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Chapter 20 - TWISTED: Chess Piece - Chapter 20 by Kiyaaan full book limited free

Chapter 20: Chapter 20

What's happening?

Why does he have something like that?

And most importantly, where is he pointing it at?

Chess had so many questions in his head, but it was hard to ask Syn who treats him as invisible.

"There's a binocular in the bag. Use it."

Those were his first words to Chess. It even sounded forced.

Chess didn't say anything and just did what he told him. He approached the bag and picked up the binocular before lifting and placing it before his eyes.

While he was doing all that, Syn had shifted his eyes to glance at him. He always thought that there's something wrong with this student. And now he knew what it was…

This student, Chess… never was once surprised by their class. Even now.

Normally, if you were kidnapped by a person and was almost burned to death, you would end up traumatized even for just a little bit. And normally, if you see a person with a snipe rifle, you would feel even the slightest bit of fear.

But Chess was different.

In Syn's eyes, he's the type to ask not because he's afraid. Instead, he asks because he's curious. It's pure curiosity with no hint of fear. It's not normal at all.

"Where should I point it at?" Chess spoke before glancing at Syn.

Syn was back to his position earlier, his eyes on the scope. "Fifth floor, third room of the building across us."

Chess did as he instructed.

He lifted the binocular once more and pointed it towards the said direction. The only building that can be seen right across them is the building where they left Reis earlier. It's right across and is as tall as the building that they are in now.

Through the window of the fifth floor, third room, two figures were seen. One of them is Reis.

Inside, there were only two couches and a round table in the middle. The windows were closed and the curtains are thick.

In that short while, Reis had already scanned the area. There was a man in the middle of the narrow room and he is not a stranger.

"Welcome! It's good to see you again." the man greeted Reis, looking extremely friendly.

Reis just answered with a lazy grin before settling on the opposite couch. He pulled the bag from his shoulder and placed it on the round table in between. He even purposely lifted the bag with force, causing a disturbance in the air.

The sudden movement of the air caused the thick curtain beside him to slightly move. It was just a slight movement, but for Syn, who was waiting outside, it was enough.

In that short moment, he already had a rough sketch of the inside structure of the room. He also saw Reis facing forward which only means he's talking to someone opposite to him. He calculated the distance and adjusted the angle of the rifle.

On the other hand, Chess was also able to take a peek when the curtains lifted slightly. He saw the black bag on the table, making him knot his forehead.

"What's in the bag?" he asked.

He did ask but he wasn't really expecting for an answer. But after a short while, he heard Syn's voice.


Chess stilled.

His hand, which was holding the binocular, twitched.

Then he turned to look at Syn who was in the same position earlier.


"Yes. It's the drugs that you asked for." Reis spoke in a casual manner, pulling the black bag's zipper open.

The person across him lifted his lips before reaching for the contents. The bag was awfully big, but the things inside was not even big enough to match his palm. The bag was just a front, filled with fibers to hide the real contents inside.

He pulled a white box and stared at it in glee.

"This is really it…" the person mumbled, feeling ecstatic.

His eyes turned malicious while staring at the box and Reis noticed all that. With a swift move, he lifted his hand and placed it beside his chin. Unknown to the person in front, he was already contacting someone outside.

Before leaving the van, he placed something in his ear. It was a communication device that Cale provided. On the other side, Cale's computer beeped.

He was bored on waiting but finally, his task is here.

He placed his hands on the keyboard and typed on a fast speed.

"And? The payment?" Reis lazily asked, his voice reaching Cale's ears.

Cale's eyes were focused on the screen while Reis continued on talking. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The person across Reis had shifted his eyes from the box to him. He smiled before nodding. "Of course. The payment is on the way."

To check if he was telling the truth was Cale's task. He hacked on that building's system and took control of their cameras.

There were two cameras on every floor, and none inside the rooms. But it was okay because all he had to do is to check if the money is coming or not.

At the first floor, he saw someone enter. The person had black bags on both his hand and was looking so composed. By the looks of it, this is the other party's accomplice and the black bags contains the payment.

"One person approaching." He stated, talking to Reis. "It looks like the payment."

