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74.28% Twin Slime / Chapter 26: Chapter 23-Renovations

Chapter 23-Renovations - Twin Slime - Chapter 26 by Fallen_Micheal full book limited free

Chapter 26: Chapter 23-Renovations

It's been about a month and a half since the fight with the orc lord and things have been going smoothly. I have been working on little inventions that I make every no and then. I'm not planning to make something big like a car until after my demon lord transformation though. Crazy things like that would motivate the other nations to invade sooner.

Right after Rimuru had named all the orcs, lizardmen showed up forcing him to name them as well. He had already named the big names earlier but now he had to name all the weaker ones. Luckily I stepped in, he would have lost consciousness otherwise. Naming them was pretty quick. I just asked [Great Sage] for name ideas. Unfortunately because of my lower magicule reserves I ended up going to sleep.

Life has been pretty peaceful for the most part. I've been working on powered plumbing for the past month or so but life is just not on my side right now. We keep running into caves, underwater rivers, and we even dug into the bottom of an underwater lake. Doesn't really affect me but I'm not the only one digging. I'm pretty sure one of the goblins has ptsd because he refuses to go near large bodies of water. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Then I got sent another wave of hell when Gabiru showed up. Apparently, he's been annoying Rimuru too much and got sent here to do hard labor as punishment. His constant rambling is insanely annoying. When he started singing I snapped. I punch him so hard his lower jaw gets heavily dislocated, barely hanging on.

"Holy shit!"

I instantly throw a full healing potion at him restoring him. He's unconscious from shock right now so luckily he won't remember but I should definitely watch myself.

When he wakes up he continues to sing.

Oh my god! Just shut the fuck up, please!

We finally dig into tempest about a week later and split off into teams. Finally I get to be separated from Gabiru. By the 2 month mark since the orc lord fight the sewer is finally complete. I assign some lizardmen to guard and clean the sewer and finally leave.

On my way back I encounter a group of goblins.

"So what are you all doing here?"

Apparently they are going to the goblin town to try and join them. I explain I'm one of the two leaders causing them to immediately prostate themselves and ask for permission to join. I accepted and took them back to the town.

Bringing them back to town wasn't the issue, naming them was. There were so many that naming them took like 5 days. Luckily they were so weak I would replenish magicules almost as fast as naming them would consume them so I didn't get low on magicules by the end.

Rimuru got the idea of turning these goblins as well as some others that volunteered into an arm of the military. The green corps he called it. I had no problem with it so I said yes. Somehow one of the goblins I was training to guard my lab ended up the leader. Goblon's green corps.

Something I've noticed is the buildings are a little different than in the original. Apparently Gurd got a chance to see my house and took its design into consideration when designing the buildings in town. Due to that the buildings ended up looking different. A mixture of the original design and my house's design. Just like I though, my presence here is changing this town.

A week later Hakurou asked for me, apparently some of the goblins were finally ready to defend my lab. When I show up I notice that Gobzi has evolved. He is now something called a goblin general. Testing out his strength he's easily on par with your average dragonewt if not stronger. He also gained a skill called [General's Orders] that functions like my [Hive Mind] further powering up the rest of the goblins.

They are very strong but at what cost. They look traumatized, maybe I shouldn't have said don't hold back to Hakurou. Moving past that, some of the goblins finally started to actively defend my lab. Some stayed behind however, I wish them luck.

Construction continued for a few more weeks until the town's renovations were finally complete.


Name: Migeru Tempest

Race: Slime

Divine Protection: Storm Crest

Title: One who Commands Monsters

Magic: Flare Circle, Flight

Abilities: Unique Skills [Great Sage, Predator,

Sage's Link, Genius, Detonation]

Slime Natural Skills [Dissolve, Absorption, Regeneration]

Skills [Hydraulic Propulsion, Water Current Movement, Water Blade]

Extra Skills [Water Manipulation, Magic Perception, Phoenix Fire, Fire Manipulation, Black Lightning, Icicle Barrage, Body Double, Ranged Barrier, Wind Manipulation, Black Flame, Self Regeneration, Death March Dance]

Acquired Skills [Heat Detection, Paralysis Breath, Noxious Breath, Sticky Thread, Steel Thread, Vampirism, Utra Sound Waves, Body

Armor, Superior Sense of Smell(SSS), Telepathic Communication, Menace, Fire Ball, Heat Wave, Combustion, Thick Skinned, Pheromone Detection, Hive Mind, Camouflage, Poisonous Saliva, Retractable Claws, Night Vision, Fang, Supreme Sense of Hearing(SSH), Tunneling, Wind Gust, Wind Pulse, Controlled Air Flow, Intimidating Hiss, Icicle Lance]

Resistances: Thermal Fluctuation Resistance EX

Physical Attack Resistance

Pain Nullification

Electricity Resistance

Paralysis Resistance

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