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95.68% Ultimate Fruit / Chapter 111: Back to Wano

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Chapter 111: Back to Wano

A day had passed since Lucas had left Dressrosa. He hasn't slept or rested once as he simply kept flying.

Finally, just as the sun was about to set, he saw an image of an island at the distance.

The familiar silhouette of the island made his mouth curve into a smile.

"I'm back...Wano!"

The moment he appeared back in Wano, a certain man raised his head with a frown.

He had a large build with two large horns on his head. However, his left horn was broken. There was also a huge ugly scar over his left shoulder down along to his waist.

This man was none other than one of the Four Emperors...Kaido!

Kaido grimaced and touched his scar. For some reason, he had been feeling it ache a lot recently.

It was a scar that one man had given him in the past.

On his right waist, there was also an X-shaped scar. Another man had given this to him in the past.

For so long, people had feared him and called him the Invincible Kaido. But in truth, there were already two people who had injured him heavily before.

While he was pondering over why one of his scars were aching, he saw someone approach him.

Looking over, it was a fat man with a long mustache over his mouth. He also held a chain that was tied to a person behind him.

"Kaido-sama, we've found Yamato-sama."

The person behind him shouted in annoyance.

"My name is not Yamato! I am Akaoni-sama!"

Kaido turned his gaze at the person behind the fat man and scowled.

"You stupid brat! How many times do I have to tell you to take that broken mask off your face!"

Right. The person who was called Yamato was actually wearing a broken red mask on his face. It was said that this mask had once belonged to the man who once fought Kaido in the past and had disappeared.

Kaido was angered every time he saw this mask. This time, he felt especially bothered with his scar aching so he stretched his hand out and directly took the mask off Yamato's face!


What revealed was a beautiful face.

She had long white hair and two curved horns on her head that was colored red halfway up.

Yamato glared at Kaido seeing her mask being taken off.

"Father! How could you do that! That was mine!"

"Enough! Get back to your room! From now on, you are no longer allowed to even take half a step out of your door!"

He waved at the fat man and shoo-ed them away.

"Queen, take this stupid thing away!"

"Right away!"

Queen grinned and pulled Yamato along with him as he left.

Seeing the two leave, Kaido sighed in irritation and went back to drinking.

At the corner of his eyes, he saw the broken mask which he took off from Yamato. He felt the wine he was drinking didn't taste so good anymore.

Holding a large bludgeon, he smashed it down the broken mask and shattered it to dust! However, the unsettling feeling in his heart didn't disappear at all.

At this moment, Lucas had arrived at the outskirts of Kuri.

As he flew over at the skies, he saw the tattered villages and the towering factories at the distance. Lucas' eyes grew colder by the second!

He saw something below.

There was a large yellow dog confronting a little girl.

Feeling that it would be bad to leave her alone, Lucas dove down and landed in front of the little girl while glaring at the large dog.


The large dog shivered at his gaze and promptly sat down obediently.

Seeing as the large dog has behaved now, Lucas turned around to look at the little girl, intending to scold her a little for being out in the woods.

"Little girl, you-"

"Ah! Bad uncle! Don't bully my Komachiyo!"


Lucas' mouth twitched for a bit.

However, he knew better than to get angry at a kid so he simply sighed and shook his head.

"Komachiyo? This is...your pet?"

Lucas turned at the large dog that seemed about five times the size of a normal human, then to the little girl who seemed just a bit older than Luna.

Does this brat have Emperor's Haki to be able to tame such a large dog? Or maybe her parents?

The little girl nodded proudly.

"Un! That's right! Komachiyo is my friend!"

"How did you tame such a large beast?"

"With this! Kibi Dango!"

Suddenly, the little girl made a circle with her hand and placed it on her cheek.

Her cheek started to glow as she slowly pulled it out.

...Wait what? Pull it out!?

Lucas' mouth opened in shock as the little girl...plucked out her cheek!

However, her cheek seemed to be fine and there weren't any wounds or holes…

Is this a Devil Fruit ability? What kind of devil fruit is that!? Cheek Cheek Fruit!?

The little girl then showed Lucas a small orb on her palm.

"...What's this?"



Huh? Dango? Dango made from her cheek???

Lucas was very confused about what's happening here.

Are all of the Wano locals now like this?

The little girl explained.

"When an animal eats my dango, they become my friends!"


What a weird ability...though I guess it's also useful.

