through the windows!" She said.

"Really? They are already at the door though. I don't think there is any escape." He panicked a little and dropped everything he was holding.

"I think we might be able to escape if we leave right now." Topia said while guiding him to a different window from hers.A thumping sound could be heard from her room a few moments before they left out a different window. Unlike when she did this the first time and they were able to escape fast enough to hide, as soon as she left the building with her dad everyones heads followed them as their eyes stared at her. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"I see the demon!" Countless people shouted out at the same moment as the entire crowd began migrating in her direction. Topia and her dad were surrounded within moments after leaving the building. A large circle full of people holding weapons soon grew smaller as they all converged on her location. In moments her body was filled with holes as she closed her eyes on the brink of death. Out of all her deaths so far she felt this one to be the most pleasant as they had completely ignored her dad, and only killed her.

Topia opened her eyes once more and without a second thought she grabbed her sword and jumped out the window to her room. Her window was 15 feet from the ground so Topia had stabbed her sword at the wall to attempt to slow herself down. Her sword instead of stabbing into the wall bounced back and flung her away from the floral bedding that would have cushioned her fall had she fell straight down. Instead of the flowers she landed on cold hard stone.

"I think she is the so called demon." She could hear a voice hovering over her.

"Whatever in a situation like this it is always best to put them out of their misery." Another voice said moments before she was bludgeoned to death. Unluckily for her it took two strikes before she opened her eyes to the familoar scene that continues to play out before her eyes. She tried hiding herself, disguising herself, and lastly fighting. With everyone's strength being higher than her own she had tried countless times before coming to the conclusion the the trial could not be completed without murdering anyone. She opened her eyes, without hesitation dropped the clothes in hand. She walked out of her room without grabbing her sword and entered her dad's room.

"Topia did yo..." Her dad fell limp on the floor after she hit him in the stomach. She jumped out the window in his room and watched the many people stare at her, as they shout everyone around immediately follows her with their eyes and bodies. All of them had weapons, and aimed to surround Topia. She didn't let this happen as the people who began circling around her found their weapons repositioned to being inside of their hearts, their necks, and also their heads. After running for 18 minutes the city wall was very close as she rushed towards one of the 3 gates that allowed soneone to exit the city.

Luckily they were only closed in cases of war she thought as she looked at the 10 ft tall gate guard that was covered from head to toe in large bulky armour that outlined the man's outrageously large muscles. He held a 8 ft long giant sword that would bring fear to an enemy so long as a person could lift it. This giant muscle guard however did much more than that. Topia was now aproaching the gate, and was within the guard's range.

"Kill the demon!" The crowd that was previously giving chase stopped and began chanting again. To the guard Topia who was covered in blood from killing to escape the crowd was unmistakably the demon.


Topia ducked from reflex, and was glad she did when she saw heads go flying from the crowd that she thought were standing far back from her. What truely freightened her was that all the heads hit the ground at the exact same time. That giant sword that looked like it probably weighed over 300 pounds was swung at such a speed that there was basically no time difference between the decapitations. Topia understood that this guard was not going to be killable by her. She simply ran past the guard and in a matter of seconds she was out of his range to attack. Topia finally exited the city.

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