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18.18% Ulquiorra The Immortal Devil / Chapter 4: Chapter 3: Wang Yang

Chapter 3: Wang Yang - Ulquiorra The Immortal Devil - Chapter 4 by FarEastSage full book limited free

Chapter 4: Chapter 3: Wang Yang

The three burly men snickered evilly as they approached Ulquiorra. The three of them wore evil smiles. It was obvious that this would end in a terrible outcome had they faced a normal child. Unfortunately, what they're facing right now would be far from normal.

As the three men drew closer, Ulquiorra emotionlessly faced them. This caused the three men to see the hole on Ulquiorra's chest causing them to be stunned. The biggest of the burly man was about to speak up.

"Wh-" The biggest burly man had his words cut off suddenly. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

This was due to the fact that a sudden crimson light flashed from where Ulquiorra was, and the next thing the other two men knew was that the largest of them had his head missing. The two looked at the body of the largest of them fall to ground while leaking blood from the neck. They then looked in horror at Ulquiorra, before trying to run away.

"Run a-" One of the other two said before having head also blasted off.

The last one was about to scream too. He was ready to beg for help, but he too had his head decimated. Even until the end, the last man didn't expect for them to fall here.All three of them were Qi Condensation Realm artists that were involved in human trafficking

They were able to escape pursuit from the guards fo the former city they were at leading them to Rising Dawn city. Still, they had not expected a monster of a child to show up all of a sudden.

The bodies of the three laid down in an alley. Ulquiorra calmy took the bloodied robe of one of them, and tore the cloth of it. He wrapped it around his torso in order to hide the hole. This should act as a temporary solution for now. Ulquiorra walked out the alley, and proceeded to try and see this city for himself upclose.

It was only until a bit later where people saw the bodies in the alley, and reported about it. A squad of guards with Qi Condensation strength led by an First Stage Golden Core cultivator arrived on the scene. The Golden Core guarded surveyed the corpses.

"This was done by a master. Their heads disappeared instantly. As for the method, I am unsure. " The leader of the squad said.

This made the leader anxious. Who could have done such a thing? Could this be done by one of the powerhouses in the sects of the city or was it done by someone else? In any case, he had to figure it out in order to avoid possible complications to the city.

"Everyone, let's go!" The leader ordered as the squad moved out to patrol.


Ulquiorra strolled around the streets of Rising Dawn city. He could see people selling all kinds of commodities like meat, clothes, food, and so on. It was a relatively peaceful place.

Ulquiorra did his best to reign in his spirital pressure and power. It seems that even though the energy the people in this world is somewhat different from spiritual power, there are still similarities as they can vaguely sense how much of a threat he was. Still, the estimation they have is vastly inaccurate as they have no exact grasp of magnitude of power he had. As Ulquiorra walked, more and more stares were gathered on his clothes.

"What a poor child. He doesn't even have a proper shirt." A middle aged woman said.

"Where are his parents? Was he abandoned?" A young man said.

"What a filthy child! Young people like him shouldn't be here, but in the slums." A robed man said in disdain.

Ulquiorra garnered a lot of different responses, but he did not pay them any mind. Why would he? Would one pay attention to the banters of an inferior being? Ulquiorra could also vaguely sense the power of the people around. It wasn't as precise as he had hoped, but the strongest he had sensed was the middle aged man named "Zhao Feng". Everyone else so far was far below. Suddenly, a voice called out to Ulquiorra.

"Hey there, young man. Do you mind if I take a bit of your time?" A man seemingly in his early twenties with long silver hair up to his waist said. This person had dashing features, and eyes as blue as water. His serene smile could calm others.

Ulquiorra looked at the man in question. Ulquiorra stared at the man with his green eyes as if trying to see through the soul of the man. This caused the man to feel a slight shiver.

"I mean no harm. My name is Wang Yang, and I am a disciple of the Vastmoon sect. I just wanted to know if you had a place to stay?" Wang Yang said.

"Unfortunately, I do not have a place to stay. If you wish to seek refuge, then a child like myself would not be the most optimum choice." Ulquiorra said in an emotionless voice.

"No! I didn't mean it like that!I only had the intention of asking you whether or not you wished to join our sect? It may come as a bit of a surprise, but I wish to take you in." Wang Yang waved his hand as he said.

"Tell me then. Why would you suddenly wish to take someone like me in? What is your benefit in doing so? Do you have any ulterior motives?" Ulquiorra questioned Wang Yang

"You got it all wrong!" Wang Yang scratched his cheek before continuing.

"Truth be told, I have a bit of a past. I can't say the specifics, but I wish to try helping all the kids I can. This resulted in me being scolded by my master though." Wang Yang said with a wry smile.

Ulquiorra scrutinized Wang Yang. Wang Yang gulped by instinct. He felt as if a beast was staring at him. The feeling vanished when Ulquiorra closed his eyes and looked away.

"If that is your wish, then I would take up your offer." Ulquiorra said. He needed a place to start. It seems like this may be the place.

"Great! Let's go!" Wang Yang said happily as he beckoned Ulquiorra to follow.

The two went on to Vastmoon sect. One was a handsome cheerful man with long silver hair while one was a young kid with green eyes and shaggy black hair. A weird pair indeed. Still, a pair of eyes observed them in the distance.

"What is that boy, Wang Yang planning?" The owner of that pair of eyes said before disappearing.

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