Lucas chuckled and shook his head. He doesn't really need this kind of ability as he can always just use his Emperor's Haki to tame animals.

He looked at the dango and picked it up. Looking around for a suitable animal to test.

Suddenly, a large baboon appeared and fiercely roared at them.

"Ah, found one."

The little girl was scared but Lucas didn't care about it. He tossed the dango right in the baboon's mouth while it was roaring.

The baboon was surprised and unconsciously swallowed it.

Immediately after, the baboon went docile and sat in front of them with a smile.

"...It really worked…"

"Ah! You didn't believe me!?"

The little girl glared at him again. However, seeing as she gained a new friend, she sighed in relief and smiled.

Lucas chuckled and rubbed the little girl's head.

"Kid, what's your name?"

"I'm O-Tama! A beautiful kunoichi in training!"

Kunoichi? That's like...a female ninja, right?

Lucas raised an eyebrow at that.

So female ninjas are already training at this age huh?

"Bad uncle, what's your name?"

"Stop calling me bad uncle. You can call me Lucas. I'm gonna be the Hokage!"

"Hokage? What's that?"


Lucas sighed since his joke wasn't understood.

Well, they don't know Naruto after all…

"It's a joke. I'm a pirate."

" Big brother Ace?"

Lucas looked at O-Tama in surprise. He didn't expect he would hear that name here.

"You know Ace?"

"Un! He came to our village 4 years ago! He said he will be back!"

Hearing that, and seeing O-Tama's face blush in excitement, Lucas thought of the worst.

That damn can't he a lolicon!?

To make such a promise to a little he planning on returning when she's old enough and take her!?

At this moment, Lucas started to regret ever saving Ace.

On the sea, three ships could be seen traveling together with different flags raised. One had a skull wearing a strawhat, another had a U-shaped mustache, and another had a dragon with RA letters on its sides.

These were the Stawhat Pirates, Whitebeard Pirates, and the Revolutionary Army.

Upon knowing that Lucas had headed to Wano, Luffy and the others decided to go there as well.

Sabo contacted Dragon about it and was instructed to follow as well. As an army that goes against the World Government, Dragon had long been interested in the Wano country which isn't part of the World Government. Maybe there will be chances of an alliance between them.

As for the Whitebeard Pirates...When Ace heard about Wano, he suddenly remembered that he still has a promise to go back there. He had been busy since the death of Whitebeard so he hasn't gotten the chance to go back there.

Since Luffy and Sabo are going, he felt left out if he didn't go as well so he tagged along.

Onboard the deck of the Whitebeard Pirates' ship, Ace suddenly sneezed.


Back in Wano...Lucas was still thinking about what to do with Ace.

S-should I call the FBI? Err, I mean the Marines? It shouldn't be too late to execute Ace again right?

O-Tama was looking at Lucas with her head tilted in confusion.

Why did this bad uncle suddenly have a fearful look? Ah! It must be because Big brother Ace beat him before! Big brother Ace is the best!

Back in Whitebeard's ship again...


"...Are you sick, captain?"

Marco asked, seeing as Ace sneezed twice."

Ace shook his head and scratched his head.

"I don't think so…hachoo-!?"

"...They say idiots don't get sick, now I know it's a lie."

"Hey! Who're you calling an idiot!?"


Lucas had ultimately decided and looked back to O-Tama.

"Ace is dead."



Then...she cried.

"Ahhhh! I was just joking! It's a joke! Ace is coming back! Definitely!"

"Uuuuu! Bad uncle!"


Lucas can only cry in his mind. It seems he wouldn't be able to get rid of this bad uncle title anymore…

He sighed and shook his head.

"Anyway, he's been busy for a while so that's probably why he didn't get back yet. Right, where are your parents?"

"My parents…"

O-Tama bowed her head silently.

Lucas sighed again and patted her head.

"Alright, no need to answer that...where do you live? It's dangerous for you to be out here in the forest."

"Umm...I live over there."

O-Tama pointed to a direction.

Looking over, Lucas saw a small temple by a large tree.

"Come on, I'll bring you over there."

Lucas spread out his wings and grinned.

O-Tama's eyes widened in surprise.

"Wow! You're just like my master! Ah, but you don't have a long nose!"

"...Of course not, I'm not Usopp…"

Lucas pouted.

