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100% unattainable love / Chapter 4: Gangster

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Chapter 4: Gangster

"This is all your fault" they both yelled out at the same time

"My fault," anoni thought " how was any of this my fault, okay so maybe i caused the misconception and then made us miss our flight, but that's where it ends" anoni ranted in her head.

anoni felt a hard pull as k.o pulled her into a corner, placing her against the wall as he stood in front of her.

"Heyy"anoni whispered as she struggled to get out of his grasp. "wait" k.o whispered as he placed his hand over her mouth

a large crowd of girls ran by leaving only the echos of their screams as remnants of the fact that they had been there.

as they dashed passed anoni paused she should've been furious at the jerk holding her against her will but instead her heart sped up as she felt her face getting red.

anoni looked up as she analyzed his face "he wasn't ugly" she thought.

k.o turned as the screams began to digress and meeting anoni's eye's froze.

despite the swarm of girls having left, they stood there gazing into each other's eyes as though if they looked away they would miss something crucial.

anoni could feel so many emotions but her thoughts had become a blur entangled in the web that was his eyes,

k.o couldn't describe what he was feeling but he knew it was something he had never felt, and that within her eyes was something he never thought he could attain.

"excuse me, but what are you two kids doing," an Elder man asked breaking the silent bubble k.o and anoni had created.

anoni quickly pushed k.o off of her as she walked away with her head down as all she could feel now was a huge sense of embarrassment.

" you young children shouldn't do these kinds of things, why i remember when i was.." cutting the man off k.o smiled and ran off to catch up to anoni

" Miss, Miss, the crazy fan who says she's not my fan"k.o yelled as he ran up to her

" gosh why is he yelling" anoni thought anoni didn't want to turn around but she was scared the group of girls might come back again if they heard him yelling

turning around slowly anoni inched towards him

"now you wanna come.."k.o began but was shushed as anoni held up her hand and whispered "stop"

anoni picked up her bag and began to look through it. k.o poping in front of her looked at her and asked " what are you looking for?" anoni looked at him said nothing and began to search her bag again.

" finnaly" anoni whispered to herself as she handed k.o the bandana she had in her bag. " what's this for?" k.o questioned

anoni looked at him shook her head and stated " it's to hide your face, i hate running and I'd rather not be stuck running just cause you're by me"

nodding k.o placed the bandana around his face. " here" anoni said as she handed him some tinted glasses "to finish the look" she added

taking the glasses k.o put them on as he asked: "where to miss?.."

then it hit him he didn't know her name "what is your name?" k.o asked

anoni looked at him and said " we won't see each other after today so why should i tell you"

k.o pouted " whyyy" he whined

" you sound like a spoiled brat" anoni mumbled

speaking up anoni said "come on i just want to find a hotel and rest before i get any more annoyed by this whole mess" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

as anoni walked away k.o followed as he caught up. with her

" so you don't know who i am?"k.o.asked

" no" anoni replied

"really" k.o repeated

"yes" anoni stated annoyed that he kept asking the same question

"really, really!" k.o asked again still bewildered by the fact that she didn't know who he was.

anoni glared at k.o and seeing that she wasn't in the mood k.o waved his hands as a sign of giving up as he mumbled under his breath " i don't know why she's so mad at me when she caused this whole mess"

anoni was annoyed by this whole situation, a situation she knew she put herself in but didn't want to admit it.

as they walked in silence out of the mall k.o paused as his phone began to ring.

anoni looked at him and asked, " are you going to get that?"

"i should, right"k.o said sighing k.o picked up the phone and walking to the side began to exchange words with the person on the line.

anoni stood there watching him " what kind of star is he, I've never heard of him, he can't be that big" anoni thought

anoni watched as k.o walked around in circles his hand reaching up each time to push his hair out of his face. as she got lost in thought she remembered the wall scene

as her mind flashed back she could feel her heart begin to race again but her thoughts quickly crashed down with the sound of his voice which echoed " are you okay?" as his hands landed on one side of her shoulder

getting back to her senses anoni jumped back as she yelled " yes, yes, perfect, please don't touch"

" sorry"k.o said apologetically

anoni looked down as she sped up again

" Why does she always walk away so quickly" k.o thought

turning around anoni said " the plane lady gave me the name of a good hotel, let's go there"

k.o nodded as he reached his hands out to signal for a taxi

but as the taxi arrived without even a second glance at them the car would leave just as quickly and so did the next one and the next one.

looking at k.o anoni tapped him as she stated " you may want to take off the bandana for now so you don't give off a gangster vibe to the taxi driver"

" gang gangster" k.o said. " ohhhh" k.o said in realization as he took off his bandana and instead got behind anoni to block his face from being seen

finnaly a taxi stopped and getting in anoni gave the driver the hotels name as he drove off

" so are you and your boyfriend visiting," the taxi man asked

anoni began to cough

k.o looked at her smiled and replied " yes yes we are, and she's not my girlfriend she's my wife"

anoni began to cough harder as the taxi driver asked "wife?"

"yes we're here for our honeymo.." k.o stopped as he felt a swift pain in his abdomen

" she hit me, she actually hit me" k.o thought

" don't listen to him sir we're not in any kind of relationship," anoni told the man who just nodded along as he whispered " ahh a lover's quarrel"

looking at anoni k.o glared as he mumbled " you're not only crazy but abusive as well

gasping k.o whispered, "are you an anti... an anti-fan."

"an anti-fan, you have to know who the person is before you can become an anti-fan" anoni thought as she laid her head down.

10 minutes later they arrived at the hotel, as they got out k.o placed the bandana back on his face.

walking into the hotel, anoni stumbled as her open-toe had hit the side of the door, she was about to fall but was quickly held back.

opening her eyes as she had closed them out of fear as she waited for the impact of her body hitting the floor anoni was once again caught in k.o's eyes.

anoni could feel her face heating up again and was about to push k.o off when she heard a woman yell " gangster"

k.o and anoni both turned their faces towards the voice

k.o's eyes sprang up as his arms released their hold on anoni, whose head was forced to hit the ground she thought she had avoided

k.o had forgotten anoni all he now saw was a wild beast charging towards him yelling "gangster"

"oh no" k.o thought "not the face" "not the face" "NOT THE FACE!!!" k.o yelled as he shielded his face

anonii_i anonii_i

sorry for not posting a chapter yesterday i have no excuse except i was caught up in a really good k-drama if you haven't watched it, make sure you watch search www

anyway i will do better as an author and try my best to post daily

thx and have a blessed day

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