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Chapter 9 - TWISTED: Chess Piece - Chapter 9 by Kiyaaan full book limited free

Chapter 9: Chapter 9

"Tell me I wasn't hallucinating…" one of the boys stated, the astonished expression never leaving his face. The memory of Mr. Gibo's violence had long been forgotten by the students because of one single person.

Even the girl who was nearly hurt by the professor had already wiped her tears, the fear slowly dissipating because of the arrival of that person.

"That was Evangel, right?" she asked her friends, bewilderment visible in her voice.

'Why would the Evangel come and help them personally?' All of them asked in their heads. And to find answers to their questions, they turned to look at Hans who was equally bewildered as them.

Now that he's back on his right mind, he can't seem to imagine how desperate he was for him to suddenly have the enough courage to ask that person. It was already a miracle that he heard him out, but to come and help them himself? That was completely unexpected.

"So, Hans! What did you do? How did you make him come?" others started to crowd around Hans.

Angela, who was also curious, fought the temptation to join the gossip and chose to stay with Chess. He faced Chess and glared at him.

"That was dangerous! Mr. Gibo had almost hit you!" she scolded.

Chess, on the other hand, just guiltily laughed while scratching his nose. He had that cute and adorable look so Angela lost the will to drag the scolding further and just released a heavy sigh. She then reached out to mess with Chess's hair.

"Don't do that again. It's bad for my heart." She, herself, wasn't sure if what's worse for her heart. The dangerous act that Chess pulled earlier, or that cute and adorable expression he just made?

Hayts… She didn't know it was this tiring to be friends with an extremely pretty person. Anything he make can cause her heart to race. It's not good… not good.

But how can she stop herself from staring at him? He was just so irresistible! She wants to pinch those fair cheeks and chew on those kissable lips--- wait, what?! No, erase, erase! He's younger than her so she should restrain herself! Besides, she's a lady! Acting so rash would make him think she's a pervert, so, no way.

While Angela is having those weird thoughts running inside her head, Chess's interest was still in that Evangel.

"By the way, who's that person earlier? The one name Evangel?"

Angela's thoughts suddenly cleared. Hearing that name made her return to reality.

"That's right. You're new so you don't know him yet… But I'm sure you've probably seen him earlier."

Earlier? During the orientation? He can't seem to remember his face…

Angela noticed that he had no idea so she clapped her hands together and dreamily stared at the air.

"He's a Section 1 – A student. One of our kings… our King Evangel."

Chess narrowed his eyes at the mention of that section. So, he's one of them. He didn't seem to notice him earlier, but maybe it was because he wasn't interested that much. But after hearing that person's last words before leaving… maybe they are interesting, after all. Might as well watch them for the coming days.

In the other side of the university, a certain someone was made to kneel on the floor. His hands were tied and his eyes were blindfolded. He had blood flowing from his nose, but no one inside the room seemed to care.

Mr. Gibo was surrounded by five chairs while Evangel is standing behind him. The person in the middle started to speak.

"We meet again, Mr. Gibo." It was a cold voice, void of any emotion.

Mr. Gibo froze upon hearing that voice. It was all over, he thought. The person who spoke is the last person he wanted to face. At least if that person isn't hear, he would be stripped off of his position with much ease. But today was his unlucky day, because that person is the one who's sitting right across him.

"Chairman, let me explain…" He tried finding his way out, but the people inside didn't give him the chance.

"Section 1 – A, Evangel. State what happened."


Mr. Gibo shuddered at that response. Once Evangel speaks, he is done for sure. More than the professors, students of Section 1 - A have higher authorities. They could do whatever they want as long as they maintain their results as it is, or make it grow even higher.

He knew that best because he once held that class. He would've still been holding that class until now if not only for that person.

He gritted his teeth, but still swallowed his pride. He tilted his head sideward and aimed to negotiate with his former student.

"Evangel, I am your professor. You know that this isn't the normal me. I am just not in my best state right now, but if given the chance, I will go back to how I was before! I will revert back and be the same professor that you liked!" he was drunk, but he didn't stutter at all. He had also successfully made himself look pitiful.

But acting that way wouldn't save him from this person.

"Who told you that we liked you before? From the moment you stepped in our room, all we wanted to do is to tell you to hurry and get lost. You haven't even noticed that much?"

Mr. Gibo was dumbfounded. The students that he educated for a year… the students that he was so proud of… doesn't even acknowledge him as their professor.

Why? He gave his all on teaching them, he even made sure to take care of his looks and fitness just for the board to approve of his request to teach that class.

That class was his pride… teaching that class, even though it's just a year, was his greatest achievement. And now, he suddenly learns that his students weren't even fond of him? Wow, that hurts. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"If you didn't realize that much, then you probably also didn't realize the fact that we personally asked the chairman to find a replacement for you."

"W-what?" His ears suddenly went ringing.

What did he just hear? He probably misheard him. It wasn't possible that they wanted to replace him themselves… it wasn't possible.

He lost the class because he lost to that person. So, it's impossible that they caused him to lose the job, unless… unless---!

Mr. Gibo finally realized a thing. Even though he's drunk, he was still a professor who teaches at the top university in the country who had high standards for their students and staffs. He is a professor so it's only natural that he's intelligent and knows how to analyze situations. Now that he thinks deeply into it, he did saw that person on the chairman's office.

He never once saw that person in the university, but on that day, he introduced himself as a university teacher and was wearing feminine clothes so he had mistaken him as a woman.

"I said, we personally asked the chairman to find a way to replace you." Evangel repeated in his lazy voice.

Mr. Gibo gritted his teeth, suppressing the urge to shout and express his anger. He had to remain calm… in a situation like this, exposing his anger would only do him no good.

"Then… t-that person. Did you purposely made me mistake him as a woman?" he asked the most plausible scenario in his mind.

When no one answered, it confirmed his thoughts.

They used that person to take him out of the class. They purposely made a scene where he would mistake that person as a woman and offend him. It all leads to the situation where that person asked him to a game to settle the score. The deal was, if he wins, that person would dress as a girl the rest of his life and live as a woman. But if he lost, then he would lose something of equal value.

In Mr. Gibo's case, that was his class on Section 1 – A.

He didn't want to accept the challenge in the first place. He knew something was up. But because the chairman is watching, he had no choice but to comply. In the end, he lost the game and his class. It led him into what he is now. A violent drunkard.

Knowing that it was all his former students' fault, he fell silent.

Throughout the conversation, he didn't utter a single word until the chairman finally gave his verdict. He was no longer a professor in their university and was banned around the campus's proximity. If he was to be seen near any university student or staff, he would be dragged to jail.

At last, Mr. Gibo was released. He stood on his feet and slightly bowed his head before leaving the office. He was so quiet it felt dangerous. One of the people inside spoke up.

"Is it alright to just let him go like that?" he was worried.

That man didn't seem like he was in the right mind. He might do something to one of the students.

Chairman, on the other hand, wasn't the least bit affected. He rested his chin on his palm before glancing at Evangel.

"Let those people do the job. It was their professor's fault anyway." He nonchalantly spoke, a grin slowly forming in his lips. "Now, what is it? You want to talk about something?"

He was pertaining to Evangel. Evangel just nodded his head in return. Chairman's grin widened before signaling the others to get out.

'So, he finally decided to stick his nose on this matter', he thought.

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