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10.71% TWISTED: Chess Piece / Chapter 3: Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - TWISTED: Chess Piece - Chapter 3 by Kiyaaan full book limited free

Chapter 3: Chapter 3

Our student, Chess, stood in a daze. What does he mean by that?

Before he could even react, a loud sound was heard. The professor standing beside him had lifted his hand and already hit Jill's head hard. Jill scratched the stinging part as he directed a glare to their professor. He then turned around and started walking back to his seat.

Chess tilted his head and glanced at the person beside him. Prof released a heavy sigh as he removed his arms around him. He then took a phone out and scrolled for a minute. Then, he placed his phone down as he speak.

"Today… We have nothing to do."

"Really?" Aoi was the first to react. His eyes glistened like diamonds, he seemed happy.

"Yes. However, you are to choose a class representative today. The board is asking for one." Prof added.

The room was instantly filled with complaints.

"Why do we need a representative? We didn't have to have one for the past years." Reis stated. He was completely against that task. It wasn't a part of the deal.

"He's right. Why do they ask for it now that all of us are already graduating?" Jill asked.

At this moment, one person tilted his head as he pulled a cigarette out of a pack. It was Kane. He placed it on his mouth as he lifted the other hand to light the cigarette up. He puffed a smoke before parting his lips to speak.

"Maybe it's because we're graduating." His words were meaningful.

Everyone, except for our completely clueless Chess, understood the message behind that statement.

Them, six, had been inside this room for already complete 3 years. They are now on their way of completing the fourth year and after this, they no longer had to enter this room. No one really cared, but still, this room was the sole witness of all their secrets, of all their dirty tasks.

It was hard not to miss the four corners of this room, disregarding the people inside.

"What are those old geezers planning to do?" the one seated on the corner, Cale, finally spoke.

He was still facing his computer but his hands already stopped from moving. His head had hung lowly as he said those words. He knew he's not the only one who thinks that something is amiss.

Why would they require a class representative when they want this class to stay hidden? They clearly stated in the contract that showing their faces inside the school grounds is strictly prohibited, that was why they are stuck in this old, run-down room. And now they're asking for a representative? For what?

There must be something more to it. They just failed to realize it yet.

"For the meantime… Chess." The professor turned to look at Chess who was still standing beside him. He has no intentions of sitting down, it seems. Prof just grinned at that thought before reaching out his arm to hug that student's shoulders again. "Why not become our representative? Hm?"

Chess stared at him with scrutinizing gaze. The professor laughed because of that as he released the young man's shoulder.

"Hey, don't look at me like that. I'm not asking you to take the role just because I'm too lazy to force these brats into it. It's far from that, really."

Who would believe those words? He clearly just wanted to end the matter quickly, pushing the responsibilities on him. Our student sighed, but he still dared to try and reject the proposal secretly.

"But I'm not a regular student here. This is just my supplementary class." He reasoned out, but it was to no avail.

"It doesn't matter as long as you are part of our class, supplementary or not. Besides, if you agree on being our class representative, you can rest assured that we wouldn't involve you in any other activities of this class. You can take it easy." Prof coaxed him. It was a tempting offer.

But, what kind of activities do they usually perform here? What is really the purpose of him being in this class?

He knows nothing. The person assigned to him yesterday also said nothing about this class. But he remembered seeing that person's terrified look as he pointed his fingers towards the entrance of this forest while teaching him the directions.

Why was that?

He scanned the people inside, starting from the person nearest to him.

The professor was a man looking like he's in the middle of his thirties. His hair is shoulder length which really complemented his feminine features. He really looked like a woman, if not only for the short, little stubbles covering his chin up to his jaws.

Next in sight is Aoi and Reis.

Aoi is shorter than him by a head, but that doesn't mean he is short. If you look at him from afar, you would really think he's taller than you. He also had big round eyes which were extremely attractive. He's charming especially when he displays his cheeky smile.

Next to him is Reis. He had long and silky black hair tied in a braid. His eyelashes were extremely thick, making his eyes appear darker and enticing. But disregarding his hair, Reis is not feminine at all. With his pointed nose and thin lips, he can easily catch any girl's heart with a simple wink.

Our student's sight strayed farther. He spotted Kane and Jill in separate couches. Kane is smoking a new cigarette stick while lying comfortably in the single couch. His leg rested on top of Jill's legs who was sitting opposite from him.

Kane had an aura of a businessman. He was indifferent, but you can definitely feel his guard against you. He also had good looks, complemented by his defined jaw. His brows were thick and his skin was fair. His fingers, in particular, was the prettiest. Our student never saw a smoking person with perfectly clean nails, until now.

Jill, on the other hand, looks more relaxed than him. He had the aura of a young man in his teens, full of joy and fun. He had small eyes, which disappears whenever he smiles, and has dimple on both cheeks. He looked very much like a wealthy young master.

Next in sight is the person in the corner and the person sleeping on the couch. Each of them looked aloof and gives off the 'don't talk to me, don't go near me' vibe. He examined Cale, the person in front of the computer, first. He had thick brows and lashes. His side profile was striking, especially his perfectly sculpted nose. His lips are slightly pouty, really fitting his image of an unfriendly person.

The last one was the person sleeping. His name is Syn. Just by lying there, you can already say that he's a really fit man. You can see the toned muscles in his arm. His hair is a little bit messy, but that didn't affect his beauty. He looks very much like an aristocrat. Full of nobility and power.

Our young student pursed his lips. He had no choice but to accept the position given to him. Based on his observations, if he didn't do it, no one would. Now he understands the professor. These people seemed hopeless.

But before anything else, he needs to know the rules and regulations of this class. He turned to look at the professor and decided to ask.

"What is this class?"

Prof turned to look at him. He gestured for him to sit in the nearest couch, and he did. He felt uncomfortable because in the couch next to him is the man sleeping, but he had no other places to go, so he sat still.

Prof leaned his back on the table in front as he placed his arms across his chest. He glanced at the others before glancing at Chess.

"Well, this is the Section – 0. We are also called the Pawns. Our class is hidden from the students of the university, so you could say that we don't really exist. All of us here are strictly prohibited to step on the school grounds. If we fail to comply… Who knows what the higher ups would do."

"Why?" Chess asked. Professor stilled.

"What do you mean, 'why'?" Prof gave him a smile while lifting his brows slightly. It was obvious he's hiding something.

"I mean, why are you prohibited from entering the school grounds?"

Professor's smile widened as he scratched his cheek.

"It's a part of the deal."

A deal? The more he listens, the more confused he gets. Everything doesn't make sense. Everything is scattered in different places, he can't seem to connect it one by one. He knotted his forehead as he searched for the right words to ask. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Then… Why am I here?" this was what he really wanted to know.

Why is he here in a suspicious class? Why did that man in the big room assigned him here? What's his purpose of being here? What should he do here? There are too many questions he wanted to ask but all leads to the question, 'Why is he here?'.

Prof stood there quietly. He stared at Chess deeply. His eyes were too dark Chess felt like drowning when he stared back. Then, just like that, Prof raised his hands and made three loud claps.

"Okay, enough of the chitchat! Let's start knowing each other first! Everyone, attention please." The smile was back on the professor's face when he said those words, but he had yet to answer our student's question. He seemed to intentionally avoid the question. Why?

Everyone around groaned, thinking that their professor is so childish. Who wants to have a heart-to-heart talk in their early twenties? No one. But they had no choice. Their professor already started the talk.

"Let's play Two Truths and a Lie. Who would want to start?"

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