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100% Tsugimori / Chapter 2: 二 ー 2

二 ー 2 - Tsugimori - Chapter 2 by Aikvyn full book limited free

Chapter 2: 二 ー 2

The next morning Ken woke up around 11 am, It would be a perfect time for their aunt to come over, he decided to wake Yoshie up.

"Hey Yoshie, wake up," Ken added, shaking Yoshie. Yoshie woke up, rubbing his eyes, looking at Ken.

"What?" Yoshie mumbled, then his vision became clear, looking at Ken.

"It's time to get up, our aunt is about to get here," Yoshie nodded, then Ken walked out.

Yoshie got up from his bed a found some anime shirt and sweatpants cause he didn't feel like grabbing anything else. He looked out the window and saw some fancy red car he could really see. Once he realized it was stopping at their grandparents house, his eyes widened.

"KENn! I THINK SHE'S HERE!" Yoshie yelled at the top of the stairs, then he ran down the stairs only to find Ken in the kitchen. Ken whipped his head and looks out the window in the kitchen.

"Oh god, Already?!" Ken ran up the stairs, Yoshie was assuming he was 'probably getting dressed cause he was still in his pajamas' Yoshie walked to the window and looks out as he saw she was almost on the porch.

"KEN!! HURRY SHE'S ALMOST HERE!" Yoshie yelled to Ken as he looked by the stairs and saw that Ken was dressed fancier than him. He saw Ken peep through the door. Ken opened the door and smiled, at their aunt.

"Hello Darlings, I am assuming this must be the house?" Their aunt said in a rich accent, talk about rich! She had red eyes, short black hair, she had some expensive, well what it looked like, coat. an expensive phone! She had a louis vuitton bag, she had some sunglasses on, she now put them over her head. "I haven't brought my children just yet because we're still looking for the house right?" They both nodded.

"So um, what should we call you?" Ken requested. She just looked at them.

"You can just call me Auntie Maiko, If you'd like," she responded looking at the hall. "Oh, just like I remembered, I haven't been here in years, sad that my lovely sister died though," Maiko started walking up the stairs.

"So, uh should we sell the house we lived in?" Ken spoke up. Maiko just looked back, thinking.

"Well how about we sell the house, let's say my sister was in," Maiko smiled, "And I stay in this one!"

"Oh um, sure."

"Great, I will call home, and Kageyasu better pick up!" Maiko said the last part a little loud. Her phone was ringing as the two brothers just watched. "Hello, yes Kageyasu! You finally answered this time, anyways, I'm going to be selling the house, so put it up for sale for me please,"

Then the heard a faint: "Okay, but why?"

"Why, well because i'm selling the house, silly. And we're staying at my house that I grew up as a child in," She replied, "Okay, goodbye darling," Then like that she hung up, the brothers both assumed this Kageyasu one of her children.

"Anyways where's the house my sister was in?" She said.

"The house beside us," Ken replied.

"That little house? Maybe she wasn't so famous," She insisted. Ken looked at Yoshie, and Yoshie looked at Ken. "By the way, Ken and Yoshie— I believe it is," They both nodded, they didn't know they had and aunt until Their Sofu told them about her. "Also, I am a model, from a big company, and I'd like to invite you to shoot with me sometime." She remarked, grabbing something from her bag, then it was a magazine, full of just, her. She also saw two kids. "And those are my two children, Kageyasu, he's 21, and Yoshitori, he's 16," She smiled, Ken just nodded, putting the magazine on one of the tables beside the stairs.

"Anyways, we'll be selling both my old house and my sisters, my house is around 2 Million, and how expensive is my sisters house?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"around 87 Thousand," Ken replied.

"Hm, good enough," she replied, "Okay let's find some houses to fit eight people," Ken hopped on his phone and found one, "it's over ten thousand, and it has eight beds, and bathrooms connected to them," Ken answered. Maiko looked at his phone, scrolling through some stuff.

"Perfect!" Maiko smiled. "It's in Osaka! Where we live," Maiko cheered.


They had been able to sell both houses in two weeks and they got the money. They even took a look at the new house.

"So, how are we getting there?" Maiko asked them.

Ken cleared his throat, "Since our cousins aren't here yet, you could drive them to the new house and I could drive Yoshie," Maiko nodded.

"Alright, I can live by that, also like the necklace, Yoshie," Maiko winked at him. Maiko walked out the door.

"Does she know about the powers?" He thought. He looked at Yoshie, "Well we should get going now, grab your stuff," Ken held Yoshie's shoulder, Yoshie looked at him and nodded, walking to their Sofu's bedroom. Ken already had his stuff, he was walking out the door when he heard Yoshie catch up to him.

They got to the car and they were finally on their way. As soon as they reached the house, they looked at it, it was something everyone wanted. They saw that Maiko hadn't been here yet so they decided to pick what rooms they want, there was two rooms with bunk beds, a master bedroom, and the rest were regular bedrooms. Yoshie and Ken decided they would go with one of the bunk beds.

They heard a car pull in, must've been Maiko and her five children.

She came out holding hands with a little girl, she was around five, then two other boys, maybe about seven and ten came out, and lastly, two taller dudes came out, about seventeen and twenty-one.

the guy that was about seventeen gave Yoshie a glare. Then looked down at his necklace, then his eyes widened a little, then he began to walk with his older brother.

All of them walked inside the house, picked their beds, and they all walked to the living room.

"Okay, I'd like you to meet my kids, this girl, is Natsuko," The girl had short black hair, she hid behind Maiko. "This one is Tokichiro," she said to the boy who had black choppy hair, he was holding some type of toy peep. "He is Shigeko," she said to the guy who was looking down at his nintendo switch, he looked up, he had some ear piercings, his bangs were black and the rest which was about shoulder length, was brown. He looked back down. "And these two are Yoshitori and Kageyasu," she said, one had parted brown hair and the other had fluffy straight hair.

All the five kids parted their way as Maiko looks at The two brothers. She breathed out.

"I was thinking you two could go to school, it's not far, it's called Kiyose Higashi High School." They both nodded, they've never been to a actual school before, just home schooled.

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