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40% Twisted (izuku x Toga) Villain Au / Chapter 4: meeting

meeting - Twisted (izuku x Toga) Villain Au - Chapter 4 by Kim_Zaru full book limited free

Chapter 4: meeting

(Izuku POV)

I woke up in a room I look to my sides and see Dabi and Toga at first I was confused until I remembered me and Toga were out on a date and someone kidnapped us.

I get up and see a bear mouse weird thing?

"Ahh~ your awake izuku!" The bear thing said

"Umm Yeah...." I said confused

"I heard about what happened at U.S.J and I want you at U.A" He said

"Ohhhh yeah the bet wow I suck at this caught only 3 hours in the bet" I He said rubbing my temples

"Well I'm Principle Nezu but you can call me Nezu izuku" Nezu said9

"Thanks~" I said smiling

"Well today is a free day I think you should meet class 1-A there in the dorms" nezu said walking out

"Hmmmm~" izuku said changing in clothes he magically had (and no it's not his other quirk I put them there)

There is no blood ignore it thank you~!

'Hmmm dorms' I walk in seeing everyone waving

"Deku?!" Kacchan said jumping falling on the floor Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"What the fuck are you doing here!!" Kacchan said raising a eyebrow

"Ohhhh Hahahah~" I said rubbing my neck

"Well the hero's saw me and kidnapped me and I will be in your class tomorrow~" I said laughing

"Deku your so fucking bad at bets" Kacchan said face palming his face

"Welp I guess so~" izuku said walking over sitting on the edge of the couch

"Well hi my name is Izuku Midoriya~" I said smiling under the mask

"Hi I'm Ochako Uraraka my quirk is zero gravity!" I smiled

"I'm Enjiro Kirishima and my quirk is Harding" I nod

"I'm-" I cut a guy with blue hair and glasses

"I know all of your guys quirk and names so no need~" I said grabbing a knife out of nowhere

"What's with you and knifes!?" Kiminari said

"Well~ I don't know they just....Call to me~ ya know!" I said smiling

"I-I understand?" Kiminari says

"What's your quirk izuku?" Kirishima said

"Well~ I have 3 and a mutation" I said grinning

"You do?!" All the class shout in usion

"Well you'll have to find them out on your own~" I said standing up

"I gotta go see my bestfriend and girlfriend toddles~" I leave the room

(After he arrives in the room)

"Izu~Kun!" Toga says waving while talking to midnight and Dabi talking to Erasure head

"Yo izuku" Dabi says waving

"Hi Señorita and hi dipshit!" I said putting my hands in my pockets

"Say that one more time izuku midoriya"

He says glaring

We stand there having a glare off ten seconds later he lost and he accepted defeat

"Izuku can you sing for me~!" Toga said smiling clapping her hands

"Sure~" i said sitting down making a guitar

(after a while)

"Dang kid you can sing good" Midnight said clapping as he finished the song

"Thanks midnight" I said smiling putting the guitar down

"Call me Nemuri!" She said smiling

"Ok nice to meet you nemuri" I said standing up

"Well kid tomorrow you guys start class at U.A your dorm is threw that door" Eraser head said pointing to a door next to us

"Thanks Aizawa" I said smiling

Me Dabi and Toga got up and fixed are dorm rooms

(I'll show the rooms later ok!)

Narrator POV

Toga and izuku were just making out until he let go "oh you didn't meet Kacchan yet!" He grabbed toga's wrist and ran like he has never ran before

(At the dorms)

"Ahhhhhhhhh" Everyone looks at the izuku and at the door it was destroyed he laughed and made another door placing it down

"You have a creation quirk like me?" Momo said with stars in her eyes

"Yes I do momo" izuku said holding toga's hand

"I forgot to introduce you to Toga an-" izuku stoped and everyone looked confused

"AHHHH I FORGOT DABI!" Izuku ran out out the door

(3 minutes later)

"IM BACK WITH DABI! Izuku was holding Dabi in the air sleeping3

"DABI WAKE THE FUCK UP YOU SON OF A BITCH!?" Izuku said throwing Dabi on the floor wait no slamming him

"What~" Dabi said lazily

"You have to meet everyone and your brother!" Izuku shouts

Dabi looks at him smiling and looks at everyone and sees Todoroki

Todoroki stops moving and starts opening his mouth

"T-Touya....." he starts to smile and cry's while hugging him

"Shut up Shoto your such a crybaby....." Dabi said crying

"Dumbass your crying to?!" Izuku shouts

"DID I ASK YOU IZUKU!?" Dabi let's go of Todoroki and attacks izuku with fire

"BITCH! WHAT THE FUCK YOU DOING!?" Izuku said dodging

"SO!? I AM GONNA FUCKING CUT YOU BITCH!?" Dabi says grabbing a knife

"WHAT IS THAT YOU COCKSUCKER!?" Izuku says tackling him4

As they were fighting all of them sweat dropped except Toga and todoroki

"They act like this all the time don't worry they've been doing this forever before I even meet them~" Toga said

"He used to do this to are brother Natsuo and my sister would join the fight it was fun watching..." Todoroki said smiling

"They known each other for years after Dabi ran away from your father endeavor" Toga said sipping tea

"AGHHHHHHHH" dabi and izuku screamed

And broke a window and then falling out of it

(1 hour later)

"You guys done?" Toga said

Izuku and Dabi we're crying holding each other mumbling like "I'm sorry your not a cry baby *hic*" "nooooo im Sorry izuku im am a crybaby *sniff*" "IM SORRY!"

"Big baby's" Toga said talking to the girls

"WHAT!?" Dabi and izuku said

"I said your both baby's but my children I have to take care of both of you" she said glaring

"Yes ma'am!" They both said bowing in usion

"Good now go get your uniforms from principle Nezu" Toga said

"Bu-" the Both said

"NO BUTS GET YOUR ASSES THERE NOW!?" She grabs a knife dragging them by there shirts yelling

"Well these guys will be interesting in class" Kirishima said sweat dropped

They all nod

(Nezu's Office)

"Before you 3 leave I have a Question....." nezu said crossing his arms in his chair

"Yes?" They all said in usion

"Why were you villains?" Nezu said looking at them with his beady eyes

"Well....I thought I had to be because of my quirk and I had a kinda....psychotic mind....or something..." Toga said

"And I did it cause I never liked hero's because of my father I ran away and I found a home and then from there...." Dabi said smiling looking down

"And's was because my father...and I was always crazy....I just....don't know why?.....all this time I thought being a villain was my calling helping people was a dream ween I was changed ween my father left..." izuku said looking at his right hand

"Im sorry you guys went thru that I'll see you tomorrow..." nezu said turning his chair around

The 3 walk out of the principle office "Well tomorrow we are no longer villains we are.....Hero's"

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