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Chapter 1: The Engagement Party

"Yanmei, are you happy?" Ning Suyin asked as she took the seat next to her daughter. "Do you love Bai Han?"

Xia Yanmei was looking extra exquisite in her long white fitted gown. Her hair was pulled up backward, exposing her long and slender neck. Her glittering dress hugged perfectly her slender body. She looked rather sophisticated at such a young age.

She was sitting in front of a dresser with her mother while they wait to be called.

Looking up in the mirror, her eyes shifted to her mother and said, "Mom, I have gotten used to Bai Han's company. Don't worry. I will grow to love him. This is what father wants, and he thinks this is best for me. Even grandfather thinks the same."

Xia Yanmei's father had long arranged a marriage for her with the Bai family. Bai Han had been a friend and her company in college since they were forced to befriend each other, knowing that their engagement will be announced after finishing their degree.

A month ago, she had finally received her diploma and today was the big day for her and Bai Han. Everyone from the Xia family came to attend the engagement party and the same with the Bai family.

She belonged to a rich family owning the biggest corporation in China. However, her father is only a cousin to the main family that manages the business. She would need to work her way into the corporation, in order to get a seat for herself. It was for this reason that Xia Zihao, her father, was adamant to set up a marriage alliance.

In order to strengthen her hold and influence, she needed to marry Bai Han, the coming heir of the Bai Industries, the fourth largest company in the country.

"Then, as you wish my child. As you wish," said Ning Suyin. She turned herself to face her daughter and so did Xia Yanmei. She caressed Yanmei's beautiful face. She was happy her daughter had her best features. "It's just that I hoped, you would marry someone you truly loved from the start."

The mother and daughter hugged each other for minutes.

Xia Yanmei closed her eyes, feeling the warmth of her mother's hug. It had been months since they saw each other. She missed her mother dearly.

Since her parent's divorce, her mother had lived with her grandparents in another town. She would have preferred to live with her mother except for the fact that staying with her father was more convenient. She has yet to forgive her father, but for now, she depended on him for support.

"Yanmei, it's time. Everyone is waiting," Xia Zihao said after walking inside her room. He walked towards her and looked at his daughter through the mirror before saying, "Bai Han is very lucky to have you as a fiance. You are a Xia after all… Yanmei, our family's future depends on you. Do well."

Hearing her father's words, she could not help but scoff. She gave him a remark, one he would surely not forget, "It's too bad, your other daughter is not a legitimate child. You had to rely on me so much."

"Yanmei, this is not the time to argue about this. You should have accepted your sister by now!" He yelled at her before turning to his ex-wife saying, "You! You are influencing Yanmei to act this way - "

"Mother has nothing to do with this. This is all you. Everything has been your fault!" Yanmei objected. She raised her voice at her father. She hated how he had treated her in the past and up until now he blamed her for any of his misfortune. She had long pitied her mother for having been married to her father.

The three of them argued inside the room, but soon enough, her grandfather, Xia Gang came knocking at the door. "Is everything okay?"

It was because she did not want to hurt her grandfather, Xia Yanmei lied answering, "Everything is fine grandfather. Please give me a minute to get ready. I will be out soon."

"Very well child," said Xia Gang.

The Bai Family and her household rented a ballroom for this event at the W Hotel in Guangzhou. The party was well thought of that she knew a few prominent families were also present to join the occasion.

She and her mother slowly made their way to the venue and as soon as she entered, her cousins came to greet and give their wishes.

"Yanmei, you are here!" It was her former friend now turned sister, Yi Meixu. She also came forward to give her wishes. "Sister, I am so happy for you. You and Brother Han are officially engaged!"

Yanmei noticed her eyes were red like she had earlier cried that she asked, "What's wrong with your eyes?"

"Oh, this is nothing." Yi Meixu quickly wiped her eyes with a handkerchief before explaining herself, "I am just happy for you, sis."

Yanmei's heart was telling her there was more to it than what it seemed, but tonight was not the time for her to probe further. She continued to walk with her parents to the centermost table and sat next to Bai Han, her fiance.

Having known each other for long, although Yanmei felt no romantic feelings towards him, she considered Bai Han a friend.

The event started with her grandfather welcoming the guests and then her father announcing the engagement between Bai Han and Xia Yanmei. The crowd applauded and praised the two saying they were a perfect couple.

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Yet, despite the joyous welcome from their friends and family, Xia Yanmei noticed Bai Han's silence. She carefully watched his handsome face to find any hint of happiness, but there was none. He seemed to be contemplating on something more important.

"You seem to be bothered, Han. Care to tell me what is the matter?" She asked while smiling sweetly at him.

She noticed him reluctantly open his mouth, but before Bai Han could answer, his father called him to take the stand. "Han, it's your turn to welcome our guests."

Xia Yanmei's eyes stayed on her fiance until he took the stand, but what came out of his mouth was not something she and everyone else had expected. He looked apprehensive and utterly in weary.

When Bai Han finally spoke, he said, "I am sorry. I cannot push through with this engagement… I - I am in love with Yi Meixu!"

Words of disapproval echoed through the hall and Yanmei quickly found the woman her fiance was referring to. She watched her sister's expression change from pleased to seemingly shock. she immediately saw through her true intent.

Her eyes squinted at Yi Meixu and said in silence, 'Xuxu, if you think your actions can affect me, that is where you are wrong. You can take my traitorous father and Bai Han, but you will never be a Xia, much more go above me.'

While the crowd was in an uproar, Xia Yanmei rolled her eyes and said, "Tsk, tsk. How convenient."

LiLhyz LiLhyz

Thank you for reading this very first Chapter of MPCL! This is a story of Yeong and Yanmei, the brother of Andrea from my other novel, The President's Lover is a Fighter.

I hope that you will stay with me until the end of their love story and enjoy reading it as much as I will while writing.

Also, if you love this support, please support me by sending me gifts, votes, and reviews.

Please give this story a chance. The first ten chapters are about the female lead before you get to meet the male lead.

If you like a story with longer chapters, offering action, romance, family, and a big slice of life, please check out The President's Lover is a Fighter! I Guarantee you will love it!

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