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Chapter 8: Ohh Yess..

<One month later>

At this moment Ainz was daydreaming on the Throne, for some reason he felt very comfortable sitting here, perhaps because the Throne was a World item. In the past month, he had carried out various experiments on his strength as well as all over Nazarick.

In several places in Nazarick there were certain functions that required resources to be activated, but previously Ainz had programmed the 'Men' s Rest Area' place so that it would not need resources to be used, but he still placed spare resources in that place so that keep functioning in case something happens in the future.

And sure enough, when Ainz inspected the place, the spare resources that had been stored there were being used up.

Ainz had also tried various kinds of magic, he had even fight Sebas and Cocytus.

After conducting all of these and other experiments, Ainz had come to the conclusion that NOTHING WAS INFINITE. Even the first time Ainz saw his status, he felt very doubtful.

Ainz recalled the words of the smartest person in the world:

[Two things are infinite: The Universe and Human Stupidity, and I'm not sure about Universe] - Albert Einstein

And if Ainz believed that he had unlimited power, then Ainz was a stupid human, or perhaps a stupid monster because at this moment Ainz was no longer human.

Ainz realized that wherever he was, the Laws of Nature existed, the concept of causality or cause and effect would always exist.

If he wanted to activate the 'Men's Rest Area', then he would have to expend resources for the fuel to activate it, even though Ainz had programmed it in such a way as to remain active without resources, that only happened in the game and when he was in a new world. then he had to use resources to activate the 'Men's Rest Area'.

It was during Ainz's experiment of magic that he also realized that his strength was not truly infinite. There are certain ways of working in his body that make his strength 'look' infinite.

When Ainz uses his magic, Ainz automatically needs his mana, so when the Mana from his body comes out at that moment Ainz's body absorbs the Energy from outside and replaces the mana that comes out of his body. Same thing with his other stats, if Ainz's Stats were reduced due to being used or hit by an attack then at the same time Ainz's body absorbed the Energy from outside and replenished his reduced stats.

All these processes occur simultaneously so that it indirectly gives Ainz unlimited power. And perhaps the only way to defeat Ainz was to prevent his body from absorbing Energy in battle.

But it was also very difficult and even nearly impossible because there was no place that didn't have Energy. Ainz believed that in every place there must be Energy, in every space, there must be Energy, even the void has Energy. Of course, the reason for Ainz's confidence came from his body, because the moment Ainz took out his Mana, he could feel thousands - no, perhaps millions of different energies entering his body, even though Ainz did not know what exactly the Energy that had entered his body was.

So the conclusion is that Ainz does not have unlimited power. Beyond the limits, there is always something. But there is a big problem here. When we define something, it always has a limit. Even that definition is a limits. The terms we use always have a meaning or define something. The meaning or definition is a limit, so that something that has a title is always something limited. At least it is limited in one's perception or imagination. Something one can still imagine always has its limits. Something is always limited.

So we have a situation that beyond the limit there is always something. And something always has its limits. If so, the limit of something must give rise to something else beyond that limit. And if what is beyond that limit is something, then that something will have its limits again. And so on.

In this possibility, at least we find that we are in the largest / widest space or context that exists. And that context turns out to be absurd, because infinity is nonsense and the universe that is our context, is infinite.

So our existence turns out to be in absurdity. the common sense we encounter in our lives is in and only a small part of the absurdity. This is the same as saying that the limits which we see and know are actually within and only a small part of the infinity.

It turns out that we live in infinity and are a small part of the infinity, but we are only able to see the limits and manipulate and exploit what is in them.

Beyond the limit there is always another limit. When we try to imagine the state of infinity, our brains hit a dead wall. Stagnant. Our imagination is incapable of imagining infinity.

Infinite becomes nonsense. And since infinity is the great context of our existence, we can say that we actually live in absurdity. The things that make sense which we understand are in fact absurd. And it may be necessary for us to be more tolerant of absurdity.

While Ainz was still in his thoughts, a few moments later Demiurge came to the Throne Room and bowed to Ainz. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Ainz-sama, I have gathered all the information you need"

"You can tell me with a Message, Demiurge."

"I'm sorry, Ainz-sama. I feel like telling you in person is the best option"

"Alright, we go to my office," Ainz said, then he immediately disappeared.

<In the Ainz Conference Room, 9th Floor>

Currently in Ainz's Office there were several people inside, two Homunculus Maids, Demiurge, Ainz and the invisible Eight Edge Assassins.

"Tell me what you have gained in this one month, Demiurge," said Ainz.

Ainz had previously ordered Demiurge to form an Intelligence Division and find out the information of this New World within a month.

Demiurge bowed slightly to Ainz then handed him a map, after which Demiurge spoke.

"Yes, Ainz-sama. We were in the meadow that belonged to the territory of the Re-Estize Kingdom and close to the border of the Baharuth Empire. The two countries are always at war, every year they always fight in a place called the Katze Plains, because of the many casualties from the war, many Undeads have sprung up the Katze Plains Region"

"In this one month, we can only get information from 4 different kingdoms and their surrounding areas. I'm sorry, Ainz-sama" Demiurge said while bowing.