He just got to Wano and thought of acting cool for a bit but this little girl had not been cooperating properly at all…

First, there was him supposedly saving her from a monstrous beast...but it was actually a pet that she already tamed…

Then, there was him revealing he was a pirate...but instead of acting afraid, she directly compared him to Ace...what's there to compare!? That guy is just a lolicon!

Author: Aren't you a daughtercon!?

Then, he showed her his matter what, wings are cool right!? But she actually said that her master was like him as well and is instead surprised that Lucas didn't have a long nose!

Lucas sighed and felt that he didn't know Wano anymore...

Are all Wano kids like this!?

Lucas shook his head and no longer cared about it. He brought O-Tama up and they both flew to the small temple while the two huge tamed animals ran along to follow them.

Landing on the front of the temple, Lucas frowned at how shabby the place is.

" here?"

"Un! I live here with my master!"

"Tama? Are you back?"

Lucas heard another voice in the house.

Turning to look, he saw a large man wearing a red tengu mask with a long nose. Behind him was a set of wings like Lucas'.

This must be the so-called master she was talking about.

"Master! I found another one like you! Look! You both have wings!"

Lucas quickly retracted his wings and made them disappear.

"I'm not like your master."


The Tengu looked at Lucas curiously.

"It seems Tama has caused you some problems. I apologize on her behalf."

"Ah, it's nothing. I thought she was being attacked but it turns out that large dog was her pet."


"Yeah, that."

O-Tama pouted but Lucas ignored her as he looked at the Tengu curiously.

The Tengu nodded and introduced himself.

"I am known as Tenguyama Hitetsu. A swordsmith!"

"Lucas. Pirate."

Lucas grinned and held his hand out.

Hitetsu was surprised for a bit but shook his hand in the end.

"Swordsmith huh? It's my first time meeting one."

Lucas looked around but didn't really see any tools to make swords. Though, he did see an unusual katana hung on the wall.

He could vaguely feel that it carries a unique was a weird feeling.

But the feeling it gave...was sort of like one of Zoro's swords. Sandai Kitetsu.

Lucas took the katana off the wall to take a closer look. Seeing that, Hitetsu panicked.

"Ah! You mustn't take that sword! It is cursed!"


"My ancestor, Kotetsu, forged that sword! It's one of the only 21 Excellent Grade Swords! It is called Nidai Kitetsu!"

Lucas raised a brow.

Zoro's sword was Sandai Kitetsu. And this one is Nidai Kitetsu...that Kotetsu guy sure is lazy at naming his swords.

Hitetsu sighed and continued to explain.

"There's a story behind Kitetsu in particular…AH! What are you doing!?"

Hitetsu quickly stopped explaining when he saw Lucas toss the sword in the air while unsheathed!

Lucas grinned and held his arm out.

He just wanted to try what Zoro did back then with Sandai Kitetsu.

"This sword is cursed, right? Then, if it doesn't want me, it can just go cut my arm."

"That's dangerous! You have no idea how sharp that blade is!"

"Well, we'll soon find out."

O-Tama and Hitetsu watched in fright as the sword twirled in the air and slowly landed.

They felt their hearts leap out their throat in suspense as they watched.

Lucas didn't care about it and simply closed his eyes and waited.

Then...his arm was cut off.

At least, that's what O-Tama and Hitetsu thought.


The sound of the blade piercing the floor was heard.

There wasn't any blood that splattered or an arm that fell.

Lucas' arm was completely intact!

Seeing that the blade didn't hit his arm, Lucas inwardly sighed in relief.

Good thing it worked...otherwise, it will really just pass through since I can materialize my arm into water...but that would be embarrassing.

Now I can finally act cool for a bit!

He grinned at the two shocked people.

"This sword...looks like it has chosen. I'll take it."

Just perfect. This sword will soon bathe in the blood of a dragon.

It isn't that Lucas really needed a weapon. Lucas simply wanted Kaido to suffer from a blade of a samurai.

If Lucas can find Oden's swords, that would be great too. But since he has no idea where those swords are at the moment, this sword will do.

Let Kaido feel the cold blade of Wano's katana.

This was what Lucas had decided.


AN: Lucas gains a sword!

But well, he's not really gonna keep using it in the end. XD Like he said, he didn't need weapons. Him using this katana was just his way of 'returning' Wano's anger to Kaido, something like that.

As for the sword tossing out, since this was also a part of the Kitetsu series, I just felt like repeating what Zoro did on his Kitetsu sword in the past.

See ya next chap!

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