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Chapter 21-The Jura Forest Coalition - Twin Slime - Chapter 24 by Fallen_Micheal full book limited free

Chapter 24: Chapter 21-The Jura Forest Coalition

When we finished gathering the orcs [Great Sage] calculated that 123,581 orcs had still survived the carnage. A lot less than the original but I guess the magicule bomb played a role in that.

I've been thinking and I just realized that there is no way the demon lords won't realize a bomb powerful enough to wipe out a small country went off in the orc war.

Because of that I've decided to just let go and do whatever I want. That's what Rimuru's been doing. Once Rimuru becomes the leader I'll just do whatever I want and see what happens. I've been thinking about this for a while.

The butterfly effect should take place at some point. There is no way the timeline will stay the same so I might as well have fun. I've been getting bored recently. I know everything that's gonna happen.

Walking into the room where the coalition will soon be formed I can immediately sense the tension. There are 11 orcs total in the room. Geld and 10 more of the higher ups. They look dead inside, they definitely expect to be executed. I don't blame them.

The lizardmen look furious.

The conference started in a very awkward manner with Hakurou starting it to no response. Rimuru decided to pick it off where it started by getting everyone's attention. He then explained the situation. Why the orcs got so strong, why they attacked, the situation they were in that forced their hand, etc.

Upon finishing the explanation I could tell the lizardmen's faces had be become a little less angry. They definitely pity the orcs. That's probably the best response you could get from them.

With the explanation over the discussion finally began. Rimuru yelled out, "So with that over let's confirm the casualties!"

The orcs stayed quiet the entire time. The head of the lizardmen listed off their casualties and with each name the orcs looked more and more ashamed. Once the conversation got to the death of nearly all of Jura's ogre population the orcs had lost all hopes of making it out alive.

One of the high ranking lizardmen asked, "So are there any demands we have for the orcs?"

The orcs faces lost all color upon hearing that.

The head of the lizardmen replied, "We don't have anything specific. We won not by our own strength but by Rimuru and Migeeu's. They have the right to decide."

I speak up, "Alright, let's see what they have to say. I can't make up my mind without their defense."

Geld upon hearing that desperately responds, "Pardon my intrusion. I know this won't compensate for what we have done but please allow me to compensate with our lives!"

This is followed by the other orc generals who do the same.

Hakurou intervenes announcing Rimuru has something to say.

"No don't kill yourselves! Umm, this is my first conference so I'm not sure if I can handle this but I'll say what I think. I don't believe the orcs deserve to be punished to the extreme of execution."

The orcs gasp upon hearing this.

The lizardman chief raises an eyebrow.

"And why is that?" He asks.

"The orcs were starving before this happened I don't think they had a choice."

A lizardmen general outraged tries to argue against this decision. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

I don't have much tolerance for what I call "stupidity." That's always been a small detail of my personality I can't seem to change. Back in my previous life I once had a multiple hour long argument with a flat earther so when I heard this guy argue I finally gained the courage to speak up.

"Listen. If you were starving with no other options would you decide to kill someone you don't know to survive."

"Of course not."

"Liar. You would. When faced with a situation like that anyone would. That's why Rimuru is saying that they don't deserve a capital punishment. They had no other options. It was either eat other monsters or die."

The lizardman tried to argue back but was cut off by the leader.

"I understand your point but how do you plan to make them pay for their actions."

Rimuru responds with his basic plan for the Jura Forest Coalition. He proposes to make the orcs work to pay for what they have done which the lizardman chief accepts.

He then follows this up by explaining that he wants to keep working with the lizardmen to help with this alliance. Essentially explaining how he wants all monsters to work together in a sort of union.

The orcs stared at Rimuru amazed while the lizardmen looked at him unsure.

The head asked, "I understand your proposition but why do we need an alliance now that the war is over?"

He then explained how this would benefit everyone explaining that by just ending the conference like this then the orcs would just starve all over again.

He says that by creating an alliance everyone can benefit each other.

The lizardmen can offer fertile ground and clean water, the orcs can offer labor, and the soon to be city can offer processed goods. It's a win win scenario.

The leader of the lizardmen thinks this over. After a bit he explains that he's on board with this idea.

Soon to be Geld asks, "We can join your coalition?"

I respond with, "Yeah, sure."

The orcs behind him regain life in their eyes as they excitedly offer their complete loyalty.

With the basics out of the way, the question that I knew was coming is asked. Who will be the leader. Without our input the oni make Rimuru and I both become leaders of this new coalition. Rimuru is visibly shocked as Shion basically flings him around. Thank god I never made her get used to carrying me.

Damn, I was aiming for vice leader. I guess having equal power to Rimuru isn't that bad. We are soon dubbed the Twin Rulers.

Out of nowhere Treyni appears, wasn't expecting that. She didn't appear in our strategy meeting like in the anime so I was wondering where she was.

She introduces herself and explains that she is here to make this meeting "official" as the guardians of the forest. Apparently she was going to meet us earlier but got interrupted.

Interrupted by what? I don't buy it.

The group adapts surprisingly quickly to her arrival and the finishing touches to the agreement are made.

During the touch ups a question is made. While sure in the long run we will have the supplies necessary for the orcs to survive, for now we don't have enough.

Treyni steps in and says that she can help with that. She offers to add the dryads to the coalition. In exchange for offering their help they ask for protection. As a highly immobile species they may need it. We accept the terms and solve our little mini crisis.

The conference is finally complete.

On our way out the orcs thank us which causes Rimuru to remember they don't have names. Guess it's time to name them. Rimuru acknowledges that naming thousands of orcs is out of the question so he decides to only name the important orcs. Along the way we also name the important lizardmen including Gabiru again somehow.

With that ordeal over I could now finally finish my lab and…

Now what?

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