"No need to apologize, I can understand. I even prefer that you move slowly and carefully, however, we don't know where we are and the power level of beings in this new world."

"Thank you, Ainz-sama. We have also prepared many doppelganger spies in each of those kingdoms, but all of them haven't moved yet and are waiting for Ainz-sama's further orders." Demiurge said respectfully.

After all, the main task that Ainz had given Demiurge at this time was to gather information in the shadows, even though he had currently prepared Doppelganger spies in every kingdom, if he wanted to use them it had to be with Ainz's permission.

"Can you briefly describe the situation of each kingdom?" Ainz asked.

"Yes, Ainz-sama. The conditions of Re-Estize were the worst of the three other kingdoms. There is a lot of corruption in the kingdom, the nobles of the Re-Estize Kingdom are always in fight with each other, they all also commit many crimes in the shadows"

"While the Baharuth Empire is much more stable, because each citizen has a higher standard of living than any other country, from the information I have, they also have a strong Magician figure which is their main power. But we haven't investigated it further"

"Then there is the Roble Holy Kingdom, although their kingdom is also very prosperous, but the kingdom is in a state of tension because it continues to defend their kingdom from attacks by Demi-Humans."

"And the last one is the Slane Theocracy which is also the most powerful country from other countries. Because many places in the country use magic barriers to keep out intruders. Even though I could easily infiltrate it, but many unknown things are possible. So I plan to ask Ainz-sama's permission first before making any further moves, and also, the Slane Theocracy will soon launch an attack on the Re-Estize Kingdom"

Over an hour later Demiurge finished explaining all the information he had gotten during the past month.

"Great, good job Demiurge." The moment Ainz said this, he could see Demiurge's tail wagging like a happy Dog.

"All right, that's all Demiurge, you can go now. I want to go see the Territory around Nazarick in person."

"Please allow me to accompany you, Ainz-sama."

"Okay, you can go with me."

Ainz and Demiurge walked together outside of Nazarick, but on their way, they encountered Albedo who immediately begged to go with them.

"I want to see this world from the sky," Ainz said briefly, after which he flapped his beautiful wings and at that moment he immediately shot up into the sky leaving Demiurge and Albedo in a fairly strong wind.

"Sasuga, Ainz-sama," said Demiurge.

"Ufufuuu ..." Albedo only laughed lightly, then the two of them flew after Ainz.

High above the sky, Ainz looked at Nazarick's Great Tomb which was in the middle of a vast meadow. From the outside Nazarick only looks like an ancient tomb that was slightly destroyed, no one will know that inside the ruins of this ancient tomb there is Hell and Heaven inside.

Previously, when he first came to the New World, Ainz had covered Nazarick's surface with his exclusive magic so as to make Nazarick invisible, of course not because Ainz was afraid of being discovered or whatever, but because he had other plans in mind.

"Demiurge!" Ainz called out to Demiurge who was flying beside him.

"Yes, Ainz-sama. I am ready to accept your orders" said Demiurge.

Ainz raised his right hand and aimed it at Nazarick, at the same time, Nazarick slowly sank into the ground, then the ground around Nazarick seemed to have naturally slipped.

At this moment Nazarick looked like a tomb buried under the ground, then after the passage of time, the land that covered Nazarick fell down, making Nazarick visible on the surface.

"I need a little entertainment, maybe you can spread rumors about a mysterious tomb that holds a lot of treasure seen here." Ainz said with a slight smile on his face which fascinated Albedo because this was the first time she had seen her master smile.

"Of course I will put my treasure there so that the struggles of those exploring Nazarick will not be in vain." Ainz said.

"Ainz-sama, isn't it too wasteful to give your precious treasure to a lowly creature like them?" said Albedo confusedly, but disgust was evident on her still-beautiful face.

"What??!! How dare you insult a human like that, Albedo !!" Mwehehehe ... Just kidding, of course Ainz wouldn't say that.

"You know Albedo, I once heard the phrase 'Curiosity kills a cat', and now I'm wondering if curiosity can kill other creatures too." Ainz said in a slightly joking manner.

"And also everyone has greed within them, especially humans. I want to see what they will choose, enter this tomb to indulge their greed, or give up instead of having to meet the unknown."

"Ufufufuu… as expected from Ainz-sama" said Albedo while covering her mouth.

Ainz was silent for a moment as he looked at the bright daylight before him. After that Ainz closed his eyes, Albedo and Demiurge who saw this did not dare to disturb their Lord. After a while Ainz opened his eyes.

"call all Floor Guardians, except Gargantua. We will have a meeting." Ainz intended to carry out his master plan now, which was also the plan Ainz had carried out in the novel.


GhonSensei GhonSensei

ok looks like this is the longest chapter i ever made.

heyy, throw your power stones, Ainz really needed it to make an item, Trust me.

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