Reis grinned. So, in the end, they decided not to sabotage the negotiation.

But we still can't be so sure of that…

"Mr. Suarez, you do realize the quality of our goods, right?"

The person across Reis, Mr. Suarez, stilled on that question. He placed the box back on the table before bending his back and resting his arms on his thighs. His smile was gone and his face looked like that of a businessman.

"Of course." He answered lowly.

Reis rested his back on the couch and his arms sideway. He even tilted his head sideward and rested his temple on his palm, staring at Mr. Suarez with that intense gaze of him.

"I just want you to know that I hope we can continue being good partners. You as our valuable client, and us as your benefactor." The way that Reis said those words felt like mocking.

Mr. Suarez, who was sitting across him was completely rid off of any emotions. His eyes looked deadly and his lips were pursed in a thin line.

That sight made Reis's grin wider.

"What's wrong?" he asked with a slight hint of taunt.

Cale, who can hear everything, shook his head. Reis is at it again. Provoking every client that he meets.

While staring at the computer, Cale noticed something from one of the camera views. He zoomed in on that position and stared at the person being flashed on the screen. He then jumped into other cameras and studied every person than can be seen.

After a short while, his lips twitched and a sinister grin formed on his face.

He had two communication devices on both his ears. The right one was for Reis and the other is for Syn.

He once again glanced at the people flashed on the screen before clicking the device on his left ear.

"Permission to shoot." Were the only words he said.

Syn, who received the words clearly, sighed.

Someone is stupid enough to try and trick them.

He positioned himself and had calculated the speed and direction of the bullet if he shoots. He waited for the air to calm down while his finger stayed on the trigger.

After a minute… he pulled the trigger.

Chess, who was beside him, just watched in silence. He never asked and he never felt nervous. He looked like someone who is just watching a film, when in fact, he just witnessed an actual pulling of a rifle trigger.

Syn found his reaction strange, but he didn't say anything.

In Reis's side, Mr. Suarez dropped on the floor, looking so devastated when the box in front of him was blown into pieces. He tried to grab the bag and salvage the other boxes, but another shot came.

The bag was shot. Not just once, but many times, making sure that it was torn to pieces. He desperately picked the pieces up, looking at Reis with his teary eyes.

"W-why?!" he shouted. His voice echoed inside the room and had reached the ears of the people outside.

The two people who were standing beside the door hurriedly entered only to see their boss looking so pathetic in front of Reis.

"Hmm, I don't know… did you perhaps betrayed us?"

"N-no! No, you're wrong! Let me explain!"

Reis didn't listen to any word he said. He just casually stood on his feet, prepared to leave the room. But unexpectedly, Mr. Suarez reached and clung on his leg.

"Please! Please give me just one box! I can't live without it!" he begged and cried.

But it was a mistake.

Reis looked down on him, his eyes cold and piercing.

"Hands off." His voice was so cold it felt like he just started to release frost.

The two guards felt that he was extremely dangerous so they hurriedly approached their boss and pulled him away from the person. Mr. Suarez flailed and cried, but it was no use. Reis just threw him a hateful glance before finally disappearing in his sight.

Mr. Suarez was left mourning for the blown-up box and bags. Hours passed and he was still crying. His men had started to wonder about the contents inside.

"It's just drugs, right? Is it really worth crying for? He can just order from others…" one man stated, looking at their boss pitifully.

They were a group of three people. And one of them whispered silently. "No, it's not just simple drugs."

"What do you mean?" they started to crowd around each other, forming a small circle with their heads hung low. They all stared at the person who spoke and waited for enlightenment.

The person covered his lips and glanced sideways before speaking.

"I heard that those drugs are experimental drugs. Rumors say that the drugs delivered by that person is a miracle drug. It can make people intelligent."

All of their forehead creased.

"What?" they can't believe what the other person said. But the person just nodded his head, sounding so surely.

"I can't tell if it's true or not, but I can tell you that boss isn't as bright as you think. During his younger days, he's not good at studying and had even dropped school. But look at him now…" all of them turned to look at their boss. He was wearing a suit and was looking so fine. But the way he cries is like that of a child.

"He's a businessman with good life… and all of it happened when he started buying those drugs."

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